Pitchfork Music Festival 2010

Don’t Miss, Don’t Bother, Don’t Know

NXNE 2010

Toronto, ON

Jamie Lidell

“Over time, when I got my ego under control I was like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s about music.’”


“Next, while I’m still soloing, Prince closes his eyes and gives me this slow, deliberate nod.”

Primavera Sound 2010

[Parc Del Forum; Barcelona, Spain]

Bonnaroo 2010

“If a woman offers to suck your dick in a port-o-potty, do not put your penis anywhere near her mouth.”

The Fresh & Onlys

“Within the first five minutes of practicing, we knew this was the band.”

Josh Dibb (Deakin of Animal Collective)

“AC is definitely on a hiatus to some degree. But, in certain ways, we’re also, I feel, busier than we’ve felt in a long time.”

TMT Cerberus 14

Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion

Sasquatch! 2010: YEAH, MEH, BLEH

Gorge Amphitheatre; Quincy, WA

Child Bite

“The good Lord has not slapped me on the wrist yet.”


“People have always been fascinated with making watery-sounding music, I guess.”

Blank Realm

If you are listening to it, your tape isn’t broken.

TMT Cerberus 13

Where Have You Gone, Charlie Manson?

Wounded Lion

“I’m a painter so I’m always dealing with a rectangle, basically. Which is a crazy restriction, you know?”


No one has ever come in in the history of the band and said, “I’ve got a song!” That just never happens.

The Living Dead: Can I Interest You in Your Values?

Another rumination on the persistence of global capitalism



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