Songs That Go Nicely With Cigarettes Pt. II

I smoke on my roof. This is what I listen to during those moments

01. Cat Power - "The Moon" (The Greatest)
02. Death Cab For Cutie - "Passenger Seat" (Transatlanticism)
03. Devendra Banhart - "Quadate Luna" (Cripple Crow)
04. Copeland - "California" (Beneath Medicine Tree)
05. Kings Of Leon - "On Call" (Because Of The Times)
06. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - "Cheated Hearts" (Show Your Bones)
07. The Decemberists - "Oceanside" (5 Songs)
08. Failure - "Stuck On You" (Fantastic Planet)
09. Jeff Buckley - "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" (Grace)

Compiled by: akamarie

This mix is a little "sunday morning rain," and a little "remembering how to breathe."
01. The Velvet Underground - "Sunday Morning" (The Velvet Underground & Nico)

02. The Microphones/Mt. Eerie - "You'll Be In The Air" (The Glow Pt. 2)

03. Bright Eyes - "How Many Lights Do You See" (A Collection of Songs)

04. Death Cab For Cutie - "Steadier Footing" (The Photo Album)

05. The Weepies - "World Spins Madly On" (Say I Am You)

06. KaiserCartel - "Okay" (March 4th)

07. Alexi Murdoch - "Breathe" (Time Without Consequence)

08. Joanna Newsom - "This Side Of The Blue" (The Milk Eyed Mender)

09. Elliott Smith - "Twilight" (From A Basement On A Hill)

10. Modest Mouse - "Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive/Negative)" (Building Nothing Out Of Something)

11. Iron & Wine - "Woman King" (Woman King [EP])

12. The Decemberists - "Bridges and Balloons (Joanna Newsom Cover)" (Picaresquities[EP])

My mother is in her late 40s and dresses like a 21-year-old bimbo. To make it worse, my name is Sta

Dear Stacey,

I will not include that song. You deserve better than that.



01. Say Hi To Your Mom - "Let's Talk About Spaceships" (Numbers & Mumbles)
02. The Pale Pacific - "Your Parents House" (Urgency)
03. Hot Hot Heat - "Shame On You" (Elevator)
04. The Lemonheads - "Mrs. Robinson" (It's a Shame About Ray)
05. Jay Farrar - "Damn Shame" (Sebatstopol)
06. Danzig - "Mother" (Danzig)
07. Old Canes - "Face It" (Early MOrning Hymns)
08. Ben Folds - "Annie Waits" (Rockin' The Suburbs)
09. We Shot The Moon - "Upon Waking She Found Herself A Cougar" (Fear and Love)
10. Mates of States - "Everyone Needs an Editor" (My Solo Project)
11. David Bowie - "Queen Bitch" (Hunky Dory)
12. Shout Out Louds - "You Are Dreaming" (Our Ill Wills)

A doo-wop shindig mix, makes you feel like you’re in a 50s surf movie all about love and the summer

I was listening to "Ft. Lauderdale" when I saw the post, so... Florida, there ya go. It's more of a rockabilly meets doo-wop meets surf guitar sort of feel. It's perfect for the end of summer, no?
01. The Impacts - "Fort Lauderdale"
02. The Ventures - "Spudnik" (Walk Don't Run: The Best of The Ventures)
03. Wanda Jackson - "Let's Have a Party" (Wanda Jackson)
04. The Aquatones - "You" (Doo-Wop Forever)
05. Johnny Powers - "Mean Mistreater" (Long Blond Hair)
06. The Hollywood Flames - "Buzz Buzz Buzz" (The Hollywood Flames)
07. Bonobo - "Pick Up" (Dial 'M' For Monkey)
08. The Modern Lovers - "Dodge Veg-O-Matic" (Rock 'n' Roll with The Modern Lovers)
09. Bent Scepters - "Shalako" (Rock Don't Run Vol. 3)
10. The Bel-Airs - "Let's Go Trippin" (Volcanic Action!)

My boyfriend got another girl pregnant, and I need to get “Papa Don’t Preach” out of my head.

01. The Rolling Stones - "Don't Lie to Me" (Metamorphosis)
02. Eminem - "Stan" (The Marshall Mathers LP)
03. The Replacements - "My Little Problem" (All Shook Down)
04. Sex Pistols - "Abortion" (Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols)
05. Aimee Mann - "Wise Up" (Magnolia)
06. The Allman Brothers Band - "Trouble No More" (The Allman Brothers Band)
07. Beck - "Lonesome Tears" (Sea Change)
08. Bob Dylan - "Can't Wait" (Time Out of Mind)

Yes, it was me. I threw the burrito at your windshield.

