Dustin Wong

“If we have the ability to hear, it’s like seeing a face without seeing it.”

Magik Markers

“There aren’t enough stupid, mouth-breathing women making rock & roll records.”

FYF Fest 2013

A schismatic mixture of both serene and more acerbic sounds

Joe Swanberg (director of Drinking Buddies)

“Ty West directing someone to stab me in the neck 15 takes in a row was not the most pleasant acting experience I’ve ever had.”

Aki Onda

“After I do a field recording, I will normally leave the tapes for some years. I need some kind of detachment from the sounds I collected.”

Julianna Barwick

“I like not knowing how something’s going to sound until I get into it. I like the mystery.”

Latitude Music Festival 2013

Family vibes, Jägermeister, and mystery protests in the rump of England

Fuck Buttons

“It’s almost as if the music is the soundtrack to films that don’t exist.”

Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

My zigzagging enthusiasm became my downfall…

Xander Harris

“The average person does not give a shit about what you made music with. They want to dance.”

Prince Rama

“We need gushes of blood, we need zombies on motorcycles, 12 Abercrombie models, muscle men with glitter sweat.”

Andrew Bujalski (director of Computer Chess)

“It was a ridiculous thing to try and pull together in that amount of time, but I think probably if we had more time, we would have had more time to realize it was in vain.”

Favorite 15 Films of 2013 (So Far)

From florescent vomit to T&A set to Skrillex

Shannon And The Clams

“I like to keep it simple. Simple in the sense of not putting tons of work into forcing something to be polished.”

Favorite 30 Albums of 2013 (So Far)

From drifters and redeemers to maggots and wolves


“It can be simple and still rock.”

John Dawson (Magnetic South)

“Magnetic South has never been a commercial recording studio that is open to serve the needs of the general public.”

Northside Festival 2013

Something like that…

Xavier Dolan (dir. "Laurence Anyways")

“These characters are inspired by who I am, and I am not a transexual lady. I am not a bourgeoise mother. I am not an old drag queen.”

Ashley Paul

“Someone said that it helped them, as a member of the audience, to close their eyes, because it felt so intimate — like they shouldn’t be watching me.”