I’m just going to sit and obsess over you since I have zero balls to ask you out

FID and just ask her!

01. The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows" (Pet Sounds)
02. Silver Jews - "Random Rules" (American Water)
03. The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing" (Summertime!)
04. Wilco - "California Stars" (Mermaid Avenue)
05. Belle & Sebastian - "You Made Me Forget My Dreams" (Push Barman to Open Old Wounds)
06. Stereolab - "Peng 33!" (Peng!)
07. The Velvet Underground - "After Hours" (S/T)
08. Uncle Tupelo - "The Long Cut" (Anodyne)
09. Bruce Springsteen - "Nebraska" (Nebraska)
10. Beat Happening - "Fortune Cookie Prize" (Dreamy)
11. Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - "TBTF" (Spirit If…)
12. Why? - "Good Friday" (Alopecia)
13. My Bloody Valentine - "Come in Alone" (Loveless)

Fuck you meth head ex-neighbours, I’m moving into a real house with a porch and a backyard!!! Boo-ya

01. Beck - "Truckdrivin Neighbours Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)" (Mellow Gold)
02. The Rolling Stones - "Neighbours" (Tattoo You)
03. Explosions In The Sky - "What Do You Go Home To?" (All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone)
04. The Fall - "My New House" (This Nation's Saving Grace)
05. Pavement - "Range Life" (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
06. Love - "A House Is Not A Motel" (Forever Changes)
07. Radiohead - "No Surprises" (OK Computer)
08. Mogwai - "May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door" (Come On Die Young)

It’s raining and quiet, and I really just want to drive my car into this lake right now

01. Pixies - "Wave Of Mutilation" (Dolittle)
02. Cave In - "Breath Of Water" (Antenna)
03. Two Lone Swordsmen - "Hope We Never Surface" (Stay Down)
04. Belly - "King" (King)
05. Phish - "Prince Caspian" (Billy Breathes)
06. PJ Harvey - "Down By The Water" (To Bring You My Love)
07. Soundgarden - "Let Me Drown" (Superunknown)
08. Mastodon - "Aqua Dementia" (Leviathan)
09. Alice In Chains - "Rain When I Die" (Dirt)

Songs that feel like theme music while walking down the street

01. Apples in Stereo - "Stephen Stephen" (Electronic Projects for Musicians)
02. A.C. Newman - "Miracle Drug" (The Slow Wonder)
03. Florence + The Machine - "Kiss With a Fist" (Lungs)
04. Ace Frehley - "New York Groove" (Kiss: Ace Frehley (Remastered))
05. 1990s - "Arcade Precinct" (Cookies)
06. Peaches - "Boys Wanna Be Her" (Impeach My Bush)
07. The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army" (Elephant)
08. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Phenomena" (Show Your Bones)

High and Dry: Songs that End too Soon

Why did they feel the need to cut these songs off here? Wonderful melodies that make you hit the repeat button 'cause you want more.

01. The Unicorns - "Lets Get Known" (Who Will Cut Our Hair For Us When We Are Gone)
02. Microphones - "I Felt Your Shape" (The Glow Pt. 2)
03. The Dodos - "Undeclared" (Visiter)
04. Madvillain - "All Caps" (Madvillainy)
05. Born Ruffians - "7th Son" (Born Ruffians EP)
06. The Clash - "Koka Kola" (London Calling)
07. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Communist Daughter" (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
08. The Deathset - "Negative Thinking" (Worldwide)
09. Feral Children - "Ex-Blindman" (Second to the last Frontier)
10. The Beatles - "I'm So Tired" (White Album)
11. Grizzly Bear - "Service Bell" (Horn Of Plenty)
12. Beirut - "The Penalty" (The Flying Club Cup)
13. Belle & Sebastian - "It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career" (The Boy With The Arab Strap)
14. CSNY - "Everybody I Love You" (Deja Vu)
15. Notwist - "One with the Freaks" (Neon Golden)
16. Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal" (Fleet Foxes)

Songs to make my parents feel awkward.

If your parents can get through this without feeling awkward please
ask them to adopt me.

