TMT Cerberus 11

Into That Good Night

Apache Beat

“Something heavy and hallucinogenic.”


“I fell in love with my double-neck guitar when I first saw it at Doc Holiday’s pawn shop in Austin.”

Five Problems with the IFPI Digital Music Report

And three suggestions to help save the major music industry

Label Profiling: Drip Audio

“I couldn’t be happier that all these large corporate record companies are now looked down upon and seen as losers.”

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 20-01

From “Vision Creation Newsun” to “What Do You Think”

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 40-21

From “Since I Left You” to “Arular”

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 60-41

From “Mount Eerie” to “The Getty Address”

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 80-61

From “The Radiant Mirror” to “Dopesmoker”

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 100-81

From “Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural” to “Knife Play”

Owen Pallett

“If I ever said that, I was probably intoxicated.”


“So, it’s a lullaby, but at the same time, about this murderer. We like to play with these juxtapositions.”

Volcano Rock

A Brief Geological Survey of Independent Music

2009: Favorite 50 Albums of 2009

50 Albums that Defined 2009 for TMT

2009: Favorite 25 Films of 2009

Fox: “Chaos reigns!”

2009: Top 25 Album Covers of 2009

Amneziak returns for this year’s top 25 album covers

TMT Cerberus 09

The Heart is a Droney Hunter

All That Is Solid 08: Foundation Myths

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?