Songs to remind me why I moved to LA in the first place (I really am starting to hate it here)

This mix pretty much covers all the bases as to why you should stay in L.A. Whether it's drinking Hennesey with Morrisey, seeing drug-addicted hookers, or because of its proximity to Disneyland, it's all here. I tried to make the tape with as many L.A. bands as possible.

01. Art Brut - "Moving to L.A." (Bang Bang Rock and Roll)
02. Jan and Dean - "Dead Man's Curve" (Golden Hits)
03. HEALTH - "Crimewave (Crystal Castles Remix)" (DISCO)
04. The Germs - "What We Do Is Secret" (G.I.)
05. The Screamers - "Vertigo" (Live)
06. The Eyes - "Disneyland" (Dangerhouse Vol. I)
07. Patti Smith - "Redondo Beach" (Horses)
08. Elliot Smith - "Angeles" (Either/Or)
09. The Doors - "Moonlight Drive" (Strange Days)
10. No Age - "My Life's Alright Without You" (Wierdo Rippers)
11. Weezer - "Suzanne" (Mallrats Soundtrack)


01. The Dream Syndicate - "Tell Me When It's Over" (The Days of Wine and Roses)
02. Frank Black - "Los Angeles" (Frank Black)
03. Jane's Addiction - "Jane Says" (Nothing's Shocking)
04. The Deadbeats - "Let's Shoot Maria" (Dangerhouse Vol. I)
05. Beck - "The New Pollution" (Odelay)
06. The Beatles - "Blue Jay Way" (Magical Mystery Tour)
07. Black Randy - "Trouble at the Cup" (Dangerhouse Vol. I)
08. Jerry Jeff Walker - "L.A. Freeway" (Great Gonzos)
09. X - "Los Angeles" (Los Angeles)
10. The Beach Boys - "Surf's Up (Solo Piano Version)" (Good Vibrations Box)

Songs to Listen to at a Flea Market

01. The Honorary Title - "Bridge and Tunnel" (Anything Else But the
02. The Innocence Mission - "I Haven't Seen This Day Before" (Birds of My
03. Bikini Kill - "This is Not a Test" (The C.D. Version of the First Two
04. Pete Seeger - "Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season)"
(Clearwater Classics)
05. Cough Cough - "Yes, I Remember" (Trip the Light Fantastic)
06. Defiance, Ohio - "Eureka!" (The Fear, The Fear, The Fear)
07. This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb - "OF Chivalry and Romance In a Dumpster"
(Dance Party With...)
08. Kimya Dawson - "Parade" (Hidden Vagenda)
09. Bull Snuff - "X Comet" (Little Legs EP)
10. Mirah - "Birthday Present" (The Old Days Feeling)
11. Devendra Banhart - "Shabop Shalom" (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)

Compiled by: pantsonfire

This mix includes a variety of songs derived from memories of my personal trips to flea markets. Once I bought a hermit crab. Once I bought a yin and yang ring and met a boy with long, flowing hair. This mix is a representation of the random but also the wonderful.

01. Dr. Dog - "Hang On" (Fate)

02. Simple Kid - "Staring at the Sun" (1)

03. Say Anything - "Belt" (...Is a Real Boy)

04. Built To Spill - "Strange" (Ancient Melodies of the Future Torrent)

05. Ruby Suns - "Kenya Dig It?" (Sea Lion)

06. Bon Iver - "Skinny Love" (For Emma, Forever Ago)

07. Rilo Kiley - "Portions for Foxes" (Under the Blacklight)

08. Ryan Adams - "So Alive" (Rock N Roll)

09. Land of Talk - "Some Are Lakes" (Some Are Lakes)

10. The Beatles - "Lady Madonna" (The White Album)

I masturbate to you even when I don’t want to… uh, don’t want to think of you, that is… I mean,

01. The Blow - "The Touch Me" (Bonus Album)
02. Beat Happening - "I Let Him Get To Me" (Beat Happening)
03. The Intelligence - "I Don't Want To" (Boredom and Terror)
04. Adrian Orange - "Blushing" (Bitches Is Lord)
05. The Soft Boys - "I Got The Hots" (Underwater Moonlight)
06. Parenthetical Girls - "Here's To Forgetting" ( (((GRRRLS))) Side X )
07. ESG - "You're No Good" (ESG: A South Bronx Story)
08. New Order - "Regret" (The Best Of New Order)
09. Au Pairs - "Come Again" (Playing With A Different Sex)
10. The Fiery Furnaces - "Does It Remind You Of When?" (Rehearsing My Choir)
11. Atlas Sound - "Recent Bedroom" (Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel)
12. Jackie-O Motherfucker - "Something On Your Mind" (Liberation)
13. Annie - "Helpless Fool For Love" (Anniemal)
14. The Jam - "Standards" (This Is The Modern World)

Sexy, fun, unexpected songs to tango to: because there’s got to be more to tango than the sound of d

I choreograph songs in my head all the time. If this is the deal with you, chica, rock on.

