Everyones all like “think about your future and college” and I’m like “uhhhhhhhhhhhh”

This one is to easy… Let’s move through “Punk” and all the different ways to say “uhhhhhh!” and Fuck You! (sorry if it gets a little poppy)

The Who - “My Generation” (The Kids are Alright, amongst others)
The Ramones - “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” (S/T)
Sex Pistols - “Seventeen” (Nevermind the Bollocks…)
The Clash- “Career Oppurtunities” (The Clash)
Minor Threat -“Minor Threat” (Complete Discography)
Operation Ivy - “Gonna Find you” (Energy)
The Replacments -“Bastards of Young” (Tim)
The Refused - “Summerholiday vs Punkroutine” (The Shape of Punk to Come)
Descendants - “Milo Goes to College” (Milo Goes to College)
Bad Religion - “Suffer” (Suffer)
Green Day - “Welcome to Paradise” (Dookie, Kerplunk)
Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle” (Bleed American)

secret track… John Lennon - “Imagine” (Imagine)..think about it for a minute.

I need some feel-good music to help me through the soul-shattering breakup that looms in my near future.

01. New Politics - “Love is a Drug” (New Politics)
02. The Naked and Famous - “Girls Like You” (Passive Me, Aggressive You)
03. The Naked and Famous - “Jilted Lover” (Passive Me, Aggressive You)
04. Decibully - “Rid of Me at Last” (Sing Out America)
05. Foster The People - “Love” (Foster The People)
06. Koufax - “Move Out, Move On” (It Had to Do With Love)
07. Kids of 88 - “Cotton Mouth” (Sugarpills)
08. Polaris at Noon - “Tacks and Strings” (Season One: The Prospect)
09. Tides of Man - “Not My Love 2” (Dreamhouse)
10. I Blame CoCo - “Turn Your Back on Love” (Constant)
11. Mr. Little Jeans - “Angel” (Mr. Little Jeans)
12. My First Earthquake - “Designer Boyfriend” (Downstairs)
13. Warpaint - “Baby” - (The Fool)
14. Flight Facilities - “Crave You” (Crave You)


01. The Mountain Goats - “This Year” (The Sunset Tree)
02. Old Crow Medicine Show - “Wagon Wheel” (O.C.M.S.)
03. William Elliott Whitmore - “Dry” (Song of the Blackbird)
04. The Six Parts Seven - “Sleeping Diagonally (Feat. Sam Beam)” (Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs)
05. Megafaun - “Columns” (Gather, Form & Fly)
06. The Acorn - “Low Gravity” (Glory Hope Mountain)
07. Bonnie “Prince” Billy - “Ease Down the Road” (Ease Down the Road)
08. Bowerbirds - “Olive Hearts” (Hymns for a Dark Horse)
09. The Books - “That Right Ain’t S**t” (The Lemon of Pink)
10. Califone - “Don’t Let Me Die Nervous” (Califone)
11. The Avett Brothers - “Nothing Short of Thankful” (Mignonette)
12. Great Lake Swimmers - “Various Stages” (Bodies and Minds)
13. Josh Ritter - “Leaves and Kings” (Josh Ritter)
14. Tarkio - “Keeping Me Awake” (I Guess I Was Hoping For Something More)
15. The Morning Benders - “Excuses” (Big Echo)
16. Beirut - “Nantes” (The Flying Club Cup)
17. Luke Temple - “Family Vacation” (Snowbeast)
18. Bon Iver - “Lump Sum” (For Emma, Forever Ago)
19. (Smog) - “Four Hearts in a Can” (The Doctor Came At Dawn)
20. Songs: Ohia - “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost” (The Magnolia Electric Co.)

“I like big ass vicious noise that makes my head spin. I wanna feel it whipping through me like a fucking jolt”.

Finally, someone who just wants a bunch of noise. Here you go, Reeve. I apologize for putting so many essentials, but they’re essential for a reason.

01. Piasa - “Don’t Barkbark Up My Tree” (Realicide/Piasa split cassette)
02. Burning Star Core - “Part II” (Papercuts Theater)
03. MAMMAL - “Fog III5” (FOG III)
04. Merzbow - “Degradation of Tapes” (1930)
05. Wolf Eyes - “Stabbed in the Face” (Burned Mind)
06. Macronympha - “American Violence II”
07. Haters - “Drunk on Decay #4” (Drunk on Decay)
08. Third Organ - “Pornography of Despair” (Pornography of Despair)
09. Sickness - “No Sale, No Credit, No Tax For Prostitute” (Nitro Dragsters - A Tribute To OVMN And The Incapacitants [clear cassette])
10. Lustmord - “Heresy Part II” (Heresy)
11. Sudden Infant - “Track 1” (Radiorgasm)

im turning 25.

