Nate Young

“I want this record to be like a hex sign.”

Hopscotch 2011

“Lopatin killed it.”

TMT Cerberus 25

Frankly Silver, I Don’t Give a Damn

The Feelies

“We have a sound that we really can’t avoid.”

FYF 2011

“Dude, that was an awesome interview!”

Yoni Wolf (WHY?)

“It’s about a guy that takes girls on the lake and kills them.”


“We’re more into creating these rhetorical spaces that provoke reflection.”

Ry Russo-Young

“Why do you need to be told what that means?”


“Do you guys need a bassist?”

TMT Cerberus 24

Rainbow Warriors

Japan The Beats: Kuusoku

“Hip-hop and R&B have penetrated Japanese society so thoroughly they’ve become important means of self-identification even for their marginal elements.”

The What 01

Hip-Hop’s Odd Future

Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest 2011

[Lebreton Flats; Ottawa, ON Canada]

An Inquiry into the History and Evolution of Metaphysical Satanism in Black Metal

“Deathspell Omega is one of my favorite bands, and I know almost nothing about them.”