something i can have sensual never ending sex to.

Hi, this is the first mix-tape I’ve attempted and I thought this would be pretty simple but as I started I got kinda inspired. This mix-tape should hopefully give you a pretty well rounded experience. It starts slow and plain romantic for foreplay with some soul music. The tracks slowly get sexier until ‘Use Me’ starts and she/he knows you’re really down for some business. At that point it kicks into the tantric stuff, building throughout ‘You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up’. Shit gets kinky around the time of ‘Closer’, and finally ‘Sleep’ is there to… well, calm the weirdness of doing it to ‘Closer’. A bit of spooning can take place when ‘Sleep’ is dying down. It’s a long song.

(I usually omit the notes when they are longer than the actual tapes, but this one is adorable. Thanks for making us a mix. -t)

01. Otis Redding - “These Arms Of Mine” (Pain In My Heart)
02. Marvin Gaye - “Sexual Healing” (Midnight Love)
03. Bill Withers - “Use Me” (Still Bill)
04. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - “You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up” (And This Is Our Music)
05. Nine Inch Nails - “Closer” (The Downward Spiral)
06. The Dandy Warhols - “Sleep” (Thirteen Tales Of Urban Bohemia)

songs for an existential crisis

For a 90 minute tape.

side a.

01. The Sound - “I Can’t Escape Myself” (Jeopardy)
02. Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal (Scott 4)
03. Townes Van Zandt - “Waiting Around To Die” (Townes Van Zandt)
04. Echo and the Bunnymen - “The Disease” (Heaven Up Here)
05. Modest Mouse - “Make Everyone Happy Mechanical” (This Is A Long Drive…)
06. Karate - “Die Die” (In Place of Real Insight)
07. Low - “Always Fade” (Drums And Guns)
08. Women - “Untogether” (Public Strain)
09. Broadcast - “Dead the Long Year” (The Noise Made By People)
10. Songs: Ohia - “At Certain Hours It All Breaks Down” (Ghost Tropic)
11. Spacemen 3 - “Lord Can You Hear Me?” (Playing With Fire)

side b.
hope more or less

01. Brian Eno & David Byrne - “Help Me Somebody” (My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts)
02. The Replacements - “Hold My Life” (Tim)
03. The Wipers - “Now Is The Time” (Over The Edge)
04. Fugazi - “Bad Mouth” (13 Songs)
05. Josef K - “Crazy To Exist” (Entomology)
06. Mount Eerie - “What I Actually Am” (No Flashlight)
07. Daniel Higgs - “Fearfully And Wonderfully” (Love Is Love)
08. The Olivia Tremor Control - “No Growing (Exegesis)” (Dusk at Cubist Castle)
09. Leonard Cohen - “There Is A War” (New Skin For The Old Ceremony)
10. Defiance, Ohio - “Anxious And Worrying (The Fear, The Fear, The Fear)
11. Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - “Fly Into The Mystery” (Rock ‘N’ Roll With The Modern Lovers)
12. Typhoon - “The Honest Truth” (A New Kind Of House EP)
13. Arthur Russell - “Being It” (World of Echo)

I fucked the hottest guy in the entire world. 6 times.

01. Al Green - “L-O-V-E” (Greatest Hits)
02. Bjork - “Bachelorette” (Homogenic)
03. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Down Boy” (Is Is EP)
04. The Veils - “Advice for Young Mothers to Be” (Nux Vomica)
05. The National - “Trophy Wife” (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)
06. Weezer - “Tired of Sex” (Pinkerton)
07. Pulp - “Live Bed Show” (A Different Class)
08. Nina Simone - “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl” (Nina Simone Sings the Blues)
09. The Kills - “Love Is A Deserter” (No Wow)
10. M. Ward - “Magic Trick” (Post-War)
11. Sleater Kinney - “Let’s Call It Love” (The Woods)

Get fucked. Get fucked up. And never stop partying.

01. LMFAO - “Shots” (Party Rock)
02. Shwayze - “Get You Home” (Let It Beat)
03. Plies - “Becky” (Becky- Single)
04. Major Lazer - “Pon de Floor” (Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do)
05. Lil Jon & Eastside Boys - “Get Low” (Kings of Crunk)
06. Kid Sister Feat. Nina Sky - “Look Out Weekend” (Jersey Shore OST)
07. Ke$ha - “We R Who We R” (Cannibal)
08. J-Kwon - “Tipsy” (Hood Hop)
09. GoGo Power Rangers - “Tippin’ On My Dick” (Unknown)
10. Fergie - “London Bridge (Oh Shit)” (The Duchess)
11. Ester Dean - “Drop it Low (Feat. Chris Brown)” (More Than a Game)
12. Drake - “Up All Night (Feat. Nicki Minaj)” (Thank Me Later)
13. Dr. Dre - “Kush (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon)” (Detox)
14. Cali Swag District - “Teach Me How To Dougie” (Teach Me How To Dougie- Single)
15. Busta Rhymes (Feat. Swizz Beatz) - “Stop The Party” (Unknown)