01. WHAM! – "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (Zoolander Soundtrack)
02. Hall & Oates – "You Make My Dreams Come True" (Hall and Oates: Greatest Hits - Rock 'n Soul, Pt. 1)
03. Marvin Gaye 8 0 "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" (I Heard It Through The Grapevine)
04. Santa Esmeralda – "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Kill Bill Vol. I)
05. Dropkick Murphys – "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" (The Departed Soundtrack)
06. Amy Winehouse – "Back to Black" (Back to Black)
07. The Beatles – "When I'm Sixty Four" (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
08. Survivor – "Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor: Greatest Hits)
09. Gotan Project – "Lunático" (Lunático)
10. Billy Joel – "My Life" (Greatest Hits Vol. II)
11. Luis Bacalov – "Summertime Killer" (Kill Bill Vol. II)
12. The RZA and Charles Bernstein – "Crane/White Lightning" (Kill Bill Vol. I)
13. Cobra Starship – "Guilty Pleasure" (¡Viva la Cobra!)
14. Britney Spears – "Toxic" (Greatest Hits: My Prerogative)
15. Gogol Bordello – "Dogs Were Barking" (Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike)

The Most Misogynistic Mix Ever

01. NWA - "Findum, Fuckum & Flee" (Niggaz4life)

02. NWA - "She Swallowed It" (Niggaz4life)

03. GG Allin - "I'm Gonna Rape You" (Eat My Fuc)

04. The Mentors - "All Women Are Insane" (To The Max)

05. Necro - "Who's Ya Daddy?" (The Sexorcist)

06. Necro- "You Bitches Love To Get Fucked In The Ass" (The Sexorcist)

07. GBH - "Slut" (City Baby Attacked By Rats)

08. 2 Live Crew - "Freak Ho" (The Real One)

09. Snoop Dogg - "Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None) (Doggystyle)

10. Anal Cunt -"The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking Cunt (It Just Gets Worse)

11. Cannibal Corpse - "Fucked With A Knife" (The Bleeding)

12. Ice Cube - "Don't Trust 'Em" (The Predator)

A mix tape to kindly tell my friend he needs to stop playing Spore and get outside for some s

This mix is sort of like a 12-step program, from the song titles to the lyrics to the way the songs make you feel like you can get up off that couch and conquer the world. (The real world, that is). Hope this helps him!

01. Built To Spill - "Bad Light" (Keep It Like A Secret)
02. Born Ruffians - "I Need A Life" (Red, Yellow & Blue)
03. The Polyphonic Spree - "Have A Day (Beginning Stages Of...)
04. Modest Mouse - "Styrofoam Boots/ It's All Nice On Ice, Alright" (The Lonesome Crowded West)
05. Maserati - "The World Outside" (Inventions for the New Season)
06. Broken Social Scene - "Looks Just Like The Sun" (You Forgot It In People)
07. Oh No! Oh My! - "Walk In The Park" (Oh No! Oh My!)
08. Grandaddy - "The Warming Sun" (Sumday)
09. Polaris - "Summerbaby" - (Music From "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete")
10. The Flaming Lips - "All We Have Is Now" (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)
11. Dr. Dog - "My Old Ways" (We All Belong)
12. The Shivers - "New Direction" (Phone Calls)

Songs for people who say ‘I love you’ in unintelligible ways

01. Bloc Party - "This Modern Love" (Silent Alarm)

02. Bright Eyes -"Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra" (A Collection of Songs)

03. Julie Doiron - "Le Jeune Amoureuse" (Desormais)

04. American Music Club - "Another Morning" (Love Songs For Patriots)

05. Guillemots - "Made-up Love Song #43" (Through The Windowpane)

06. The Mountain Goats - "Going to Georgia" (Zopilote Machine)

07. Joanna Newsom - "Bridges and Balloons" (Yarn and Glue [EP])

08. The Weakerthans - "My Favourite Chords" (Left and Leaving)

09. Iron &Wine - "Jezebel" (Woman King [EP])

10. Built to Spill - "Car" (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)

11. Backseat Goodbye - "Tables and Chairs" (Rain Rain Go Away)

12. Say Anything - "A Walk Through Hell"- Menorah/Majora [EP])

13. American Analog Set - "Aaron and Maria" (Know By Heart)

14. The Velvet Underground - "Pale Blue Eyes" (The Velvet Underground & Nico)

15. The Elected - "Would You Come With Me?" (Sun, Sun, Sun)

Compiled by: misanthropologist

01. Stars – "What I'm Trying to Say" (Set Yourself on Fire)
02. Voxtrot – "The Start of Something" (Raised by Wolves EP)
03. The Wrens – "13 Months in 6 Minutes" (The Meadowlands)
04. Los Campesinos! – "My Year In Lists" (Hold On Now, Youngster)
05. The Decemberists – "Of Angels and Angles" (Picaresque)
06. Barenaked Ladies – "Enid" (Greatest Hits)
07. The Fratellis – "For The Girl" (Costello Music)
08. Jeffrey Lewis – "Don't Be Upset" (City & Eastern Songs)
09. The New Pornographers – "Failsafe" (Challengers)
10. The Dresden Dolls – "Boston" (No, Virginia)
11. Dr. Horrible – "My Freeze Ray" (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)

A mix to go along with achieving Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

let's break this down.

