Side A: Songs to make time go faster. Side B: Songs to make time go slower.

note from egads: So the request was songs that make time go faster/slower. Faster seems easy, I just put in some of my favourite party tunes, thinking that "time flies when you are having fun". But slower is kind of ambiguous. I could have either put the most depressing music, the worst music, music that is beautiful and ambient or chill and relaxing. I went with the latter two, I hope it works out.

Side A

01. LCD Soundsystem "Freakout / Starry Eyes" (Freakout / Starry Eyes 12")
02. The Rapture - "I Need Your Love" (Echoes)
03. Ghislain Poirier - "Blazin feat. Face-T" (No Ground Under)
04. Booka Shade - "Mandarine Girl (Album Version)" (Movements)
05. The Knife - "Heartbeats (The Knife Techno Remix)" (Heartbeats)
06. Boys Noize - "Lava Lava (Feadz Aval Aval Mix)" (Lava Lava)
07. Bloc Party - "Flux (12" Version)" (Flux 12")
08. Dusty Kid - "Constant Rising (Original Mix)" (Constant Rising 12")
09. Just A Band - "Aarghh !!" (We Are...)
10. Clark - "Friday Bread" (Throttle Clarence)
11. Justice - "Phantom Part II (Boys Noize Remix)" (Phantom Part II)
12. Vitalic - "Newman" (OK Cowboy)
13. Holy Fuck - "Milkshake" (LP)
14. Liars - "It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)" (Unknown)

Side B

01. Pantha Du Prince - "Saturn Strobe" (This Bliss)
02. Brightblack Morning Light - "Everybody Daylight" (Brightblack Morning Light)
03. Radiohead - "Pyramid Song" (Amnesiac)
04. El Parro Del Mar - "Party" (El Perro Del Mar)
05. Bon Iver - "Flume" (For Emma, Forever Ago)
06. Boards Of Canada - "Dayvan Cowboy" (The Campfire Headphase)
07. The Album Leaf - "San Simeon" (The Enchanted Hill)
08. Brian Eno - "And Then So Clear" (Another Day On Earth)
09. Sigur Ros - "Hufupukar" (Takk)
10. Salem - "Sweat" (FuCKt)
11. Burial - "Dog Shelter" (Untrue)
12. Quasimoto - "Lonely Piano" (Astronaut EP)
13. Yo La Tengo - "How Some Jellyfish Are Born" (The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science)
14. Susumu Yokota - "Kodomotachi" (Skintone Collection)
15. Helios - "Velius" (Unomia)
16. September Collective - "Nature" (All The Birds Were Anarchists)

Songs to either encourage or discourage me from packing up and moving abroad.

note from whatyousaygoes: This isn't a lot, but take a look at them; maybe it'll stop you from "packing up and moving abroad." Or, if you take these lyrics rather cynically and pessimistically, they might actually cause you to leave as well

01. New Buffalo – "Come Back" (The Last Beautiful Day)
02. Arctic Monkeys – "Despair In The Departure Lounge" (Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)
03. The Avalanches – "Since I Left You" (Since I Left You)
04. Beck – "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Soundtrack)
05. Broken Social Scene – "Feel Good Lost" (Feel Good Lost)
06. Bloc Party – "Plans" (Silent Alarm)
07. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – "Maps" (Fever to Tell)
08. Tender Forever – "Every Monday" (The Soft and the Hardcore)

Songs we’re supposed to hate but still want to dance to.

note from tulip: Who has the right to dictate what we're supposed to hate? Dance on brotha'

01. Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend" (Girlfriend-Single)
02. The Killers-"When You Were Young" (Sam's Town)
03. Britney Spears - "Piece of Me" (Blackout)
04. Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone" (Breakaway)
05. Rihanna - "Umbrella" (Good Girl Gone Bad)
06. Madonna- "Like a Virgin"(Like A Virgin)
07.Timbaland- "The Way I Are"(Shock Value)
08. Sean Kingston- "Me Love" (Sean Kingston)
09. Natasha Bedingfield- "Unwritten" (Unwritten)
10. Hannah Montana-"Nobody's Perfect" (Hannah Montana)
11. Chris Brown- "Run It!" (Chris Brown)

