Michael Gira

“This is what I have to do right now in order to stay viable as a human being and as an artist.”

Japan The Beats: Genez

“Half” and New Japanese Ethnicities

A Beauty Impossible to Define: The Theology of Nick Cave

“With your book of ideas/ With your alchemy/ O Come on/ Send that stuff on down to me.”

Corporate Takeover

The Collapse of the Muzak/Music Distinction

TMT Cerberus 21

Binge/Purge (Slight Return)

Quentin Dupieux (director of Rubber)

“The tire is attracted not by the girl, but by something dark.”

Child Bite's EP-in-One-Week Adventure

The group sets out to record an EP in one week with no set drummer (in the middle of a Star Wars-dotted St Patrick’s Day Parade near a haunted train station)

Dan Deacon

“I think a lot of people take what they don’t understand and try to relate it to drugs.”

The Other F Word

Director Andrea Blaugrund Nevins, producer Cristan Reilly, and editor Geoffrey Franklin at SXSW

Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender

Reflections on Civilization and Ecology

Japan The Beats: Liyoon

“I’m a whale killer. Cruel murderer will kill anything and spread blood all over the sea.”

Tim Heidecker

“I kind of like the idea of releasing something that isn’t tied up in a neat package and explained to everyone.”

Noise Pop 2011

A day-by-day retrospective

Steven Drozd

“Man, I don’t know what to do. I’m one of those people who has trouble finishing a job.”

Japan The Beats: Deep Throat X

“For Tokyo’s Deep Throat X, pornography isn’t just a source of kitschy images and goofy samples - it’s a philosophy of revolution.”

The Elephant Six Collective

“There’s something undeniably special that happens when this gaggle of people in this room get together.”


“I can’t stand being lumped in with a twee or outsider art aesthetic.”

Portland International Film Festival 2011

“Good movies are notoriously fickle about the audiences they choose to please, but not where they choose to please them.”