Physiological (food, water, shelter, oxygen)

01. Wolf Parade - "Dinner Bells" (Apologies To The Queen Mary)
02. Mirah - "Cold, Cold Water" (Advisory Committee)
03. Deerhunter - "Cover Me Slowly" (Microcastle)
04. Sunburned Hand Of Man - "The Air Itself" (No Magic Man)
05. Broken Social Scene - "Stomach Song" (Feel Good Lost)


06. Mount Eerie - "Do Not Be Afraid, You Will Be In The World (live)" (Mount Eerie/The Love of Everything)
07. The Go! Team - "We Just Can't Be Defeated" (Are You Ready For More EP)
08. The Flaming Lips - "Fight Test" (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)
09. Thunderbirds Are Now! - "Better Safe Than Safari" (Justamustache)
10. The Republic Tigers - "Fight Song" (Keep Color)


11. Blonde Redhead - "Loved Despite Great Faults" (Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons)
12. The Soft Boys - "Kingdom Of Love" (Underwater Moonlight)
13. The Chap - "I Am Oozing Emotion" (HAM)
14. Death From Above 1979 - "My Love Is Shared" (Heads Up EP)
15. Thanksgiving - "(You Belong To The) Blood" (Cave Days And Moments)
16. The Go-Betweens - "Born To A Family" (Oceans Apart)


17. Deerhoof - "The Perfect Me" (Friend Opportunity)
18. Gloria Lynne - "If You Don't Get It Yourself" (Off The Beaten Track: Heavy Jazz & Raw Soul)
19. Johnny Cash - "A Satisfied Mind" (Kill Bill Vol. 2)
20. Islands - "Where There's A Will, There's A Whalebone" (Return To The Sea)
21. Manitoba - "Kid You'll Move Mountains" (Up In Flames)


22. State Bird - "I Saw The Light" (Mostly Ghostly)
23. Akron/Family - "Gone Beyond" (Meek Warrior)
24. Black Forest/Black Sea - "Beautiful Here" (Black Forest/Black Sea)
25. Icy Demons - "This Is It!" (Tears Of A Clone)
26. Joy Division - "Insight" (Unknown Pleasures)
27. Klaxons - "Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)" (Xan Valleys EP)
28. Mi and L'au - "Philosopher" (Mi And L'au)

We, the readers of TMT, hate this music.

A while ago in a [news story->], I requested TMT readers to tell me which music they'd least like to be forced to listen to for an hour straight. The overwhelming sentiment seems to be that Nickelback, mentioned in eight submissions, would be the worst punishment. I couldn't agree more.

Side One: Warming Up

01. Sublime - "What I Got" (Sublime)

02. Times New Viking - "Teen Drama" (Rip It Off)

03. Annie Lennox - "No More I Love Yous" (Medusa)

04. Neutral Milk Hotel - "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)

05. Melt Banana - "Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold" (Cell-Scape)

06. Los Campesinos! - "You! Me! Dancing!" (Hold On Now Youngster)

07. Avril Lavigne - "In My World" (Let Go)

Side Two: Ripping Off Ears

08. Nickelback - "How You Remind Me" (Silver Side Up)

09. The Deftones - "Change (In the House of Flies)" (White Pony)

10. Insane Clown Posse - "Great Milenko" (The Great Milenko)

11. Coldplay - "Speed of Sound" (X&Y)

12. DJ Casper - "Cha Cha Slide" (Cha Cha Slide)

13. Hannah Montana - "Nobody's Perfect" (Meet Miley Cyrus)

14. Vampire Weekend - "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" (Vampire Weekend)

15. Creed - "My Own Prison" (My Own Prison)

16. Nickelback - "If Everyone Cared" (All the Right Reasons)

A mix that says “come back here and go on tiny adventures with me” and also “let’s laugh and talk ag

Tiny Adventures? Afternoons of hanging upsidedown? Couches? All right up my alley.

Side A: Tiny Adventures

01. Harry Gregson-Williams - "Starry Night" (Shrek)
02. M. Ward - "Chinese Translation" (Post-War)
03. Andrew Bird - "Weather Systems" (Weather Systems)
04. Coldplay - "Don't Panic" (Parachutes)
05. Patrick Wolf - "The Magic Position" (The Magic Position)
05. Final Fantasy - "Adventure.exe" (Has A Good Home)

Side B: That Afternoon

06. The Maccabees - "Toothpaste Kisses" (Colour It In)
07. Iron & Wine - "Naked As We Came" (Our Endless Numbered Days)
08. Cat Power - "Sea of Love" (The Covers Record)
09. Sufjan Stevens - "To Be Alone With You" (Seven Swans)
10. Elliott Smith - "Say Yes" (Either/Or)

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