More freedom and spontaneity and character


The Goose & The Camel

Carly Ptak

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Q and Not U

The Democratic Songwriting Meat Grinder

Parts & Labor

The Preeminent Middle-Aged Funk Band

Old Time Relijun

A pirate life would be a little more interesting

Andy Ortmann (Panicsville)

The Absurdist Equation

Murder By Death

Low Singing About Dark Stuff

Joanna Newsom

Of Narwhales, Zeugmas, and Will Oldham

Oakley Hall

Weeds Popping Through The Cracks

Travis Morrison

The Man With(out) the Plan


Let’s Make It Good

Final Fantasy

Making the Menial Seem Magical

Modest Mouse

Dead Animals in the Field

Micose And The Mau Mau's

Sloppy CD-Rs & a 4-String Brazilian Ukulele


Ten Shits with Dan Snaith


Fused Out of Iron

Man Man

Van Outside The Knitting Factory, NYC

The Mae Shi

More Testing of Hypotheses



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