I’ve been working out in secret so when summer comes, boys will flock to me on the beach instead of

01. France Gall - "Laisse Tomber les Filles" (Poupée de Son)
02. The Blow - "Eat Your Heart Up" (Paper Television)
03. Pavement - "Unfair" (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
04. Tompaulin - "It's a Girl's World" (Everything Was Beautiful)
05. Architecture in Helsinki - "Frenchy, I'm Faking" (In Case We Die)
06. BMX Bandits - "Kylie's Got a Crush on Us" (Life Goes On)
07. Supergrass - "Alright" (Supergrass is 10)
08. Nouvelle Vague - "Just Can't Get Enough" (Nouvelle Vagye)
09. Acid House Kings - "Keep Your Love" (Do WhatYou Wanna Do)
10. The Concretes - "Chosen One" (In Colour)
11. Beulah - "Disco: the Secretaries Blues" (Handsome Western States)
12. M.I.A. - "URAQT" (Galang)
13. The Halo Benders - "Don't Touch My Bikini" (God Don't Make Junk)
14. Donovan - "Mellow Yellow" (Mellow Yellow)
15. Josef K - "It's Kinda Funy" (Entomology)
16. The Avalanches - "Since I Left You" (Since I Left You

I can’t tell your ethnicity! And I want to ask, but it might seem rude.

01. Bjork - "Who Is It" (Medulla)
02. Run DMC - "Proud to Be Black" (Raising Hell)
03. Elliott Smith - "A Question Mark" (XO)
04. The Zutons - "Confusion" (Who Killed...)
05. The Rolling Stones - "She's a Rainbow" (Their Satanic Majesties Request)
06. Michael Jackson - "Black and White" (Dangerous)
07. Louis XIV - "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" (Pink)
08. They Might Be Giants - "Your Racist Friend" (They Might Be Giants)
09. The Bravery - "An Honest Mistake" (The Bravery)
10. James Brown - "Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud" (Say It Loud)

Songs to get an abortion to.

01. Animal Collective - "Infant Dressing Table" (Here Comes The Indian)
02. Stars Of The Lid - "The Evil That Never Arrived" (And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
03. PJ Harvey - "When Under Ether" (White Chalk)
04. Dan Deacon - "Jimmy Roche" (Spiderman of the Rings)
05. Cannibal Corpse - "Butchered At Birth" (Butchered At Birth)
06. The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Baby's First Coffin" (Miss Machine)
07. Wolf Eyes - "Stabbed In The Face" (Burned Mind)
08. Black Dice - "Twins" (Broken Ear Record)
09. The Sex Pistols - "Bodies" (Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols)
10. Acid Bath - "13 Fingers" (Paegan Terrorism Tactics)
11. Funkadelic - "Wars of Armageddon" (Maggot Brain)
12. Tool - "Cesaro Summability" (Ænima)
13. Converge - "Hell To Pay" (Jane Doe)
14. Lightning Bolt - "Infinity Farm" (Hypermagic Mountain)
15. My Bloody Valentine - "Glider" (Glider)
16. Oval - "Compact Disc" (Systemisch)
17. Matmos - "For Felix (And All The Rats)" (A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure)
18. David Lynch(The Lady In The Radiator) - "In Heaven" (Eraserhead Soundtrack)

indie pop songs that sound so happy you don’t even noticed how fucked up & vulgar the lyrics are

