“I just like to think about dying, whether or not I’m going to die. This record is, ‘what if I died tomorrow?’”

Built to Spill (Doug Martsch)

“I didn’t want to say something overt. I didn’t know how to.”

Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death

“You ain’t even got enough tape for these fuckin’ ghost stories.”

100 Flowers: Introduction

The genesis of underground Chinese music, 1986-1999

Dolphins Into The Future

“My music is no more or less than the music created hundreds of years ago by some indigenous inhabitant of a small atoll in Micronesia.”

The Magnetic Fields

“I sort of deduced from the fact that the car wasn’t in the driveway when I woke up that I must have written a song.”

Noise Pop 2012

And this is what 20 of these bring us.

Locrian & Mamiffer

“This album is so strong and unsettling because our groups were comfortable with being vulnerable.”

Portland International Film Fest 2012

A slow-release IV drip of lovingly-crafted foreign movies


“This world is coming to infect your body and destroy the planet you live on and control your movements, and there’s precisely jack shit you can do about it.”

SF Indie Fest 2012

The taboo, the wasted, the awkward, and the cute.


“Magic and music were powerful tools for transformation.”

Laura Veirs

“We didn’t want to make a dark children’s record, but we didn’t want to avoid darkness altogether.”

Bathetic Records

“The internet is good for finding artists, but it’s also full of whackos and phonies with half-baked ideas. We don’t exactly hype that shit.”

Steve Hauschildt

“Failed pop is surprisingly fertile and rich with possibility.”


“Every time we record it seems like it’s ‘the last time,’ so it’s always special.”

Dylan Ettinger

“I usually try to make music that doesn’t sound like it was made in any specific place or time.”

Circuit des Yeux

“I make music 100% for me for, like, stark reasons.”



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