Charles Bradley

“When I’m doing music onstage, I’m putting my heart and soul into it, and giving all I have to give. But when I’m finished with music, I just like to put up my own little aura where there’s peace and quiet.”

Caitlin Rose

“You have to immerse yourself into things to really get it. It’s like language. You got to go to Spain or something to learn Spanish in the realest sense.”


“I’ve been guilty of trying to hide behind effects, but I don’t want to do that anymore. It feels boring.”

Sasquatch! 2013

“He put his finger up my butthole!”

John Dieterich (Deerhoof, Bad News From Houston)

“I love the rules, but I want the rules to create a situation in which the music that results breaks or re-frames some idea about what music is or was or is supposed to be.”

Sam Amidon

“I wanted to do an album where it would have radically contrasting sonic environments, but still feel like it’s all coming from one creative space.”

Bob Bellerue (Ende Tymes Festival)

“To me, noise is one of the most egalitarian art forms, because it is so inherently marginal.”


“Making these remixes had been like going to school for me. […] It was a good way to learn the software, to define the world I was making.”

Ryan Power

“I’m trying to tap the collective unconscious. I’m trying to find a seat in the front, so I don’t get car sick.”

Tribeca Film Festival 2013

“The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival was an embarrassment of riches.”

Austin Psych Fest 2013

“Daddy, no one’s dancing.”

Wolf Eyes

“Wolf Eyes are finished fucking around. I know how to write good Wolf Eyes songs, and music theory has done nothing but make the process more efficient.”

Jimy SeiTang (Stygian Stride, Rhyton, Psychic Ills)

“I’m fascinated by the performer-audience concept; am I supposed to give you everything, or are you compelled enough to ask me questions and have me answer you?”

Stephen Pope (Wavves, formerly of The Reatards)

“I get bored easily, so maybe I’m attracted to eccentric personalities. I guess I like having really volatile front men.”

Parenthetical Girls

“It’s a weird thing to make your own ‘best-of’ album out of 21 songs.”

Ben Greenberg (The Men, Hubble)

“I’m really interested to see what a band looks like in 20 years, because I love bands.”


“It’s undeniably the language we speak [R&B], but we’re trying to transcend that language.”

Brian Chippendale (Black Pus)

“The whole point of music is that it is separate from words, really.”

Jerusalem In My Heart

“I saw how people cast their racism, or maybe not intentional racism, but ignorance. People project onto you what they think they understand ‘you’ as being.”