Holy crap, I’m turning 21.

01. Three 6 Mafia - “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” (When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1)
02. Ladytron - “Seventeen” (Light & Magic)
03. The Strokes - “Barely Legal” (Is This It)
04. The Ramones - “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” (Animal Boy)
05. DMX - “Party Up (Up In Here)” (…And Then There Was X)
06. AC/DC - “Have A Drink On Me” (Back In Black)
07. Of Montreal - “The Party’s Crashing Us Now” (Sunlandic Twins)


Your oh-so-specific title doesn’t really give much to work with, but I decided it could be interpreted as, “Make me a mixtape to be my personal anthem/soundtrack”. I tried to select songs which, together, form a theoretical depiction of “you” as as seen by a complete stranger.

Dearest “MY MIXTAPE”, you appear to be individualistic (emphasis on “MY!”), passionate (ALL CAPS!), and taken to flights of whimsy (in that you expect someone to be able to fill a request like ‘MY MIXTAPE’).


01. NHB (Pryde Feat D’angelo) - “Ice Cream Truck” (The NHB Mixtape)
02. Motörhead - “Live To Win” (Ace of Spades)
03. Psychostick - “Caffeine” (Sandwich)
04. The Killers - “Spaceman” (Day & Age)
05. The Decemberists - “Rox In The Box” (The King is Dead)
06. OK Go - “A Good Idea At The Time” (Oh No)
07. SKisM - “Power” (Album)
08. The Books - “All Bad Ends All” (Thought for Food)
09. Boards of Canada - “Dayvan Cowboy” (The Campfire Headphase)
10. The Strokes - “Hard To Explain” (Is This It?)
11. 17 Hippies - “Schattenmann” (Heimlich)
12. The XX - “Infinity” (XX)
13. Kottonmouth Kings - “Tangerine Sky” (Rollin’ Stoned)
14. Creedance Clearwater Revival - “Fortunate Son” (Willy and the Poor Boys)
15. The Animals - “House of the Rising Sun” (The Animals)
16. Arctic Monkeys - “Riot Van” (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)
17. Talking Heads - “Life During Wartime” (Sand In The Vaseline)
18. Pink Floyd - “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Delicate Sound of Thunder)

Music to listen to as I file at my soul-crushing intern position while having an existential crisis over where my future might lead

You and I are in the same boat, my friend.

01. The Strokes - “Is This It” (Is This It?)
02. Simon & Garfunkel - “The Only Living Boy In New York” (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
03. Nico - “These Days” (Chelsea Girl)
04. The Mountain Goats - “The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton” (All Hail West Texas)
05. Radiohead - “The Bends” (The Bends)
06. The Shins - “New Slang” (Oh, Inverted World)
07. American Football - “But the Regrets Are Killing Me” (American Football)
08. The Dismemberment Plan - “Spider In The Snow” (Emergency & I)
09. The Weepies - “Not Your Year” (Say I Am You)
10. Zero 7 - “In The Waiting Line” (Simple Things)
11. Arcade Fire - “Wasted Hours” (The Suburbs)
12. The National - “Slow Show” (Boxer)

I had a hot fling while on vacation in a foreign country. Remind me of that excitement now that I am home, cold and alone.

01. Belle & Sebastian - “I’m A Cuckoo (Avalanches Remix)” (“I’m A Cuckoo” single)
02. Fool’s Gold - “Surprise Hotel” (Fool’s Gold)
03. El Guincho - “Antillas” (Alegranza)
04. Fair Ohs - “Jeanneret” (Women/Fair Ohs/Cold Pumas/Friendo Split 7”)
05. The Very Best - “Warm Heart Of Africa” (Warm Heart Of Africa)
06. Surfer Blood - “Take It Easy” (Astro Coast)
07. Camera Obscura - “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” (Let’s Get Out Of This Country)
08. The Black Keys - “The Lengths” (Rubber Factory)
09. Women - “Grey Skies” (Service Animal/Grey Skies 7”)
10. The Walkmen - “Canadian Girl” (You & Me)
11. Clinic - “Earth Angel” (Internal Wrangler)
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Gold Lion” (iTunes Session EP)
13. Ryan Adams - “Wonderwall” (Love Is Hell)
14. Real Estate - “Suburban Dogs” (Real Estate)
15. Bibio - “Lovers’ Carvings” (Ambivalence Avenue)

I’m sorry I broke up with you

If you’re looking to send this mix to someone as a way of saying ‘sorry’, it probably won’t work. Odds are, it’ll only increase your grief. Oh well.

Here’s to eternal regret!

01. Great Lake Swimmers - “This Is Not Like Home” (Great Lake Swimmers)
02. The Microphones - “Headless Horseman” (The Glow Pt. 2)
03. The Mountain Goats - “There Will Be No Divorce” (Daytrotter Session)
04. Marnie Stern - “Risky Biz” (Marnie Stern)
05. Menomena - “Dirty Cartoons” (Mines)
06. Modest Mouse - “Whenever I Breathe Out, You Breathe In” (Positive/Negative) (Building Nothing Out of Something)
07. Radiohead - “All I Need” (In Rainbows)
08. Deerhunter - “VHS Dream” (Weird Era Cont.)
09. Slint - “Good Morning Captain” (Spiderland)

End of Time

Do you believe in rapture babe?

