An Inquiry into the History and Evolution of Metaphysical Satanism in Black Metal

“Deathspell Omega is one of my favorite bands, and I know almost nothing about them.”

Bhob Rainey (nmperign)

“There’s so much implied in all of this silence and quiet music. Sometimes it’s good to have overt statements. You can internalize them later.”

TMT Cerberus 22

Palatial Comb-over

Favorite 25 Albums of 2011 So Far

Revisiting the first half of an already amazing year of music

James Kirby (The Caretaker)

“There is a reverence with much of The Caretaker work, where the feeling created is one of loss for something you are not sure about.”

Anders Nilsen

“Zen poems in the form of a gag strip.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

“We just don’t think that you need to take yourself too seriously in order to make good work.”


“If we look at a rough storyline that we did back then, it’s nothing like what the film turned out to be.”

Book Review: Electric Eden

Non-Fiction. 672 pages. Faber and Faber. By Rob Young.

FIMAV 2011

Five sets from the experimental music fest’s 27th edition

Chris Weisman

“I’m into weird that works.”

Sean McCann

“…the stuff I’m working on now, I feel it may turn a lot of people off.”

Michael Gira

“This is what I have to do right now in order to stay viable as a human being and as an artist.”

Japan The Beats: Genez

“Half” and New Japanese Ethnicities

A Beauty Impossible to Define: The Theology of Nick Cave

“With your book of ideas/ With your alchemy/ O Come on/ Send that stuff on down to me.”

Corporate Takeover

The Collapse of the Muzak/Music Distinction

TMT Cerberus 21

Binge/Purge (Slight Return)

Quentin Dupieux (director of Rubber)

“The tire is attracted not by the girl, but by something dark.”