Diva Dompe

“To me there is not much difference between pop music and ambient, healing new age music.”

Jenny Hval

“Language is the most sensual body part that we have in some ways.”

Let Them Eat Code (Or: Silicon Valley Goes to Hollywood)

Watching an early screening of “The Martian” with billionaires

FUGITIVE / Bootleg Tapes

Interview with the Vampire

Favorite Mixtapes of October 2015

Smooth yacht vibes, introspective hot boy yarn, and a Backwoods rolled freshy

Wolf Eyes

“There’s no towel to be thrown in yet. Ever.”

Fantastic Fest 2015

10 of the most rewarding films at this year’s event

Dream Catalogue (HKE, 2814)

“I think ‘2 8 1 4’ might be the number on the door of a hotel room in the year 2084, rather than the year. It’s open to interpretation.”

Meg Baird & Lea Cho (Blues Control)

“It can seem kind of corny to be super influenced by place, but I totally am. It’s hard not to be.”

/\\ • Aught

“Guessing as to the circumstances under which the sounds took form is, as we’ve said elsewhere, beside the point.”

Favorite Mixtapes of September 2015

Shade-winking, self-mythologizing defiance, and the trap house code

What A Time To Be Alive

Buzz Poetry, Plastic Bags, and Brand Loyalty

2015: Third Quarter Favorites

20 picks from the third quarter of the year

Julia Holter

“[Academic music] is music that you can explain, and I find that my music is not always explainable, or ‘makes sense.’”


“My schlong is very nice. It’s not deformed.”

Read The Label #6: Dais Records

“I simply wrote: ‘Is this Derek from Annabelle’s Garden?’ The response was: ‘Yes, I haven’t heard those words in years.’”

Narcissism Behind the Beauty

The Weeknd’s imaginary self and the falsity of sex in pop


“Some sort of beautifully surreal nightmare.”

Favorite Mixtapes of August 2015

Tinder-swipe, fake Versace, and ballistic double-time volleys

Mike Cooper

“Making music is a way of getting through life; a pleasurable way.”



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