01. Joe Cocker - “With a Little Help From My Friends” (With a Little Help From My Friends)
02. Primal Scream - “Movin’ On Up” (Screamadelica)
03. Built to Spill - “Dystopian Dream Girl” (There’s Nothing Wrong With Love)
04. Galaxie 500 - “Strange” (On Fire)
05. 50 Cent - “In Da Club” (Get Rich or Die Tryin’)
06. Future Islands - “Swept Inside” (In Evening Air)
07. Twin Shadow - “At My Heels” (Forget)
08. Deerhunter - “Sailing” (Halcyon Digest)
09. The Tallest Man on Earth - “I Won’t Be Found” (Shallow Grave)
10. Games - “Strawberry Skies” (That We Can Play EP)
11. Justice - “TThhee PPaarrttyy” (Cross)
12. Ani DiFranco - “As Is” (Little Plastic Castle) [I do like this album but it has to have the worst cover ever - even for the 90s. I mean, whose fucking idea was that? Some record exec? And she went for it?]
13. Steve Reich – “Come Out” (Early Works)

Finally there’s no one left in the world. It’s snowing and I’m walking in the city.

01. The Naked and Famous - “Punching In A Dream (Does it Offend You Yeah! Remix)” (Passive Me Aggressive You)
02. Pink Floyd - “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” (Relics)
03. A Place To Bury Strangers- “Ocean” (A Place To Bury Strangers)
04. Idle Warship - “Screamin’ feat. MC Chris” (Mick Boogie Party Robot)
05. Tones On Tail - “Go! (club Mix)” (Everything!)
06. CocoRosie - “Rainbowarriors” (The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn)
07. David Lynch - “Ghost of Love” (INLAND EMPIRE (Motion Picture Soundtrack))
08. John Lennon - “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” (Lennon Legend)
09. Thom Yorke - “Black Swan” (The Eraser)
10. Morphine - “You’re an Artist” (The Mod Squad Soundtrack)

I need a different song to wake up to in the morning for each day of the week. I love dream pop and twee

MON: Belle & Sebastian - “Expectations” (Tigermilk)
TUE: Neon Indian - “(AM)” (Psychic Chasms)
WED: The Vaselines - “Teenage Superstars” (Dying For It EP)
THU: Washed Out - “Feel It All Around” (Feel It All Around)
FRI: Teengirl Fantasy - “Portofino” (Portofino/New Image Everyday)
SAT: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - “Come Saturday” (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
SUN: Beach House - “You Came To Me” (Devotion)

I hope these songs give you good vibes each and every day!

I hope this mix makes you feel horrible

01. The Smiths - “Unhappy Birthday” - (Strangeways Here We Come)
02. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Animal Midnight” (Pig Lib)
03. The White Stripes - “I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman” (White Blood Cells)
04. Arctic Monkeys - “Do Me a Favour” (Favourite Worst Nightmare)
05. Elvis Costello - “I Hope You’re Happy Now” (Blood and Chocolate)
06. Bob Dylan - “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” (The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan)

Bonus Track: Lily Allen - “Smile” (Alright Still)

songs that fuel relentless self-pity

01. The Zita Swoon - “People Are Like Slamming Doors” (Life=A Sexy Sanctuary)
02. Lady & Bird - “The Word Is Grey” (La Ballade Of)
03. Marianne Faithfull - “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” (Strange Weather)
04. Billie Holiday - “Yesterdays” (Verve Jazz Masters 12: Billie Holiday)
05. Ute Lemper - “The Part You Throw Away” (Punishing Kiss)
06. Antony and the Johnsons - “Hope There’s Someone” (I Am A Bird Now)
07. Nico - “These Days” (Chelsea Girl)
08. Leonard Cohen - “Avalanche” (Songs Of Love And Hate)
09. Elliott Smith - “Miss Misery (Early Version)” (New Moon)
10. John Cale - “Dying On The Vine” (Fragments Of A Rainy Season)
11. Tom Waits - “Trampled Rose” (Real Gone)
12. Karen Dalton - “Katie Cruel” (In My Own Time)

Songs for Tambourine Hands

An hour’s worth of hip-slipping ditties.

01. The Beatles - “Wait” (Rubber Soul)
02. Sonny & Cher - “I Got You Babe” (Groundhog Day)
03. Blitzen Trapper - “Ballad of Bird Love” (Furr)
04. DeVotchKa - “Til the End of Time” (Little Miss Sunshine)
05. The Minders - “I’ve Been Wondering” (Horray for Tuesday)
06. The Chocolate Watchband - “Let’s Talk About Girls” (Nuggets: Original Artifacts From the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968)
07. The Partridge Family - “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” (Come On Get Happy!)
08. Jonathan Fire*Eater - “These Little Monkeys” (Wolf Songs for Lambs)
09. The Monkeys - “Last Train to Clarksville” (The Monkeys)
10. Okkervil River - “Lost Coastlines” (The Stand Ins)
11. Françoise Hardy - “This Little Heart” (Les Chansons D’amour)
12. Beck - “Black Tambourine” (Guero)
13. The Stooges - “Gimme Danger” (Raw Power)
14. The Kills - “Wait” (Keep On Your Mean Side)
15. Cato Salsa Experience - “M.F.” (A Good Tip for a Good Time)
16. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - “Servo” (Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective)
17. Dressy Bessy - “Just Once More” (Dressy Bessy)
18. Built to Spill - “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss” (Ancient Melodies of the Future)
19. The Warlocks - “Baby Blue” (Phoenix Album)


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