Sasquatch! 2010: YEAH, MEH, BLEH

Gorge Amphitheatre; Quincy, WA

Child Bite

“The good Lord has not slapped me on the wrist yet.”


“People have always been fascinated with making watery-sounding music, I guess.”

Blank Realm

If you are listening to it, your tape isn’t broken.

TMT Cerberus 13

Where Have You Gone, Charlie Manson?

Wounded Lion

“I’m a painter so I’m always dealing with a rectangle, basically. Which is a crazy restriction, you know?”


No one has ever come in in the history of the band and said, “I’ve got a song!” That just never happens.

The Living Dead: Can I Interest You in Your Values?

Another rumination on the persistence of global capitalism

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

“There is only so much that the human heart can bear.”

Xiu Xiu

“If there was something we were interested in doing, we would not hesitate to do it if we thought it would freak people out or annoy people.”

Black Francis

“A gold record would be nice.”

An Experiment in Pop Potency

Can your favorite album wear itself out if played too often?

Seven Fields Of Aphelion

“I have notebooks upon notebooks of songs no one will ever hear.”

TMT Cerberus 12

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Fang Island

“High-fives are extremely important to me.”


“We wanted to have something where we could change, at the last minute, any detail or any event.”

Jon Spencer

“I’ll have to disagree with Mr. Cool J. – if people wanna call it a comeback, they can.”

The Passion of Vanilla Christ

Die Antwoord are offensive, disrespectful, exploitative, and exactly what the 21st century needs.


“The palm-tree aesthetic seems like a way to put some distance between oneself and certain realities that aren’t too ‘chill.’”



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