Songs so beautiful they make you want to cry or something.

01. Camera Obscura - "Country Mile" (Let's Get Out Of This Country)

02. Radiohead - "Pyramid Song" (Amnesiac)

03. Elbow - "Powder Blue" (Asleep In The Back)

04. I Am Kloot - "No Fear Of Falling" (Natural History)

05. Beck - "Lonesome Tears" (Sea Change)

06. The Clientele - "Isn't Life Strange" (God Save The Clientele)

07. Feist - "Let It Die" (Let It Die)

08. Red House Painters - "Summer Dress" (Ocean Beach)

09. The Wrens - "She Sends Kisses" (The Meadowlands)

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps" (Fever To Tell)

11. Bob Dylan - "You Belong to Me" (Natural Born Killers OST)

12. Iron & Wine - "Naked as We Came" (Our Endless Numbered Days)

13. Mogwai - "Take Me Somewhere Nice" (Rock Action)

14. Blur - "No Distance Left to Run" (13)

15. Belle & Sebastian - "We Rule the School" (Tigermilk)

16. Jeff Buckley - "Mama You Been On My Mind" (Grace: Legacy Edition Disc 2)

17. Interpol - "The New" (Turn On The Bright Lights)

18. The National - "Green Gloves" (Boxer)

19. Joanna Newsom - "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie" (The Milk Eyed Mender)

a soundtrack to the film inside your head

The Harbinger

01. 20th Century Fox fanfare

02. Brian Eno - "An Ending (Excerpt)" (28 Days Later OST)

03. Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (Garage Rock Classics)

04. Brian Dewan - "My Eye" (Tells the Story)

05. Tom Waits - "What's He Building?" (Mule Variations)

06. Lali Puna - "B-Movie" (Faking the Books)

07. The Residents - "The Sleeper" (RMX)

08. Public Image Ltd. - "The Order Of Death" (This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get)

09. Sonic Youth - "Rats" (Rather Ripped)

10. Charlie Louvin - "What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)"

11. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "Death To Everyone" (I See a Darkness)

12. John Vanderslice - "Farewell Transmission" (Pixel Revolt)

13. Xiu Xiu - "Homonculus" (Knife Play)

14. The Horrors - "Sheena Is A Parasite" (Strange House)

15. Max Frost & The Troopers - "Shape Of Things To Come" (Nuggets box set)

16. Elf Power - "Things That Should Not Be" (Creatures)

17. The Vaselines - "Lovecraft" (The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History)

18. RJD2 - "The Horror" (Dead Ringer)

19. Butthole Surfers - "One Hundred Million People Dead" (Humpty Dumpty LSD)

20. Shudder To Think - "Final Dream" (First Love, Last Rites OST)

also compiled by: funkyratchet

Fading Into Obscurity

01. "Well, welcome To Squaresville...population: one." [Dialogue from "Newsradio"]

02. Dirty Pretty Things - "You Fucking Love It" (Waterloo To Anywhere)

03. Dinosaur Jr. - "Been There All The Time" (Beyond)

04. Elvis Costello - "Welcome To The Working Week" (My Aim Is True)

05. Evan Dando - "Waking Up" (Baby I'm Bored)

06. Vietnam - "Hotel Riverview" (s/t)

07. Band Of Horses - "Boat To Row" (demo)

08. Heatmiser - "Rest My Head Against The Wall" ( Mic City Sons)

09. Destroyer - "Don't Become The Thing You Hated" (Notorious Lightning and Other Works)

10. Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Open Heart Surgery" (Tepid Peppermint Wonderland)

