Dark Dark Dark

“No one else gets to do this.”


“More mash. Bangers and mash.”

TMT Cerberus 18

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Dustin Wong [Ponytail]

“I think I said something like, ‘I’m gonna go give birth.’ “

Nat Baldwin

“I was the only person that was staying on to go on the next tour. Everyone else would leave the band.”

The Antlers

“It’s a little bit of a mid-life crisis, or something.”

Hopscotch 2010

“I think memory is the most important asset of human beings. It’s a kind of fuel; it burns and it warms you.”

Book Review: Bob Dylan in America

Non-fiction. Hardcover, 390 pages. By Sean Wilentz

Bryce Dessner [The National, Clogs, Bang on a Can]

“We joke a lot about headlines like ‘Gloomy Guys Get Gloomier’ or ‘More Miserable.’”

FYF 2010

“We Los Angelinos are a stylish bunch.”

MusicfestNW 2010

“That was rock ‘n’ roll. Like, the real shit.”

Reggie Watts

“It’s essentially, how far can you take people out without losing them?”

Bumbershoot 2010

Courtney Love vs The Recession?

Major Organ and the Adding Machine, Pt. III: The Mythos

Julian Koster: “At the earliest point, one of the ideas was [that] we should rescue an elephant and have it live at Orange Twin.”

All Tomorrow's Parties New York 2010

Kutsher’s Country Club; Monticello, NY

Sam Prekop

“I feel like it’s been a long time coming for me, to really shake something up.”

The New Pornographers

“Let’s move back towards the rock.”

Major Organ and the Adding Machine Pt. II: The Music

Andrew Rieger: “I think the result was simultaneously really fun and bizarre, but also alienating”

Major Organ and the Adding Machine Pt. I: The Movie

Eric Harris: “It was the single project that had the most Elephant 6 participants ever. I’m proud of that.”