01. Shellac - "Prayer To God" (1000 Hurts)
02. Violent Femmes - "Country Death Song" (Hallowed Ground)
03. Third Eye Blind - "10 Days Late" (Blue)
04. The Pogues - "Fairytale of New York" (If I Should Fall From Grace With God)
05. Giant Drag - "YFLMD (You Fuck Like My Dad)" (Hearts And Unicorns)
06. 7 Year Bitch - "Hip Like Junk" (Viva Zapata!)
07. The Replacements - "Androgynous" (Let It Be)
08. The Smiths - "Bigmouth Strikes Again" (The Queen Is Dead)
09. The Vaselines - "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" (The Way of the
Vaselines: A Complete History)
10. Liz Phair - "Flower" (Exile in Guyville)
11. P - "I Save Cigarette Butts" (P)
12. Bad Brains - "Pay To Cum" (Bad Brains)
13. Dead Kennedys - "Too Drunk To Fuck" (Give Me Convenience OR Give Me Death)

Side A: Huzzah, I got my period. I’m not sterile! Side B: Fucking cramps, I wish I was dead.

Side A:
01. Agent Ribbons - "Birds and Bees" (On Time Travel and Romance)
02. The Runaways - "Secrets" (Flaming Schoolgirls)
03. Ani DiFranco - "Fire Door" (Ani DiFranco)
04. The Slits - "Typical Girls" (Cut)
05. Gregory and the Hawk - "Sets" (In Your Dreams)

Side B:
01. Arcade Fire - "My Body is a Cage" (Neon Bible)
02. Voxtrot - "Blood Red Blood" (Voxtrot)
03. The Dresden Dolls - "Mrs. O." (Yes, Virginia)
04. Juliana Hatfield - "Girl In Blue Volvo Disowns Self" (Universal Heart-Beat Single)
05. Frightened Rabbit - "Fast Blood" (Midnight Organ Fight)

You’re the smartest person I know. Sometimes I wish you’d put down your book, comb your fingers thro

01. Air ft. Hope Sandoval - "Cherry Blossom Girl" (Cherry Blossom Girl Remixes)
02. Loose Fur - "Chinese Apple" (Loose Fur)
03. Tom Waits - "Long Way Home" (Orphans)
04. Sonic Youth - "Cotton Crown" (Sister)
05. Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods" (Entertainment!)
06. Animal Collective - "Banshee Beat" (Feels)
07. CAN - "She Brings the Rain" (Soundtracks),
08. Bill Callahan - "Rocco Zephyr" (Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle)
09. Daniel Johnston - "Sweet Heart" (Yip/Jump Music)
10. The Crystals - "Then He Kissed Me" (Back to Mono)
11. Los Campesinos! - "You! Me! Dancing!" (Hold on Now, Youngster)
12. Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "This Love is Fucking Right" (Pains of Being Pure at Heart)

I know you told me not to, but I drank the rest of the milk.

01. Cocorosie - "Milk" (Noah's Ark)
02. Caribou - "Pelican Narrows" (The Milk of Human Kindness)
03. Black Milk - "Hold it Down" (Tronic)
04. Dillinger Escape Plan - "Milk Lizard" (Ire Works)
05. Deerhoof - "Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain" (Milk Man)
06. Dan Deacon - "Big Milk" (Spider Man of the Rings)
07. Joanna Newsom- "This Side of Blue" (Milk-Eyed Mender)
08. Jackson C. Frank - "Milk and Honey" (Jackson C. Frank)
09. Peter Bjorn & John -"Poor Cow" (Writer's Block)
10. Radar Bros. -"Watching Cows" (Auditorium)
11. Antlers - "Two" (Hospice)

Ha ha ha, and I almost thought you were different. Joke’s on me.

01. Minor Threat - "Filler" (Complete Discography)
02. The Beatles - "Sexy Sadie" (The Beatles)
03. Therapy? - "Brainsaw" (Troublegum)
04. Black Flag - "My War" (My War)
05. Elliot Smith - "Somebody That I Used To Know" (Figure 8)
06. Black Sabbath - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)
07. Void - "Who Are You?" (Void/Faith)
08. Sleater-Kinney - "Wilderness" (The Woods)
09. Radiohead - "High And Dry" (The Bends)
10. Poison Idea - "Another Place" (The Best Of Poison Idea)

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