Flipflops make me feel overwhelmingly powerful.

Sometimes I miss her and sometimes I hate her

01. The Magnetic Fields - “Meaningless” (69 Love Songs)
02. Neutral Milk Hotel - “Oh Comely” (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)
03. Band of Horses - “No One’s Going to Love You” (Cease To Begin)
04. Warren Zevon - “She’s Too Good For Me” (The Wind)
05. The Shins - “Kissing the Lipless” (Chutes Too Narrow)
06. Elliott Smith - “2:45 A.M.” (Either/Or)
07. Smokey Robinson - “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (Depend On Me: The Early Albums)
08. Wilco - “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
09. The Avett Brothers - “The Ballad of Love and Hate” (Emotionalism)
10. She & Him - “Gonna Get Along Without You Now” (Volume Two)

note from trillian: This has been your irregularly scheduled twee-ass-friday, we will return with less wistful programming next week.

I’m sad and I miss my friends

01. The Wipers - “The Lonely One” (Over The Edge)
02. Weezer - “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” (Blue Album)
03. Big Star - “Nightime” (Third - Sister Lovers)
04. Fugazi - “I’m So Tired” (Instrument Soundtrack)
05. The Walkmen - “Don’t Forget Me” (Pussy Cats Cover Album)
06. Wavves - “Friends Were Gone” (FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch Series #10)
07. Jackson C. Frank - “Blues Run The Game” (Jackson C. Frank)

Just make me smile.

These songs make me smile - each for different reasons. Hope it works for you!

01. Jonathan Richman - “Action Packed” (s/t)
02. Half Japanese - “Charmed Life” (Charmed Life)
03. Julian Lynch - “Just Enough” (Mare)
04. Hunx and His Punx - “You Don’t Like Rock and Roll” (Gay Singles)
05. Art Lord and the Self-Portraits - “Lantern Sigh” (In Your Idea House)
06. Sun Ra - “Between Two Worlds” (Angles and Demons at Play)
07. Air France - “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” (No Way Down)
08. jj - “Still” (kills)
09. Sam Prekop - “Chicago People” (Who’s Your New Professor)
10. Mirah - “Pollen” (You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This)

I miss you.

01. Sharon Van Etten - “For You” (Because I Was In Love)
02. The Zombies - ” Remember When I Loved Her” (I Love You)
03. The Flaming Lips - “Slow Nerve Action” (Transmissions From the Satellite Heart)
04. Broken Social Scene - “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” (You Forgot it in People)
05. Taylor Swift - “Back to December” (Speak Now)
06. The Rolling Stones - “Miss You” (Some Girls)
07. Best Coast - “Sun Was High (So Was I)” (Sun Was High Single)
08. The Avalanches - “Extra Kings” (Since I Left You)
09. Department of Eagles - “No One Does it Like You” (In Ear Park)
10. Hot Chip - “Made in the Dark” (Made in the Dark)
11. The Dodos - “Ashley” (Visiter)
12. J Dilla - “Hi” (Donuts)
13. Animal Collective - “Banshee Beat” (Feels)

Is a 2nd date too soon to be naked?

01. Bright Eyes - “First Day Of My Life” (I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning)
02. The Sugarcubes - “Fucking In Rhythm And Sorrow” (Life’s Too Good)
03. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Cold Light” (Fever To Tell)
04. Arcade Fire - “Crown Of Love” (Funeral)
05. Ida Maria - “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” (Fortress Round My Heart)
06. Rasputina - “Fox In The Snow” (My Fever Broke)
07. Morrissey - “I Am Hate For Loving” (Viva Hate)
08. The Wrens - “I’ve Made Enough Friends” (Seacaucus)
09. Patti Smith - “Land:Horses/ Land Of A Thousand Dances/ La Mer (de)” (Horses)
10. Flaming Lips - “Are You A Hypnotist?” (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)

young girl, trying to face high school and life in her own little world

The important things in high school: staying inconspicuous, and letting your mind run amok as your english/history/literature/etc teacher drones on.

01. Phantogram - “Running From the Cops” (Eyelid Movies)
02. Radiohead - “How to Disappear Completely” (Kid A)
03. Galaxie 500 - “Blue Thunder” (On Fire)
04. M83 - “Run Into Flowers” (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts)
05. Baths - “Indoorsy” (Cerulean)
06. LCD Soundsystem - “Sound of Silver” (Sound of Silver)
07. Massive Attack - “Group Four” (Mezzanine)
08. Phantogram - “As Far As I Can See” (Eyelid Movies)
09. Yo La Tengo - “Deeper Into Movies” (I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One)
10. The Shins - “Australia” (Wincing the Night Away)

a playlist to hype me up before a crazzaaaay partaayy

01. Ke$ha - “Blow” (Cannibal)
02. Usher - “ DJ Got Us Falling In Love” (Versus)
03. Enrique Iglesias Ft. Ludacris - “Tonight” (Euphoria)
04. David Guetta Ft. Kid Cudi - “Memories” (One Love)
05. Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull - “On The Floor” (Love?)
06. Britney Spears - “Till The World Ends” (Femme Fatal)
07. Rihanna - “S&M” (Loud)
08. Lady Gaga - “LoveGame” (The Fame)
09. Miley Cyrus - “Who Owns My Heart” (Can’t Be Tamed)
10. Nadia Ali - “Rapture (Avicii New Generation Mix)” (Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition)
11. Damien S. Ft. Femke - “Stars Collide” (Sea To Sun/Loverush Digital)
12. Tiesto Ft. JES - “Everything” (Elements of Life)

I love the fact that we can talk about everything and anything!

01. King Crimson - “Elephant Talk” (Discipline)
02. Tortoise - “Speakeasy” (Standards)
03. The Velvet Underground - “Candy Says” (The Velvet Underground)
04. Trans Am - “Talk to You All Night” (The Red Line)
05. Harmonia - “Walky-Talky”
06. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - “Talking All The Time” (FF>>)
07. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos - “In Your Talk” (A Child’s Guide to Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos)
08. Pink Floyd - “Speak To Me / Breathe” (Dark Side of the Moon)
09. Akron/Family - “Say What You Want To” (ST II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT)
10. Talk Talk - “Talk Talk” (Party’s Over)
11. Brian Eno - “Dead Finks Don’t Talk” (Here Come the Warm Jets)

I’ve always wanted to beat up my dad, but now he is old and nice.

Dads make me think of southern rock, I guess. I tried to capture the gamut of emotions without getting too scattershot. I trimmed a lot of songs and I think I would up with this sort of eclectic grouping in part because they all sound kinda wizened.

01. Muddy Waters - “Why Are People Like That” (Woodstock Album)
02. Kris Kristofferson - “The Pilgrim - Chapter 33” (The Silver Tongued Devil and I)
03. Gordon Lightfoot - “Is There Anyone Home” (Sundown)
04. Murder by Death - “Piece by Piece” (Good Morning, Magpie)
05. Jackson Browne - “You Love The Thunder” (Running on Empty)
06. Otis Redding - “I’m A Changed Man” (Love Man)
07. Drive-by Truckers - “Outfit” (Decoration Day)
08. Creedence Clearwater Revival - “Long As I Can See The Light” (Cosmo’s Factory)
09. Levon Helm - “Wide River to Cross” (Dirt Farmer)
10. William Elliot Whitmore - “There’s Hope For You” (Animals in the Dark)

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