11. Sonic Youth - "Incinerate" (Rather Ripped)

12. Superchunk - "Becoming A Speck" (Cup of Sand)

13. Daniel Johnston - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances" (Welcome To My World)

14. Tiny Tim w. Brave Combo - "Fourteen" (Girl)

15. The Minus 5 - "Aw Shit Man" (s/t; a/k/a/ "The Gun Album")

16. The Maggots - "Ain't Nothing But A Maggot" (Monkey Time)

17. Dirty Three - "I Remember A Time When You Used To Love Me" (Horse Stories)

18. Tom Waits - "Down There By The Train" (Orphans)

19. Elliott Smith - "Either/Or" (New Moon)

20. Wilco - "When You Wake Up Feeling Old" (Summer Teeth)

21. The Del Fuegos - "It's Alright" ( Boston, Mass.)

22. The Nerves - "One Way Ticket" (Children of Nuggets box set)

23. Mclusky - "Whoyouknow" (Mclusky Do Dallas)

24. Sloan - "Fading Into Obscurity" (Never Hear the End of It)

This Break-up is like one big cliche.

note from Overrated: Songs to keep you company while you swap his stuff for your own.

01. The Cyrkle - "Red Rubber Ball" (Red Rubber Ball (a collection))

02. Ben Folds Five - "Philosophy" (Ben Folds Five)

02. REM - "Nightswimming" (Automatic For The People)

04. The Waterboys - "We Will Not Be Lovers" (Fishermans Blues)

05. Crowded House - "Don't Dream It's Over" (Crowded House)

06. Bob Dylan - "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)

07. The Kinks - "Tired Of Waiting" (Kinks (The Ultimate Collection)

08. Tonic - "You Wanted More" (Sugar)

09. Annie Lenox - "No More I Love Yous" (Medusa)

10. Billy Joel - "And So It Goes" (Storm Front)

I just got a speeding ticket!

01. Spoon- "The Way We Get By" (Kill the Moonlight)
02. Gary Numan- "Cars" (The Pleasure Principle)
03. Starflyer 59- "I Drive A Lot" (The Fashion Focus)
04. The Beastie Boys- "Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already" (An Exciting Evening At Home with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
05. Nada Surf- "Slow Down" (The Proximity Effect)
06. Sondre Lerche- "Dead Passengers" (Faces Down)
07. My Morning Jacket- "Off the Record" (Z)
08. Arcade Fire- "No Cars Go" (Us Kids Know)
09. Halloween, Alaska- "State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen Cover)" (Halloween, Alaska)
10. The Buzzcocks- "Fast Cars" (Operators Manual)
11. Circle Jerks- "Live Fast Die Young" (Group Sex/Wild in The Streets)
12. Daniel Johnston- "Speeding Motorcycle" (Yip/Jump Music: Summer 1983)

An Updated Mix for Harold and Maude

note from thepants: I HAD to slip that last track in there. The movie and Cat's tunes were all so bittersweet and I tried to incorporate that in.

01. Crooked Fingers - "Juliette" (Crooked Fingers)
02. Acid house Kings - "7 Days" (Sing Along with Acid House Kings)
03. Ben Lee - "Apple Candy" (Awake is the New Sleep)
04. Jeff Buckley - "Lilac Wine" (Grace)
05. Lavender Diamond - "Oh No" (Imagine Our Love)
06. The Belles - "Omerta" (Omerta)
07. M. Ward - "Song From Debby's Stairs" (Duet For Guitars #2)
08. E - "Shine It All On" (Broken Toy Shop)
09. Elliott Smith - "Everything Means Nothing to Me" (Figure 8)
10. Amy Milan - "Losin' You" (Honey From the Tombs)
11. The Good Life - "A New Friend" (Album of the Year)
12. Joan as Police Woman - "Flushed Chest" (Real Life)
13. Emily Haines and Soft Skeleton - "Our Hell" (Knives Don't Have Your Back)
14. Jen Wood - "Ghosts" (The Jen Wood EP)
15. Yusuf Islam - "One Day at a Time" (An Other Cup)

Secret, forbidden love found at the bottom of a pint of Bass one stormy March evening