01. Sufjan Stevens - “Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)” (Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State)
02. Talk Talk - “Eden” (Spirit Of Eden)
03. Liars - “Goodnight Everything” (Sisterworld)
04. TV On The Radio - “Wash The Day” (Return To Cookie Mountain)
05. Ministry - “Dream Song” (The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste)
06. Squarepusher - “Last Ap Roach” (Music Is Rotted One Note)
07. Throbbing Gristle - “Separated” (Part Two The Endless Not)
08. Angelo Badalamenti - “Laura Palmer’s Theme” (Twin Peaks Soundtrack)
09. Koji Kondo - “Last Day” (Majora’s Mask Soundtrack)
10. Venetian Snares - “Senki Dala” (Rossz Csillag Allat Született)
11. Aphex Twin - “Matchsticks” (Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2)
12. Stars Of The Lid - “Tippy’s Demise” (And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
13. M83 - “Tsubasa” (Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts)

What it feels like to be barefoot all summer.

Nothing is more exhilarating than going some place new and taking your shoes off to really absorb the environment from the ground up. Summer has become too hot even for even the casual ‘flip-flop’ wearer. Take your shoes off, and let’s go someplace new.

01. Tapper Zukie - “Born to be Black” (Man Ah Warrior)
02. The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast - “Tael of a Saeghors” (Terrace Industry: M Squared Box Set)
03. Chaweewan Dumnern - “Lam Tung Wai” (V/A - The Sound of Siam)
04. Ladies K - “Waikiki” (Punch-Drunk Love soundtrack)
05. Ann Steel - “My Time” (Ann Steel)
06. Sparks - “My Other Voice” (No. 1 in Heaven)
07. Panda Bear - “Surfer’s Hymn” (Tomboy)
08. Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans - “Soma Bonodoriuta” (Let’s Go Eleki-Bushi)
09. King Tubby - “Bongo Man Dub” (Essential Dub)
10. Brewer & Shipley - “Ruby on the Morning” (Tarkio)
11. Slowdive - “Blue Skied ‘an Clear” (Pygmalion)

Soundtrack for the Rapture

01. Streetlight Manifesto - “Would You Be Impressed?” (Somewhere in the Between)
02. Marilyn Manson - “Antichrist Superstar” (Lest We Forget: The Best Of)
03. The Subhumans - “No” (The Day the Country Died)
04. Crass - “So What?” (The Feeding of the 5000)
05. Nirvana - “Tourette’s” (In Utero)
06. Ice Cube Ft. Korn - “Fuck Dying” (War & Peace)
07. Justbeatz AKA the Headbangers - “Til You Die” (Unknown)
08. Kid Cudi - “Up, Up, and Away” (Man on the Moon: The End of Day)
09. Agent Orange - “Bloodstains” (Living In Darkness)
10. Bad Religion - “Fuck Armageddon, This Is Hell” (80-85)
11. Black Keys - “Set You Free” (Thickfreakness)

What are some songs that i can run around naked to?

01. Sigur Ros - “Gobbledigook” (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust)
02. Miike Snow - “Animal” (Miike Snow)
03. Yeasayer - “ONE” (Odd Blood)
04. El Guincho - “Bombay” (Pop Negro)
05. Cut Copy - “Take Me Over” (Zonoscope)
06. Animal Collective - “My Girls” (Merriweather Post Pavilion)
07. Yeasayer - “Ambling Alp” (Odd Blood)
08. Air France - “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” (No Way Down)

something i can have sensual never ending sex to.

Hi, this is the first mix-tape I’ve attempted and I thought this would be pretty simple but as I started I got kinda inspired. This mix-tape should hopefully give you a pretty well rounded experience. It starts slow and plain romantic for foreplay with some soul music. The tracks slowly get sexier until ‘Use Me’ starts and she/he knows you’re really down for some business. At that point it kicks into the tantric stuff, building throughout ‘You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up’. Shit gets kinky around the time of ‘Closer’, and finally ‘Sleep’ is there to… well, calm the weirdness of doing it to ‘Closer’. A bit of spooning can take place when ‘Sleep’ is dying down. It’s a long song.

(I usually omit the notes when they are longer than the actual tapes, but this one is adorable. Thanks for making us a mix. -t)

01. Otis Redding - “These Arms Of Mine” (Pain In My Heart)
02. Marvin Gaye - “Sexual Healing” (Midnight Love)
03. Bill Withers - “Use Me” (Still Bill)
04. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - “You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up” (And This Is Our Music)
05. Nine Inch Nails - “Closer” (The Downward Spiral)
06. The Dandy Warhols - “Sleep” (Thirteen Tales Of Urban Bohemia)

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