01. Cars Can Be Blue - "Dirty Song" (All the Stuff We Do)
02. Freeloan Investments - "Kick His Balls Out" (Ever Been to Mexico)
03. Los Campesinos! - "My Year in Lists" (Hold On Now, Youngster)
04. BOAT - "Return of the Rainbow Shoelace" (Songs You Might Not Like)
05. The Cat's Miaow - "I Hate Mysef More Than You Do" (A Kiss and a Cuddle)
06. Frida Hyvonen - "Once I Was a Serene Teenage Child" (Until Death Comes)
07. The 6ths - "Falling Out of Love (With You)" (Wasps' Nests)
08. The Magnetic Fields - "Too Drunk to Dream" (Distortion)
09. The Blow - "Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel It's Wrath)" (Paper Television)
10. The Boy Least Likely To - "Sleeping With a Gun Under My Pillow" (The Best Party Ever)
11. The Besties - "Prison Song" (Singer)
12. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (Secret of the Loveninjas)
13. Jacob Borshard - "Grass Stains" (The Last Brontosaurus)
14. Heavenly "Hearts and Crosses" (P.U.N.K. Girl EP)

Songs for 2 a.m at parties when everyone’s burnt out.

01. Grizzly Bear – "Shift (new version)" (Friend EP)

02. Sonic Youth – "Shoot" (Dirty)

03. The Dismemberment Plan – "Automatic" (Change)

04. Tapes 'N Tapes – "Omaha" (the Loon)

05. Stratford 4 – "12 Months" (Love and Distortion)

06. Jens Lekman – "I am Leaving You Because I Don't Love You" (Night Falls Over Kortedala)

07. Decemberists – "A Cautionary Song" (Castaways and Cutouts)

08. Black Heart Procession – "A Cry For Love" (Amore Del Tropico)

09. Doves – "A House" (Lost Souls)

10. the Magnetic Fields – "Infinitely Late at Night" (i)

11. the Rapture – "Infatuation" (Echoes)

12. Modest Mouse – "Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset" (This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About)

13. Spoon – "Chicago at Night" (Girls Can Tell)

14. the Modern Lovers – "I'm Straight" (Modern Lovers)

15. McLusky – "Fuck This Band" (McLusky Do Dallas)

16. Elliott Smith – "2:45 AM" (Either/Or)

17. !!! – "Take Ecstasy With Me" (Take Ecstasy With Me EP)

American Apparel can suck my succulent balls.

01. Athlete - "You Got The Style" (Vehicles & Animals)
02. Of Montreal - "Suffer For Fashion" (Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?)
03. The Killers - "Indie Rock And Roll" (Hot Fuss)
04. Ladytron - "Blue Jeans" (Light and magic)
05. Vampire Weekend - "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance" (Vampire Weekend)
06. Run DMC - "My Addidas" (High Profile)
07. Spoon - "Fitted Shirt" (Girls Can Tell)
08. Electric Six - "Take Off Your Clothes" (B-Sides)
09. David Bowie - "Fashion" (Scarry Monsters)
10. Dead Kennedys - "Californian Uber Alles" (Fresh Fruit for Rotting

I’m going to the Salvador Dali museum, what should I listen to while I wander around tripping?

01. Digitalism - "Jupiter Approach" (Idealism)
02. Yes - "Total Mass Retain" (Close to the Edge)
03. Animal Collective - "Leaf House" (Sung Tongs)
04. Boards of Canada - "Roygbiv" (Boc Maxima)
05. The Books - "A True Story of a True Love" (The Lemon of Pink)
06. Chris Clark - "Diesel Raven" (Clarence Park)
07. Latyrx - "Latyrx" (The Album)
08. Prefuse 73 - "Prog Version Slowly Crushed" (Preparations)
09. !!! - "Bend Over Beethoven" (Myth Takes)
10. Radiohead - "The National Anthem" (Kid A)
11. Pink Floyd - "Any Colour You Like"(Dark Side of the Moon)
12. Lysergic Bliss - Of Montreal (Satani Panic in the Attic)
13. M.I.A. - "Mango Pickle Down River" (Kala)
14. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" (Electric Ladyland)
15. Air - "Talisman" (Moon Safari)

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