Songs that go nicely with cigarettes.

01. The Fiery Furnaces - "Smelling Cigarettes" (EP)

02. Peanut Butter Wolf - "Currents" (Peanut Butter Breaks)

03. Soul Position - "Inhale" (8 Million Stories)

04. Sonic Youth - "Coughing Up Tweed" (Made in USA)

05. Battles - "B+T" (EP C/B EP)

06. Ween - "Mister Won't You Please Help My Pony" (Chocolate & Cheese)

07. Black Lips - "Bad Kids" (Good Bad Not Evil)

08. Pink Floyd - "Have a Cigar" (Wish You Were Here)

09. Burial - "Shell of Light" (Untrue)

Bonus track for those who smoke American Spirits:

10. Beach House - "Somethings Last a Long Time" (Devotion)

Love Songs Written by People with Glasses.

It called out to me, as I too am rocking the so-called "Sexy Librarian" look. Why oh why am I advocating such a stereotype? Because I also am in love with a glasses-wearing man. Our poor future children... Only one woman! Imagine that...

01. Weezer - "Suzanne" (B-sides and Rarities)
02. Graham Coxon - "Thats All I Wanna Do" - (The Sky Is Too High)
03. The Eels - "Love of the Loveless" (Shootenanny!)
04. Lightspeed Champion - "Tell Me What It's Worth" (Falling of the Lavender Bridge)
05. Elvis Costello - "I Want You" (Blood and Chocolate)
06. Death Cab for Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" (Plans)
07. Elton John - "Tiny Dancer" (Madman Across The Water)
08. Lisa Loeb - "Stay (I Missed You)" (Trails)
09. Buddy Holly - "Dearest" (Music from the Motion Picture Juno)
10. John Lennon - "Oh My Love" (Imagine)

Best Tracks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of This Year (2008)

Maybe you've heard all these. I don't know because I've never met you. We should change that. Maybe we should have lunch together so we can talk about your taste in music? What I'm trying to say is... wanna have sex with me?
01. Lazy Magnet - "Masters of Science" (He Sought for That Magic)
02. Eat Skull - "Cartoon Beginning" (Sick to Death)
03. Au - "All My Friends" (Verbs)
04. sBACH - [Untitled - Track 4] (sBACH)
05. Nurse With Wound - "Cruisin' for a Brusin'" (Huffin' Rag Blues)
06. Juana Molina - "El Vistado" (Un Dia)
07. Scott Tuma - "Nobody (River of Tin)" (Not for Nobody)
08. Kurt Weisman - "Mother Daughter Day" (Spiritual Sci-Fri)
09. Josephine Foster - All I Wanted Was The Moon" (This Coming Gladness)
10. Scorch Trio - "Basjen" (Bolt)
11. Paavoharju - "Italialaisella Laivalla" (Laulu Laakson Kukista)

I am sick and tired of you, Björk! I need someone new!

Nothing against Bjork, but I'm all for music with an actual tune

01. The Tokens - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
02. Van Halen - "Jamie's Cryin'" (Van Halen)
03. Morrissey - "First Of The Gang To Die" (You Are The Quarry)
04. RHCP - "Animal Bar" (Stadium Arcadium)
05. The Kingston Trio - "Charlie on the M.T.A." (Capitol Collector's Series: The Kingston Trio)
06. The Mamas and the Papas - "I Saw Her Again" (20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection: The Best of the Mamas and the Papas)
07. Barenaked Ladies - "Aluminum" (Everything to Everyone)
08. The Beastie Boys - "Flowin' Prose" (Hello Nasty)
09. Fatboy Slim feat. Lateef - "The Journey" (Palookaville)
10. Del Amitri - "Roll To Me" (Roll to Me)
11. The Decemberists - "O Valencia!" (The Crane Wife)
12. Wolfmother - "White Unicorn" (Wolfmother)
13. Enter the Haggis - "One Last Drink" (Soapbox Heroes)
14. John Brown's Body - "Ambrosia" (Among Them)
15. Beck - "E-Pro" (Guero)

I’m bipolar. A mix to reflect my brain’s chemical imbalance.

01. Boredoms - "Which Dooyoo Like?" (Pop Tatari)
02. The Field - "Over The Ice" (From Here We Go Sublime)
03. Björk - "Assassin" (The Eye)
04. Sally Shapiro - "He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebard Remix)" (Remix Romance Vol. 1)
05. Justice – "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" (Cross)
06. Feist – "So Sorry" (The Reminder)
07. OOIOO – "Umo" (Taiga)
08. Sleepthief – "Eurydice" (The Dawnseeker)
09. Menomena – "Wet and Rusting" (Friend and Foe)
10. Arvo Pärt – "Spiegel im Spiegel III" (Alina)

Indie Songs To Listen To In The Car With The Top Down

01. The Most Serene Republic - "Jazz Ordinaire" (Phages EP)
02. The Strokes - "The Modern Age" (Is This It)
03. Broken Social Scene - "Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)" (Broken Social Scene)
04. Modest Mouse - "Gravity Rides Everything" (The Moon & Antarctic)

05. The Cure - "Boys Don't Cry" (Disintegration)

06. Violent Femmes - "Blister In The Sun" (Violent Femmes)

07. Grizzly Bear - "Easier" (Yellow House)

Songs that will turn the most cold-hearted critic into a romantic.

