Jazz Funeral

01. Charles Mingus - "Trio and Group Dancers" (The Black Saint & Sinner Lady)
02. Keith Jarrett - "Conclusions" (The Survivors' Suite)
03. Kenny Garrett - "Before It's Time to Say Goodbye" (Songbook)
04. Alice Coltrane - "Oh Allah" (Universal Consciousness)
05. Archie Shepp - "Ballad for A Child" (Attica Blues)
06. Sun Ra - "Rocket Number Nine" (Space is the Place)
07. Pat Martino - "Before You Ask" (Think Tank)
08. Wynton Marsalis - "Django" (Hot House Flowers)

I thought I’d miss you, but I really don’t.

There's nothing better at the end of a relationship than sweet, sweet apathy. Some songs are just here to make you feel good about not being in a relationship (track 8, especially)... because they can suck.
01. The Magnetic Fields - "Long-Forgotten Fairytale" (Album)
02. Belle and Sebastian - "I love My Car" (I'm Waking Up to Us EP)
03. The Dandy Warhols - "We Used to Be Friends" (Welcome to The Monkey House)
04. Manic Street Preachers - "Your Love Alone is Not Enough" (Send Away the Tigers)
05. The Magnetic Fields - "Long-Forgotten Fairytale" (69 Love Songs: Disc 2)
06. Cake - "I Will Survive (Cover)" (Prolonging the Magic)
07. Pernice Brothers - "Clear Spot" (Overcome by Happiness)
08. The Fiery Furnaces - "Single Again" (The Fiery Furnaces EP)
09. Stars - "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" (Set Yourself on Fire)
10. Shins - "Gone For Good" (Chutes too Narrow)
11. Delgados - "Accused of Stealing" (The Great Eastern)

Songs to bluff that I know about cool Australian music

Check out track 2 here and track 19 here

01. Jasmine Loop Control - "Pinky for the Lung" (Eetterin Kutsumus)
02. Melange - "Novel the Limbo Bunny"
03. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - "The Banshee" (Tiny Fragments)
04. The Panda Band - "Eyelashes" (The Vital Chapter)
05. Yves Klein Blue - "Polka" (Draw Attention To Themselves)
06. The Panics - "Don't Fight It" (Cruel Guards)
07. Whitley - "I Remember" (The Submarine)
08. New Buffalo - "Cheer Me Up Thank You" (Somewhere, Anywhere)
09. John Butler Trio - "Betterman" (Sunrise Over Sea)
10. Nick Cave - "Do You Love Me?" (Let Love In)
11. Ash Grunwald - "Take The Drop" (Give Signs)
12. Chris Pickering - "All or Nothing" (Ghost City)
13. Mojo Webb - "Rosebery Jam" (The Burden)
14. Steve Tallis and The Holy Ghosts - "My Hands Are On Fire" (Loko)
15. Xavier Rudd - "Fortune Teller" (Food In The Belly)
16. The Grates - "Feels Like Pain" (Gravity Won't Get You High)
17. Sarah Blasko - "All Coming Back" (The Overture & The Underscore)
18. Cut Copy - "Feel The Love" (In Ghost Colours)
19. Ajax - "Dance Till Dawn"

A David Bowie mix for someone who doesn’t realize that most of what she listens to is directly inspi

You may be familiar with most of these already, as they are some of Bowie's most well-known and therefore most influential songs, so it's a good starting point

01. David Bowie - "Young Americans" (Young Americans)
02. David Bowie - "Oh! You Pretty Things" (Hunky Dory)
03. David Bowie - "Soul Love" (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars)
04. David Bowie - "Fame" (Young Americans)
05. David Bowie - "Wild is the Wind" (Station to Station)
06. David Bowie - "Black Country Rock" (The Man Who Sold the World)
07. David Bowie - "Rock and Roll Suicide" (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars)
08. David Bowie - "Rebel Rebel" (Diamond Dogs)
09. David Bowie - "China Girl" (Let's Dance)
10. David Bowie feat. James Maynard Keenan and John Frusciante – "Bring Me the Disco King (Lohner Remix)" (Underworld)

Music That Captain Beefheart Would Proclaim Genius

I originally had 30 artists ready for the mix, but I decided to keep it short and a little more fresh. Some new, some old, no Zappa. Cappy would probably disagree with most of these. Well, he'd probably dig Caroliner

