Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux)

“I feel myself transforming, and coming into myself.”

2012: Year-End Comic [NSFW]

The Senegal oyster will eat the tricolor bread

2012: Chocolate Grinder Mix

The Exquisite Corpse will drink the young wine

2012: Eden in Reverse

Girls on TV and Men on Film

2012: Tapping Into The Macabre

An Uninterruption in Bubonic Amusement

2012: Re-Labeling the Future

Imprints in the Time of Ephemera

2012: Apocalyptic Ends

Recovering the Noise of Crisis

Synthesis, Synchronicity, and Singularity

How Three of Hip-Hop’s Most Ingenious Independents Helped Make 2012 a Year to Remember

AFI Fest 2012

Orgies, Decapitations, and Euthanasia: Oh My

Patrick Wang [director of In the Family]

“You’re listening for the spirit of the thing, the heart of the thing, and the honesty of the thing.”

Maria Minerva

“When you break a song down into parts, it’s a monster.”

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

“The rest of the guys looked like they just got back from stuffing their heads up a drunken wolf’s ass.”

Treasure Island Music Festival 2012

A walk through the indie-prefixed music phenomenon

Eli Keszler

“What is the object really, if all you know is the documentation of it?”


“It was the most horrific, 10-minute-long, weird piece of shit I have ever heard in my life… So I sent him a message and asked him if he wanted to work with me.”

Sic Alps

“It’s like the slow-food movement for the music industry.”

New York Film Festival 2012

“I fucked her little brother! How do you know her?”



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