Stephen Pope (Wavves, formerly of The Reatards)

“I get bored easily, so maybe I’m attracted to eccentric personalities. I guess I like having really volatile front men.”

Parenthetical Girls

“It’s a weird thing to make your own ‘best-of’ album out of 21 songs.”

Ben Greenberg (The Men, Hubble)

“I’m really interested to see what a band looks like in 20 years, because I love bands.”


“It’s undeniably the language we speak [R&B], but we’re trying to transcend that language.”

Brian Chippendale (Black Pus)

“The whole point of music is that it is separate from words, really.”

Jerusalem In My Heart

“I saw how people cast their racism, or maybe not intentional racism, but ignorance. People project onto you what they think they understand ‘you’ as being.”

SXSW Music 2013

“He grabbed the crotch portion constantly, moved it around, then let it flop down like a sagging elephant’s trunk”

SXSW Music 2013

“There’s transcendence in those tacos and bad drinks and overworked indie bands.”

Jeremiah Cymerman

“People attach so much expectation to what they do, and I think it pollutes the process a little bit.”

Noise Pop 2013

“I left early again, and drifted off, thinking of times never.”

Child Bite

“When you tour it’s all about those 30 minutes… I don’t want to waste my time or anybody else’s.”

Pete Swanson

“If you want to take what I do seriously, go ahead… If you think it’s a waste of time, that’s fine. You’re not getting in my way or hurting my feelings.”

Tom Fec (Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco)

“I don’t like music that’s all one thing, because I think it’s corny no matter what you’re doing. We’re not that simple, and we shouldn’t be listening to stuff that’s so straightforward.”


“I think that, with this project, moments of alignments I feel with Martin have this strange comic edge of, ‘Ah-ha! Telepathy is real!’”

Good Willsmith

“Being crammed together in a van for three weeks and thousands of miles this summer cemented our eternal friendship, for sure.”

Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux)

“I feel myself transforming, and coming into myself.”



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