2010: Favorite 25 Films of 2010

25 films that defined our 2010

2010: Chocolate Grinder Mix 2010

Our favorite songs of the year in mix tape form

2010: Top 25 Album Covers of 2010

“I’ve seen more collages, vintage film stock art, and collages on top of vintage film stock art than anyone ever should.”

2010: Did You Borrow My 2010 and Forget to Return It?

“My records are like my employees, but this is a generous, profit-sharing company.”

2010: Whiskey and Popcorn

The art of watching bad movies

2010: The Inevitable Fall and Destruction of EMI

A (dying) record company’s future and the implications for the music industry

The Books

“Okay, this is disturbing but it’s also really funny.”

Avey Tare

“When we started playing, it’s not like we thought we’d be in a band called ‘Animal Collective.’”

TMT Cerberus 20

Riders on the Strom [Thurmond]

Sundance Film Festival 2010 Short Film Program

“Brevity is best served by being funny.”

AFI Fest 2010

No such thing as a free lunch, but how about a free festival?

TMT Cerberus 19

Pauly Shore’s Greatest Hits

Kruder & Dorfmeister

“We don’t take things very seriously. Otherwise we wouldn’t throw cakes at our faces.”

William Fowler Collins

“A candy colored clown they call the sandman tiptoes to my room every night.”

MoogFest 2010

Ghostbusters, dabke, and Goblin-esque Argento horror scores

CMJ 2010

We were dancing in sewage…

Brian Chippendale

“I got into a groove and was like, I can actually draw!”

Treasure Island Music Festival 2010

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

Dark Dark Dark

“No one else gets to do this.”