Sociocultural Ownership of an Artistic Form: Hip-Hop

White Suburbia and The Myth of Authenticity

Black Dice

“You can find a drum beat pretty easily by accident.”

TMT Cerberus 03

Slippery When Wet

Choruss: The Next Phase in Digital Music or a Public Bailout?

How Choruss will hurt independent music and line major label pockets

Interview: Skyfish

An interview with one of the most talented producers on Tokyo’s burgeoning dubstep scene

Fol Chen

“It’s brain-melting the first time you hear something that’s not a pop song.”

SXSW 2009

[Austin, TX]

SXSW 2009

[Austin, TX]

SXSW 2009

[Austin, TX]

An Extremely Drastic Case of Déjà vu

Karole Armitage and Rhys Chatham Revive Underground Dance Classic in NY

TMT Cerberus 02

A Reptile Dysfunction

Killer Bong

Murder Scene Togashi Dub

Matt & Kim

“We just do what we always do, which is be ourselves, don’t put on any front.”

Harvest of Hope Festival 2009

[St. Johns County Fairgrounds; St. Augustine, FL]

I Don't Hear a Single 666

Track-surfing the old-fashioned way