Book Review: John Darnielle's "Wolf in White Van"

Teens, Wolf, and Other Feral Creatures

Read The Label #3: Opal Tapes

“I appreciate musicality and composition hugely, but timbral choice is the key to make me listen beyond 30 seconds.”

2014: What Is "Critical" About Contemporary Music Criticism?

On Knowing and Not Knowing in Nicholas Szczepanik, Owen Pallett, and PC Music

2014: The Rise of A24 and Drafthouse Films

Two Indie Distributors That Are Changing How We Watch Movies

2014: The New Mixology

The Collapse of the Mixtape-Album Distinction and the Liberation of Hip-Hop

2014: Unbelievable

Christian Film’s Weird, Successful, and Horrifying Year

2014: Tongue, Throat, Lungs

Voices at the Margins of Body and Mind

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass

“If you put twins on two sides of a lake, 50 years from now one’s going to say, ‘I’m the right-side laker and y’all suck over there,’ and then go kill them.”

These Rhythms Still Have Relevance

Revisiting the relationship between music and labor through sonic materialism, prospective time, and industrial group Test Dept

Hey Mother Death

“If one is tuned in with oneself and one’s environment, it’s like intuition or a gut feeling, or a sense of harmony. If you aren’t tuned in, it reminds you to come back to now.”

AFI Fest 2014

“The images are as uniquely astounding as they are mystifying, and the shot of clouds slowly covering the stars as Gunnar rests helplessly on his back is the most singular and memorable shot of the year.”

Horse Lords

“I don’t know if I care about the idea of rock music ‘progressing.’ If it needs to, it’s not going to come from other rock music.”

Andy Stott

“You know it’s right when it feels like it’s pulling the back of your head off.”

New York Film Festival 2014

“The two subjects sit close together surrounded by darkness underneath a halo of city lights, and the mutual cataclysm of their past is given verbal declaration.”


“Here you are, the house is burning down, and you’re just writing about how the lights are in the fire and the smell of the fire. No! Get up, get some water, put it out.”