Robert Bresson: Paring Down to the Essential

A retrospective on a fruitful, challenging, and impressive film oeuvre

Andrew Bujalski

“I want to see everybody’s side of every argument. It drives my wife crazy.”

Sasquatch! 2012

“There, among the reek of piss and shit, a flower grows.”

Shawn Reed (Wet Hair/Night People)

“My brain is so blasted on what my reality should be or where I need to be or go.”


“We can make a song last an hour or a minute, if we want.”

Motion Sickness Of Time Travel

“I’ve always just used what I have or what I can afford.”

Mount Eerie

“I have almost never heard an interpretation of one of my songs that was what I intended.”

The Sonorous and The Spine

How Lana Del Rey and The Caretaker Read Old European White Guys

Tristan Patterson (director of Dragonslayer)

“Well, what if we repurposed this idea to actually shoot stuff that matters rather than bullshit conversations between bullshit people?”

Wooden Wand

“The novelty of touring wore off for me around the turn of the century.”

Tribeca Film Festival 2012

“There seems to be a push in independent film away from the ‘talky white people’ genre.”

Ilyas Ahmed

“I never really even think about the ‘what’ that I am.”

Ava Mendoza

“Oh, my god I can’t think about stuff that’s not music all the time.”

Unsound Festival New York 2012

Five-day fest featuring the likes of Hype Williams, Actress, Demdike Stare, and Laurel Halo

Sleigh Bells

“I can turn anything into a kick drum now, and that excites me. It’s addictive.”

Robert Beatty

“Hopefully I’m leaving people with more questions than answers.”

MusicNOW 2012

A new music celebration in a mid-size metropolis

Lou Barlow

“Coming from hardcore punk rock I really believed in simplicity. I thought things were more interesting the simpler they were.”


“I just like to think about dying, whether or not I’m going to die. This record is, ‘what if I died tomorrow?’”



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