“To stay in the room for a rRope show, you really had to want to be there.”

Favorite 15 Films of 2012 (So Far)

Revisiting the first half of an already amazing year of film

Lynn Shelton [director of Your Sister's Sister]

“Do we want to be who it turns out that we are, [or] do we want to try to transform and move through to a different place?”

Cheevers Toppah

“To me, you get what you put into it. It’s like with any kind of church: If you have faith, then you’ll believe.”

You Are Here Festival (Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris of Trouble + Patrick Higgins)

“Since there’s no front or back row, it’s an experience without a center and without an exterior.”

Jay and Mark Duplass

“If this interview ended and we went and had a beer, you’d be telling us stuff, private stuff about yourself, just ‘cause that’s what we’re interested in.”

Favorite 30 Albums of 2012 (So Far)

Revisiting the first half of an already amazing year of music

Spy Music Fest: Arthur Doyle

An essay and interview by Robert Peterson and Jim McHugh

Spy Music Fest: Rhys Chatham interviewed by Colin Langenus

“I’ve gotten really good at having a form in my head for something that makes a good 20-minute piece. But it all happens in the moment.”

Spy Music Fest: PC Worship and Guardian Alien talk

“It could have been worse. He could have requested a bad song.”

Spy Music Fest: Starring interviewed by Skeletons

“I make music because I love creating happiness.”

Spy Music Fest: Loren Connors interviewed by Chris Forsyth

“It’s a good thing to be that recognizable.”

Debo Band

“My parents have a huge cassette tape collection, but it’s all dubbed cassettes; they’re all Maxell cassettes with just a little scribbling.”

Blues Control

“Blues Control is basically where the two of us meet in the middle.”


“I explore, reference, recreate, and abandon it all as often as my clarity can afford me”

J.P. Harris

“There’s nothing more romantic than being a 15-year-old kid with a backpack and a pair of boots and an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder jumping on a freight train.”

Robert Bresson: Paring Down to the Essential

A retrospective on a fruitful, challenging, and impressive film oeuvre

Andrew Bujalski

“I want to see everybody’s side of every argument. It drives my wife crazy.”

Sasquatch! 2012

“There, among the reek of piss and shit, a flower grows.”