Black Francis

“A gold record would be nice.”

An Experiment in Pop Potency

Can your favorite album wear itself out if played too often?

Seven Fields Of Aphelion

“I have notebooks upon notebooks of songs no one will ever hear.”

TMT Cerberus 12

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Fang Island

“High-fives are extremely important to me.”


“We wanted to have something where we could change, at the last minute, any detail or any event.”

Jon Spencer

“I’ll have to disagree with Mr. Cool J. – if people wanna call it a comeback, they can.”

The Passion of Vanilla Christ

Die Antwoord are offensive, disrespectful, exploitative, and exactly what the 21st century needs.


“The palm-tree aesthetic seems like a way to put some distance between oneself and certain realities that aren’t too ‘chill.’”

Titus Andronicus

“Why would we break bread with snakes like that?”

Ted Leo

“Hey, we’re musicians! Let’s fuck around in the studio a little more!”


“Y’know, everybody’s got their level and we just had to drop out of playing the game.”

Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Animal Collective & Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Noise Pop 2010

A Highlight Reel

Scout Niblett

“I don’t want to use the word “liberated,” but that’s really how I feel.”

TMT Cerberus 11

Into That Good Night

Apache Beat

“Something heavy and hallucinogenic.”


“I fell in love with my double-neck guitar when I first saw it at Doc Holiday’s pawn shop in Austin.”

Five Problems with the IFPI Digital Music Report

And three suggestions to help save the major music industry