My friend thinks that the best songs for oppressed outsiders are by Lady Gaga. Please, please, PLEASE help me prove her wrong with a tape full of anthems for the alienated (that don’t suck)!

01. X Ray Spex - “Oh Bondage! Up Yours” (Germ Free Adolescents)
02. The Zombies - “Friends Of Mine” (Odessey and Oracle)
03. Laurie Anderson - “Big Science” (Big Science)
04. Bob Dylan - “Maggie’s Farm” (Bringin It All Back Home)
05. The Avalanches - “Frontier Psychiatry” (Since I Left You)
06. Titus Andronics - “Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ” (The Airing of Grievances)
07. Smog - “Bathysphere” (Wild Love)
08. Howling Bells - “Let’s Be Kids” (Radio Wars)
09. Bjork - “Earth Intruders” (Volta)
10. Morrissey - “To Me You Are a Work of Art” (Ringleader of the Tormentors)
11. The Beach Boys - “I Know there’s an answer” (Pet Sounds)
12. T. Rex - “Ballrooms Of Mars” (The Slider)

Break up with her or quit making love-tapes for me! I have the biggest crush on you, but will not let you cheat on your gf.

Stay strong.

01. Rilo Kiley - “‘85” (Rilo Kiley)
02. Matt Costa - “Oh Dear” (Songs We Sing)
03. The Weepies - “Can’t Go Back Now” (Hideaway)
04. He is We - “Blame it On The Rain” (My Forever)
05. Meiko - “Boys With Girlfriends” (Meiko)
06. Schuyler Fisk - “Hello” (The Good Stuff)
07. Ingrid Michaelson - “Breakable” (Girls and Boys)
08. Noah and the Whale - “Second Lover” (Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down)
09. Ryan Adams - “Come Pick Me Up” (Heartbreaker)
10. KT Tunstall - “Another Place to Fall” (Eye to the Telescope)
11. Erin McCarley - “Blue Suitcase” (Love, Save the Empty)
12. Ben Howard - “Keep Your Head Up” (These Waters)

pregnancy blues

There are a lot of reasons to have the pregnancy blues… these songs represent just some of them.

01. Adam Ant - “Goody Two Shoes” (Friend or Foe)
02. Kings of Leon - “Knocked Up” (Because of the Times)
03. Queen - “Fat Bottomed Girls” (Jazz)
04. Blue October - “Been Down” (Approaching Normal)
05. Arcade Fire - “The Suburbs” (The Suburbs)
06. Black Lips - “Bad Kids” (Good Bad Not Evil)
07. The Fray - “Enough For Now” (The Fray)
08. Joni Mitchell - “Trouble Child” (Court and Spark)
09. Lisa Loeb - “Do You Sleep?” (Tails)
10. Nikka Costa - “So Have I For You” (Everybody Got Their Something)
11. Passion Pit - “Sleepyhead” (Chunk of Change)
12. Regina Spektor - “Braille” (11:11)

Singer-songwriter music for someone striving for a life of solitude in the mountains

For sitting alone on your porch, guitar in hand, surrounded on all sides by mountains and wilderness.

01. Jarrod Gorbel - “How Long” (Ten Years Older)
02. Wilco - “Sky Blue Sky” (Sky Blue Sky)
03. Iron & Wine - “Resurrection Fern” (The Shepherd’s Dog)
04. Bright Eyes - “Lua” (I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning)
05. Azure Ray - “Displaced” (Azure Ray)
06. Elliott Smith - “Angel In The Snow” (New Moon)
07. Good Old War - “My Own Sinking Ship” (Good Old War)
08. Maritime - “The Window Is The Door” (Maritime)
09. Northstar - “Two Zero Two” (Pollyanna)
10. The Morning Benders - “When We’re Apart” (Talking Through Tin Cans)
11. Cassino - “American Low” (Sounds Of Salvation)

As soon as this mixtape ends, I’m going to ask you to be my girlfriend.


01. Rhett Miller - “Question” (The Believer)
02. The Love Language - “Heart to Tell” (Libraries)
03. Jet - “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (Get Born)
04. Backseat Goodbye - “Hello Yellow” (Nightmares Are For Dreamers)
05. Coconut Records - “Easy Girl” (Nighttiming)
06. Fink - “If I Had a Million” (Sort of Revolution)
07. Better Than Ezra - “Breathless” (Before the Robots)
08. 1990s - “See You At the Lights” (Cookies)
09. Little Joy - “Brand New Start” (Little Joy)
10. Bright Eyes - “First Day of My Life” (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning)

My hand slipped and I drew an attractive ornamental doodle around the top of an official form for the Department of Homeland Security. What is wrong with my reflexes?