I want to reminisce in the past

01. MGMT - “Kids” (Oracular Spectacular)
02. Regina Spektor - “That Time” (Begin To Hope)
03. Sleepy Kitty - “NYC Really Has It All” (Infinity City)
04. Harry Nilsson - “It’s Been So Long” (Pandemonium Shadow Show)
05. The Killers - “All These Things That I’ve Done” (Hot Fuss)
06. Neutral Milk Hotel - “King of Carrot Flowers Part 1” (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)
07. The Wallflowers - “Laughing Out Loud” (Bringing Down The Horse)
08. The Raconteurs - “Yellow Sun” (Broken Boy Soldiers)
09. White Rabbits - “The Plot” (Fort Nightly)
10. Foo Fighters - “Times Like These” (Skin and Bones)

I live a boring life, i want songs that make me feel magical:)

01. CocoRosie - “Fairy Paradise” (Grey Oceans)
02. Bat for Lashes - “Two Planets” (Two Suns)
03. Future Islands - “Tin Man” (In Evening Air)
04. Cocteau Twins - “Ivo” (Treasure)
05. My Brightest Diamond - “We Were Sparkling” (Bring Me The Workhorse)
06. Timber Timbre - “Under Your Spell” (Medicinals)
07. Blonde Redhead - “Not Getting There” (Penny Sparkle)
08. Mountain Man - “Sewee Sewee” (Made the Harbor)
09. Beach House - “Gila” (Devotion)
10. Holly Miranda - “Forest Green Oh Forest Green” (The Magician’s Private Library)

Midwestern Indie

01. The Hold Steady - “Most People Are DJs” (… Almost Killed Me)
02. Brandtson - “Mexico” (Send Us a Signal)
03. Elliott - “Calm Americans” (False Cathedrals)
04. The Fiery Furnaces - “Birdie Brain” (Blueberry Boat)
05. Maritime - “German Engineering” (We, The Vehicles)
06. The Lyndsay Diaries - “Hold” (Midwestern)
07. Owen - “Bad News” (At Home with Owen)
08. The Lonely Hearts - “Passive Aggressive” (Paper Tapes)
09. My Morning Jacket - “Wordless Chorus” (Z)
10. The Sea and Cake - “On a Letter” (Car Alarm)

No, you fucking idiot, friends with benefits doesn’t work when you both live on opposite sides of the country…

Dudegirl, I know exactly what you mean. Welcome to the world of ambiguous relationships.

01. The Knife- “N.Y. Hotel” (The Knife)
02. Aqueduct- “Unavailable” (Or Give Me Death)
03. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- “A Teenager in Love” (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
04. Jenny Owen Youngs- “Fuck Was I” (Batten the Hatches)
05. Tegan and Sara- “Red Belt” (Sainthood)
06. Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith- “Not In Love”
07. No Doubt- “Bathwater” (Return Of Saturn)
08. Röyksopp ft. Lykke Li- “Miss It So Much” (Junior)
09. Watercolor Paintings- “Indiana” (Open Your Mouth)
10. Rilo Kiley- “Bulletproof” (Take Offs And Landings)
11. Koop- “Come to Me” (Koop Island 2006)
12. The Airborne Toxic Event- “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?” (Let’s Not Die EP)

I really hate myself right now but I also feel kinda badass about it.

01. Nirvana - “Rape Me” (In Utero)
02. PJ Harvey - “Sheela-Na-Dig” (Dry)
03. Blood Red Shoes - “Keeping It Close” (Fire Like This)
04. Hole - “Samantha” (Nobody’s Daughter)
05. Amanda Palmer - “Leeds United” (Who Killed Amanda Palmer)
06. Dessert Sessions - “Crawl Home” (The Desert Sessions)
07. The Clash - “Clash City Rockers” (The Essential Clash)
08. Grinderman - “No Pussy Blues” (Grinderman)
09. Joy Division - “Isolation” (Closer)
10. Dead Weather - “A Child Of A Few Hours…” (I Cut Like A Buffalo B side)


01. Aphex Twin - “Domino” (Selected Ambient Works Vol. II)
02. Barn Owl - “Void and Devotion” (Shadowland)
03. Kyle Bobby Dunn - “Last Minute Jest” (A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn)
04. Master Musicians of Bukkake - “Bardo Sidpa” (Totem Three)
05. Bvdub - “The Past Disappears” (Tribes at the Temple of Silence)
06. Northworks - “Out” (Northworks)
07. Eluvium - “Indoor Swimming At the Space Station” (Copia)
08. Deaf Center - “The Day I Never Would Have” (Owl Splinters)
09. Keith Fullerton Whitman - “Side B” (Variations For Oud & Synthesizer)
10. Ashra - “Ocean of Tenderness” (New Age of Earth)

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