01. The Battle Royale - "Scream Scream" (Wake Up, Thunderbabe)
02. Bright Eyes - "Pull My Hair" (Letting Off the Happiness)
03. Muse - "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
04. The Poison Control Center - "Glory Us" (A Collage of Impressions)
05. The Good Life - "Keely Aimee" (Help Wanted Nights)
06. Lightspeed Champion - "Galaxy of the Lost" (Falling Off the Lavender Bridge)
07. Ben Kweller - "Thirteen" (Ben Kweller)
08. Old 97s - "Question" (Satellite Rides)
09. Wilco - "Hate it Here" (Sky Blue Sky)
10. William Elliot Whitmore - "When Push Comes to Love"

I’m completely tactless, and I haven’t shown you that side of me yet, but I want you to know about i

01. Adam Green - "No Legs" (Friends of Mine)
02. Crass - "Banned From the Roxy" (Feeding of the 5000)
03. Pre - "Dude Fuk" (Epic Fits)
04 . Kathleen Edwards- "Sure as Shit" (Asking for Flowers)
05. The Locust- "Spitting In the Face of Fools as a Source of Nutrition" (Flight of the Wounded Locust)
06. Lightning Bolt - "Captain Caveman" (Hypermagic Mountain)
07. The Faint - "Erection" (Wet from Birth)
08. The Groove Armada - "The Things That We Could Share" (Soundboy Rock)
09. EMC - "Don't Give Up On Us" (The Show)
10. My Morning Jacket - "Off the Record" (Z)

I want my life to be in colors again. Right now it’s black and white. Actually, it’s grey.

01. Deodato - "Rhapsody in Blue" (Deodato 2)
02. Counting Crows - "Big Yellow Taxi" (Films About Ghosts: The Best Of Counting Crows)
03. Taking Back Sunday - "My Blue Heaven" (Louder Now)
04. Billy Talent - "Red Flag" (Billy Talent II)
05. Alkaline Trio - "Blue Carolina" (Good Mourning)
06. Coldplay - "Yellow" (Yellow)
07. Ben Folds - "Golden Slumbers" (I Am Sam: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture)
08. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth" (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
09. Fiona Apple - "Red Red Red" (Extraordinary Machine)
10. Goldfinger - "99 Red Balloons" (The Best Of Goldfinger)
11. Gorillaz - "O Green World" (Demon Days)
12. Icehouse - "Electric Blue" (Man of Colours)
13. The National - "Green Gloves" (Boxer)
14. R.E.M. - "Orange Crush" (In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003)
15. The Photo Atlas - "Red Orange Yellow" (No, Not Me, Never)
16. Relient K - "In Love With The 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)" (Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do)
17. Say Anything - "Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat" (...Is A Real Boy)
18. The White Stripes - "Blue Orchid" (Get Behind Me Satan)

Complied by: MJP

Come on, it's summertime! You need a mixtape to cheer yourself up! Here, I'll lend you mine.

01. The Chills - "Kaleidoscope World" (Kaleidoscope World)
02. Pavement - "Range Life" (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
03. The Lodger - "The Good Old Days" (Life is Sweet)
04. The Junction - "Components of Four" (s/t)
05. Sloan - "500 Up" (Smeared)
06. Plastic Bertrand - "Ça Plane Pour Moi" (Ça Plane Pour Moi)
07. Bella - "Give It a Night" (No One Will Know)
08. The dB's - "Black and White" (Stands for Decibels)
09. Dinosaur Jr - "Feel the Pain" (Without a Sound)
10. No Age - "Everybody's Down" (Weirdo Rippers)
11. The Jolts - "Can't Figure It Out" (Jinx)
12. Cut Copy - "Bright Neon Payphone" (Bright Like Neon Love)
13. Julie Ocean - "#1 Song" (Julie Ocean)
14. The Decemberists - "Sixteen Military Wives" (Picaresque)
15. Service Group - "Summer Sunn" (Principals of Electronic Circuitry)

Songs That Belong Inside a Fortune Cookie II

There's always that one line that just makes the song worth it. Also, would you mind not watching me for a while? Thanks

01. Brett Dennen - "Ain't No Reason" (So Much More)
02. Damien Rice - "Older Chests" (O)
03. Bright Eyes - "Bowl of Oranges" (Lifted, Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground)
04. Cloud Cult - "The Deaf Girl's Song" (The Meaning of 8)
05. The National - "Start A War" (Boxer)
06. The Beatles - "Let It Be" (Let It Be)
07. The Thrills - "You Can't Fool Old Friends With Limousines" (Let's Bottle Bohemia)
08. The Magic Numbers - "Take A Chance" (Those The Brokes)
09. Jamie Lidell - "Little Bit of Feel Good" (Jim)
10. The Hold Steady - "Stuck Between Stations" (Boys and Girls in America)
11. Interpol - "Untitled" (Turn On The Bright Lights)
12. Modest Mouse - "The World At Large" (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)
13. Rilo Kiley - "More Adventurous" (More Adventurous)
14. Beirut - "Postcards from Italy" (Gulag Orkestar)
15. Eels - "P.S. You Rock My World" (Electro-Shock Blues)

BONUS TRACK. Boy Least Likely To - "God Takes Care of the Little Things" (The Best Party Ever)

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