2012: Chocolate Grinder Mix

The Exquisite Corpse will drink the young wine

2012: Eden in Reverse

Girls on TV and Men on Film

2012: Tapping Into The Macabre

An Uninterruption in Bubonic Amusement

2012: Re-Labeling the Future

Imprints in the Time of Ephemera

2012: Apocalyptic Ends

Recovering the Noise of Crisis

Synthesis, Synchronicity, and Singularity

How Three of Hip-Hop’s Most Ingenious Independents Helped Make 2012 a Year to Remember

AFI Fest 2012

Orgies, Decapitations, and Euthanasia: Oh My

Patrick Wang [director of In the Family]

“You’re listening for the spirit of the thing, the heart of the thing, and the honesty of the thing.”

Maria Minerva

“When you break a song down into parts, it’s a monster.”

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

“The rest of the guys looked like they just got back from stuffing their heads up a drunken wolf’s ass.”

Treasure Island Music Festival 2012

A walk through the indie-prefixed music phenomenon

Eli Keszler

“What is the object really, if all you know is the documentation of it?”


“It was the most horrific, 10-minute-long, weird piece of shit I have ever heard in my life… So I sent him a message and asked him if he wanted to work with me.”

Sic Alps

“It’s like the slow-food movement for the music industry.”

New York Film Festival 2012

“I fucked her little brother! How do you know her?”

William Basinski

“I wish I never had to talk about 9/11 again, you know?”


“What I’ve learned is that you put your music out there, and even if you have an intended place or way to be listened to, people will do their own thing with it.”

Oren Ambarchi

“I’m working on this piece — I’m trying not to work on it too quickly.”

MidPoint Music Festival 2012

Cincinnati, OH; September 27-29

Flying Lotus

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Everyone is gonna fuckin’ hate the next album, regardless of what I do.’”