01. The Beatles - “What’s The New Mary Jane” (Anthology 3)
02. Daniel Johnston - “Jelly Beans” (Fun)
03. Culturcide - “Bruce” (Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revoultionary America)
04. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - “Howling At The Moon” (FF>>)
05. The Shaggs - “Who Are Parents?” (Philosophy Of The World)
06. Eyeball Skeleton - “Eyeball Skeleton” (Eyeball Skeleton)
07. The Death Set - “Around the World” (Worldwide)
08. Dan Deacon - “Ohio” (Twacky Cats)
09. The Frogs - “These Are The Finest Boys I’ve Ever Seen” (It’s Only Right And Natural)
10. 3 Stars - “The Jersey Slide” (Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul)
11. The Velvet Underground - “Sister Ray” (White Light/White Heat)

jams for kicking it loud in whatever summer we have left

These all pretty much sum up summer for me, I hope they do it for you too.

01. Jay Reatard - “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” (Watch Me Fall)
02. Weezer - “Mykel and Carli” (Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets)
03. Pavement - “Box Elder” (Westing (By Musket and Sextant))
04. Wavves - “Wavves” (Wavvves)
05. Japandroids - “Younger Us” (Younger Us 7”)
06. Girls - “Summertime” (Album)
07. Christmas Island - “Blackout Summer” (Blackout Summer)
08. Box Elder - “Hole in My Head” (Hole in My Head 7”)
09. Jacuzzi Boys - “Dock” (No Seasons)
10. YACHT - “Psychic City (Voodoo City)” (See Mystery Lights)
11. Surfer Blood - “Floating Vibes” (Astro Coast)
12. No Age - “Here Should Be My Home” (Nouns)
13. Be Your Own Pet - “Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle” (Be Your Own Pet)
14. Rainbow Bridge - “Big Wave Rider” (True Panther 7”)

I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Living

Limbo sucks, let’s wallow.

01. Espers – “Black is the Color” (The Weed Tree)
02. Low/Dirty Three – “Cody” (In The Fishtank)
03. Bert Jansch – “Rambling’s Gonna be the Death of Me” (Bert Jansch)
04. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Careless Love” (Ease Down the Road)
05. Arizona Amp and Alternator – “Man on a String” (Arizona Amp and Alternator)
06. Shearwater - “Leviathan Bound” (Rook)
07. Blitzen Trapper – “Not Your Lover” (Furr)
08. Damien Jurado – “There Goes Your Man” (And Now That I’m In Your Shadow)
09. J. Tillman – “Borne Away on a Black Barge” (Luxury Wafers Sessions)
10. Simone Felice – “Don’t Wake the Scarecrow” (Live From a Lonely Place)
11. Phosphorescent – “South (of America)” (Aw Come Aw Wry)
12. Josh T. Pearson – “Honeymoon’s Great: Wish you Were Her” (Last of the Country Gentlemen)

Music for extremely happy days

01. Ducktails - “Killin’ the Vibe” (III: Arcade Dynamics)
02. Baths - “Indoorsy” (Cerulean)
03. Beach Boys - “Good Vibrations” (Smiley Smile)
04. Prince - “Delirious” (1999)
05. Fang Island - “Sideswiper” (Fang Island)
06. Harlem -“Friendly Ghost” (Hippies)
07. Kid Cudi - “Up Up and Away” (Man on the Moon: The End of Day)

Audible Existentialism

01. Baths - “The Nothing” (The Nothing/Nightly, Daily)
02. James Blake - “Wilhelm’s Scream” (James Blake)
03. Iron and Wine - “House by the Sea” (The Shepherd’s Dog)
04. Kanye West - “Lost in the World” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
05. Radiohead - “How to Disappear Completely” (Kid A)
06. Altrice - “House Feels Empty” (Stem)
07. Warpaint - “Shadows” (The Fool)
08. Yuck - “Rubber” (Yuck)
09. The Microphones - “I Want Wind to Blow” (The Glow, Pt. 2)
10. The Magnetic Fields - “Meaningless” (69 Love Songs)
11. Sufjan Stevens - “Impossible Soul” (The Age of Adz)

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