2011: Chocolate Grinder Mix 2011

Our favorite songs of the year in mix tape form

2011: Favorite 25 Album Covers of 2011

Sci-fi sheen and the L.A. airbrush thing

2011: Jane Child's Nose Chain

“I am predisposed to vote for the underdog, and it all started with Jane Child.”

2011: Dispatches from the Pop Museum

The Future Is Not What It Used to Be

C. Spencer Yeh

“Maybe BxC is just a big chile rellenos stuffed with meat and random crap, and 1975 is just a big carton of hardboiled eggs.”

The What 03

On “The Battle of the Sexes” in Hip-Hop

AFI Fest 2011

“Outside, the sun is shining. Remember that.”

Jeffrey Lewis

“There’s still some paint-peeler guitar solos and no shortage of glorious mistakes.”

Culture Collide 2011

Did I mention they have a shaman?

Thee Oh Sees

“With all the recent music, I think kids are turning against what is popular and going back to all of its most basic forms.”


“If I could do it again, I’d be sipping Dom P. watching Ghandi till I’m charged.”

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011

“A guiltier pleasure than Foreigner 7-inches and a ‘Leader of the Band’ 45 (both of which I hold dear), to be sure.”

A Winged Victory for the Sullen

“We let go of our egos and found a way to trust each other.”

Moogfest 2011

OMG! Just met Brian Eno!!! #diehappynow

TMT Cerberus 26

VFW vs. American Legion in a Steel Cage

Chris Corsano

“Back and forth between many different worlds.”

Book Review: Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters

Non-Fiction. 480 pages. Chicago Review Press. Edited by Paul Maher Jr.


“To me, music and art used to be the escape from a consumer society, not the main root of it.”