Mogwai (Stuart Braithwaite)

“Mogwai unplugged would be fucking horrendous. Just the thought of Martin hitting bongos.”

Label Profiling: Minimal Wave

Crate-digging for obscure gems to reissue

The Dutchess & the Duke

“You just kind of crap it out all over.”

Chris Smith

“It seems amazing that you could spend so much time on material that still sounds so foreign.”

Rhys Chatham's “A Crimson Grail” NY Performance Cancelled

200 guitarists and 16 bassists rehearsing for a massive concert that was never even performed

Jeremy Jay

“I don’t want to be the person sitting up in the tower just making all the music by myself.”

Los Campesinos!

“I’ve actually come to resent the glockenspiel quite a bit.”

Neil Halstead (Mojave 3)

“If you gotta go with a company, I’m happy to go with guys that I’m friends with.”

Cloud Cult

“Knowing that that there’s radio play now and that a larger audience is hearing it means that I feel responsible for what I put out there.”

Karl Blau

“I really feel strongly about this whole Northwest thing, making this my world and developing it, and letting that resonate out into the world.”

Fleet Foxes

“Honestly, beard sanitizer is something we like to keep around.”

Chris Schlarb

“I enjoy creating collaborations on the spot, where the people have no choice but to improvise with each other.”

Lasse Marhaug

“I’m still in my 30s! A bit early to be nostalgic isn’t it?”

Label Profiling: Moshi Moshi Records

“I don’t want Moshi Moshi to be an exercise in being cool.”


“These are my people, and our music is our purpose.”


The Olsen Twins of Drone

Josh Ritter

“Putting all this pressure on a song to change culture is impossibly big for a song.”

Silver Jews

“I would like to do it cryogenic style, but people say I’m already too cold-hearted as it is.”

Silverdocs Documentary Festival

[AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center; Washington, DC]



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