01. Tilly and the Wall - "Pot Kettle Black" (o)
02. Pretty Girls Make Graves - "If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone" (Good Health)
03. The Blood Brothers - "Spit Shine Your Black Clouds" (Young Machetes)
04. Alkaline Trio - "Cringe" (Goddammit)
05. The Glad Version - "Ambulance" (Make Islands)
06. Of Montreal - "Suffer for Fashion" (Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?)
07. Fishboy - "Halftime at the Proper Name Spelling Bee" (Albatross)
08. The Faint - "Agenda Suicide" (Danse Macabre)
09. The Ramones - "We Want the Airwaves" (Mania)
10. Against me! - "Baby, I'm an Anarchist" (Reinventing Axl Rose)

Loudest Fucking Songs on Earth! A Mix Tape Guaranteed to Create a Loss of Hearing in One Night

01. Wolf Eyes - "Stabbed in the Face" (Burned Mind)
02. An Albatross - "Lysergically Yours, My Psychedelic Bride" (Blessphemy...)
03. VCR - "Really Something / Destroy" (VCR - EP)
04. Erase Errata - "Another Genius Idea from Our Government" (Nightlife)
05. Fugazi - "Bed for the Scraping" (Red Medicine)
06. Void - "Who Are You?" (Void/Faith split)
07. xbxrx - "Freezing Water" (Wars)
08. Lightning Bolt - "Ride the Sky" (Ride the Skies)
09. The Locust - "We Have Reached An Official Verdict: Nobody Gives a Shit" (New Erections)
10. Heavy Heavy Low Low - "Are You Okay, Kiddo?" (Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching)
11. Blood Brothers - "Rumors Laid Waste" (Rumors Laid Waste)
12. Pissed Jeans - "I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)" (Hope For Men)
13. Shellac - "Spoke" (Excellent Italian Greyhound)
14. Iggy & the Stooges - "Shake Appeal" (Raw Power)

What’s “Indie” Music? (Part Two)

There's this [mix tape->]. But it means this too:
01. Minor Treat - "Filter" (Minor Threat EP)
02. Gun Club - "Like Calling Up Thunder" (Miami)
03. Owls - "Everyone is My Friend" (Owls)
04. Pixies - "Bone Machine" (Surfer Rosa)
05. Operation Ivy - Vulnerability" (Energy)
06. SoundGarden - "Nothing to Say" (Screaming Life)
07. Cursive - "Sink to the Beat" (Burst and Bloom)
08. X – "White Girl" (Wild Gift)
09. Sonic Youth - "Starpower" (EVOL)
10. Elliott Smith - "Speed Trials" (Either/Or)
11. Fugazi - "Shut the Door" (Repeater)

Music That Makes Me Feel Most Beautiful with No Make Up

These songs can make anyone feel cute

01. Animal Collective - "Who Could Win a Rabbit" (Sung Tongs)
02. The Avett Brothers - "Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane" (Mignonette)
03. The Be Good Tanyas - "Human Thing" (Hello Love)
04. Beirut - "Interior of a Dutch House" (Interior of a Dutch House)
05. Annuals - "Complete or Completing" (Be He Me)
06. Belle & Sebastian - "The Boy with the Arab Strap" (The Boy with the Arab Strap)
07. Wilco - "California Stars" (Farm Aid 98)
08. Ben Kweller - "Sundress" (Ben Kweller)
09. Broken Social Scene - "Almost Crimes" (You Forgot it in People)
10. Kings of Leon - "Charmer" (Because of the Times)
11. Modest Mouse - "Here it Comes" (Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor
12. My Morning Jacket - "Golden" (It Still Moves)
13. Nick Drake - "Pink Moon" (Pink Moon)
14. Rilo Kiley - "The Moneymaker" (Under the Blacklight)
15. Seabear - "Seashell" (The Ghost that Carried Us Away)
16. The Snake, The Cross, The Crown - "On the Threshold of Eternity" (Mander Salis)
17. Starlight Mints - "What's Inside of Me"
18. Stereolab - "Lo Boob Oscillator" (High Fidelity Soundtrack)
19. White Stripes - "Doorbell" (Get Behind Me, Satan)

Second Semester Sophomore Year We All Turned Gay

01. Heavenly - "P.U.N.K. Girl" (P.U.N.K. Girl)
02. Belle and Sebastian - "If She Wants Me" (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
03. Boss Hog - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" (subUrbia Soundtrack)
04. Sonic Youth - "Star Power" (EVOL)
05. Sleater-Kinney - "Buy Her Candy" (Dig Me Out)
06. Xiu Xiu - "No friend Oh!" (Women as Lovers)
07. Bratmobile - "No You Don't" (Pottymouth)
08. The Gossip - "Are You That Somebody" (Live In Liverpool)
09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps" (Fever to Tell)
10. Broken Social Scene - "Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" (You
Forgot It In People)

Sometimes I wonder if people on the street think about me as much as I think about them. Probably no

01. Bright Eyes - "Lua" (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning)
02. Azure Ray - "November" (November)
03. The Album Leaf - "Another Day" (In a Safe Place)
04. The Postal Service - "This Place is a Prison" (Give Up)
05. Death Cab for Cutie - "Fake Frowns" (Something About Airplanes)
06. Bon Iver - "Re: Stacks" (For Emma, Forever Ago)
07. Ben Kweller - "Different but the Same" (On My Way)
08. Limbeck - "Reading the Street Signs" (Limbeck)
09. Pedro the Lion - "Letter From a Concerned Follower" (Progress EP)
10. The Promise Ring - "American Girl" (Nothing Feels Good)

Compiled by: Emily Doll
01. The Arcade Fire - "No Cars Go" (Neon Bible)
02. Lucero - "Drink 'Till We're Gone" (Lucero)
03. Antony & The Johnsons - "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (I'm Not There
04. Matt Nathanson - "Princess" (When Everything Meant Everything)
05. MGMT - "Weekend Wars" (Oracular Spectacular)
06. Mute Math - "Peculiar People" (Reset)
07. Kevin Max - "Existence" (Stereotype Be)
08. The Hush Sound - "The Market" (So Sudden)
09. Emanuel - "Make Tonight" (Soundtrack To A Headrush)

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