01. Lucero - "That Much Further West" (That Much Further West)
02. Owen - "Note to Self:" (I Do Perceive)
03. The Dismemberment Plan - "Girl O'Clock" (Emergency & I)
04. Minus The Bear - "Fulfill the Dream" (Menos El Oso)
05. Bright Eyes - "Out on the Weekend" (There is no Beginning to the Story EP)
06. Uncle Tupelo - "I Got Drunk" (89-93: An Anthology)
07. The Good Life - "O'Rourke's, 1:20 A.M." (Black Out)
08. Jawbreaker - "Kiss the Bottle" (Etc.)
09. Pedro the Lion - "The Longest Winter" (It's Hard to Find a Friend)
10. The Replacements - "If Only You Were Lonely" (Boink!)

songs for when you’re sick with bad choices

01. Band of Horses - "I Go To The Barn Because I Like The" (Everything All The Time)

02. Sufjan Stevens - "John Wayne Gacy Jr." (Illinoise)

03. Jose Gonzáklez - "Crosses" (Veneer)

04. Matt Pond PA - "New Hampshire" (Emblems)

05. Gael Garcia Bernal, Alain Chabat, Aurélia Petit & Sacha Bourdo - "If You Rescue Me (Chanson des chats)" (The Science of Sleep Soundtrack)

06. Damien Jurado & Gathered In Song - "Like Titanic" (I Break Chairs)

07. Nick Drake - "Free Ride" (Pink Moon)

08. Nouvelle Vague - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Nouvelle Vague)

Guys can like sunsets too.

note from meaghan: Nothing wrong with a sunset, boy. I gave you some songs about the lovely sun itself, and some that should make you feel pretty damn good about being a guy who loves sunsets.

01. Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah"-Grace
02. Ray Lamontange- "Hold You In My Arms"-Trouble
03. Yo La Tengo - "My Little Corner of the World"-I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
04. Rufus Wainwright - "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"-Poses
05. Explosions in The Sky-"Remember Me As A Time of Day"-How Strange, Innocence
06. The Flaming Lips-"All We Have Is Now"-Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
07. Ben Harper-"She's Only Happy In The Sun"-Diamonds on The Inside
08. Fiona Apple-"Extraordinary Machine"-Extraordinary Machine
09. The Moldy Peaches-"Jorge Regula"-The Moldy Peaches
10. Ryan Adams-"To Be Young"-Heartbreaker

every time i watch the sixth sense i cry

01. Thee, Stranded Horse- "So Goes The Pulse" (Churning Strides)

02. World's End Girlfriend- "100 Years Of Choke" (Hurtbreak Wonderland)

03. Spoon- "The Ghost Of You Lingers" (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)

04. Guided By Voices- "Fantasy Creeps" (King Shit And The Golden Boys)

05. Unwound- "Look A Ghost" (Leaves Turn Inside You)

06. Andrew Bird- "Skin" (Weather Systems)

07. Sparklehorse- "Sea Of Teeth" (It's A Wonderful Life)

08. A Place To Bury Strangers- "To Fix The Gash In Your Head" (A Place To Bury

09. Songs: Ohia- "Not Just A Ghost's Heart" (Ghost Tropic)

10. Brian Eno- "Spirits Drifting" (Another Green World)

i gave you my heart and made you a sock monkey and all i got was a collection of musicals and bargai

01. Why? - "Gemini (Birthday Song)" (Elephant Eye Lash)
02. Yo La Tengo - "Beanbag Chair" (I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass)
03. 6ths - "Aging Spinsters" (Wasps' Nest)
04. Magik Markers - "Empty Bottles" (Boss)
05. Broken Social Scene - "It's All Gonna Break" (Broken Social Scene)
06. Islands - "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" (Return To The Sea)
07. Quasi - "The Poisoned Well" (Featuring "Birds")
08. Stars - "Elevator Love Letter" (Heart)
09. Thao Nguyen - "Moped" (Like The Linen)
10. Architecture In Helsinki - "Imaginary Ordinary" (Fingers Crossed)
11. The Arcade Fire - "Cold Wind" (Cold Wind)
12. The Magnetic Fields - "I Think I Need A New Heart" (69 Love Songs)

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