01. Foot Village - "Erecting The Wall Of Separation" (Friendship Nation)
02. Caroliner - "The Ballad of Hamdrags" (Cooking Stove Beast)
03. Deerhoof - "Dog on the Sidewalk" (Milk Man)
04. Lightning Bolt - "Assassins" (Wonderful Rainbow)
05. Boredoms - "Super You" (Super Ae)
06. Major Organ & the Adding Machine - "Walking in the Sun" (Major Organ)
07. The Residents - "Olive and Gray" (Animal Lover)
08. Animal Collective - "Leaf House" (Sung Tongs)
09. Neon Hunk - "Bunny Tails" (My Name Is Rar)
10. Lazy Magnet - "Masters of Science Fiction" (He Sought for That Magic)
11. The Music Tapes - "Song Of The Nomad Lost" (1st Imaginary Symphony)
12. The Frogs - "Men (Come on Men)" (It's Only Right and Natural)
13. Nurse with Wound - "Gusset Typing" (She and Me Fall Together in Free Death)

The Soundtrack to the Worst Haircut You’ve Ever Had

This mix is like a conversation between the haircutee and the haircutter, with the last song obviously being the haircutter's

01. Beck - "Devil's Haircut" (Odelay)
02. Alkaline Trio - "Fuck You Aurora" (Maybe I'll Catch Fire)
03. Angels and Airwaves - "The Adventure" (We Don't Need to Whisper)
04. Barenaked Ladies - "Pinch Me" (Maroon)
05. The Rolling Stones - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Out of Our Heads)
06. Coldplay - "Don't Panic" (Parachutes)
07. Colin Hay - "Overkill" (Man At Work)
08. The Cowboy Junkies - "Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park" (Open Road)
09. David Gray - "Please Forgive Me" (White Ladder)

We have tricked a homophobic future investment banker into thinking my male friend desperately wants

01. The Killers - "Andy You're A Star" (Hot Fuss)
02. Dead or Alive - "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" (Youthquake)
03. Patrick Wolf - "The Magic Position" (The Magic Position)
04. Dragonette - "Take It Like A Man" (Galore)
05. Electric Six - "Gay Bar" (Fire)
06. Peaches - "Tent In Your Pants" (Impeach My Bush)
07. Hot Chip - "Ready for the Floor" (Made In the Dark)
08. Tiga - "You Gonna Want Me" (Sexor)
09. Rufus Wainwright - "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" (Poses)
10. Pink Grease - "The Nasty Show" (This Is For Real)
11. Le Tigre - "I'm So Excited" (This Island)

Songs To Make Lucky Paper Stars To

01. Patrick Wolf - "The Stars" (The Magic Position)
02. 1990s - "See You At The Lights" (Cookies)
03. The Teenagers - "Feeling Better" (Reality Check)
04. Múm - "Green Green Grass of Tunnel" (Finally We Are No One)
05. Au Revoir Simone - "Stars" (The Bird of Music)
06. The National - "Looking for Astronauts" (Alligator)
07. Josh Rouse - "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure" (Under Cold Blue Stars)
08. Broken Social Scene - "Stars and Sons" (You Forgot It It People)
09. Jack Peñate - "Spit At Stars" (Matinée)
10. St. Thomas - "You May Find A Treasure Everywhere" (Let's Grow Together)
11. The Magnetic Fields - "You and Me and The Moon" (Get Lost)
12. Joy Zipper - "Check Out My New Jesus" (The Stereo and God)
13. The Wannadies - "You & Me Song" (Skelleftea)
14. David Bowie - "Star" (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust)

Songs To Play Eight Hours of Dungeons and Dragons To

I tried to go for a general theme of adventure, with some gaming mixed in. It won't really last you eight hours, but you can set it to loop

01. Final Fantasy - "Adventure.Exe" (Has A Good Home)
02. Andrew Bird - "Action/Adventure" (Weather Systems)
03. Tokyo Police Club - "The Harrowing Adventures Of..." (Elephant Shell)
04. Blackblack - "Royal Dragon" (Japan Release)
05. Johnny Cash - "Dark As The Dungeon" (At Folsom Prison)
06. The Cure - "Play For Today" (Seventeen Seconds)
07. Vampire Weekend - "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance" (Vampire Weekend)
08. Of Montreal - "Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)" (The Sunlandic Twins)

Stitching Night - Music to Sew By?

note from Evian: i feel like sewing to Yael Naim

01. Yael Naim - "Toxic" (Tot au Tard)
02. Yael Naim - "New Soul" (Tot au Tard)
03. Kimya Dawson - "Tire Swing" (Juno OST)
04. Beach House - "Childhood" (Beach House EP)
05. My Morning Jacket - "Golden" (It Still Moves)
06. Flunk - "Blue Monday" (Ultra Chilled 3)
07. Jeff Buckley - "Dancing In the Moonlight" (Grace)
08. Stars - "Don't Be Afraid to Sing" (Heart)

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