A soundtrack for a life lived sleepwalking.

01. The Secret Stars - "Wait" (Wait / Riot Kill 7'')
02. Black Tambourine - "Drown" (Complete Recordings)
03. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "Bobby Malone Moves Home" (Bobby Malone Moves Home)
04. Comet Gain - "Record Prayer" (Broken Record Prayers)
05. Pavement - "Passat Dream" (Brighten the Corners)
06. Nouvelle Vague - "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" (Nouvelle Vague I)
07. Interpol - "NYC" (Turn on the Bright Lights)
08. Beat Happening - "Sea Hunt" (Music to Climb the Apple Tree By)
09. Goldenboy - "Twenty Months in a Hailstorm" (Blue Swan Orchestra)
10. The Halo Benders - "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain" (The Rebel's Not In)
11. Peter Bjorn and John - "Up Against the Wall" (Writer's Block)
12. Moi Caprice - "Be Kind to My Mistakes" (You Can't Say No Forever)

Compiled by: aaaaaarrgg

01. Racoo-oo-oon - "Uh-oh"
02. The Microphones - "The Moon" (Song Islands)
03. Elliott Smith - "Bottle Up And Explode!" (XO)
04. Jeffrey Lewis - "The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane" (The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane and Other Favorites)
05. Need New Body - "Popfest" (UFO)
06. Jackson 5 - "Hum Along & Dance"
07. Psychedelic Horseshit - "What's In Store" (Magic Flowers Droned)
08. Bird Names - "We Want to be Old" (On Opaque Things)
09. The Robot Ate Me - "Goodnight: I Almost Died!" (They Ate Themselves)
10. Daniel Johnston - "I've Got So Many Problems" (Early tape)
11. Edith Piaf - "L'hymne a L'amour"

Compiled by: jks

01. Modest Mouse - "Sleepwalkin'" (Building Nothing Out Of Something)

02. Eels - "I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart" (Blinking Lights and Other Revelations)

03. TV On The Radio - "Dreams" (Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes)

04. The Microphones - "The Pull" (It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water)

05. Low - "Below & Above" (Long Division)

06. Elliott Smith - "Pitseleh" (XO)

07. Ugly Casanova - "Things I Don't Remember" (Sharpen Your Teeth)

08. The Smiths - "Asleep" (Louder Than Bombs)

09. Sigur Ros - "Svefn-g-englar" (Agaetis Byrjun)

10. Grandaddy - "The Warming Sun" (Sumday)

Songs for Christmas Lights, But Not Necessarily Christmas Music

Comment: I went for the song that aren't at all about Christmas, but sound like they should be. Except for the last song, obviously; but that one, to me, is the ultimate (happy) Christmas song

01. The Beatles - "Piggies" (The White Album)
02. The Free Design - "I Love You" (Kites Are Fun: The Best Of The Free Design)
03. XTC - "It's Snowing Angels" (demo) (Fuzzy Warbles vol. 2)
04. Islands - "Rough Gem" (Return To The Sea)
05. Britt Daniel & Brian Reitzell - "Flours" (OST: Stranger Than Fiction)
06. The Pernice Brothers - "Saddest Quo" (Discover A Lovelier You)
07. Sixpence None The Richer - "Kiss Me" (Sixpence None The Richer)
08. Evan Dando - "Stop My Head" (Baby I'm Bored)
09. Bell & Sebastian - "To Be Myself Completely" (The Life Pursuit)
10. Keane - "Can't Stop Now" (Hopes And Fears)
11. Imogen Heap - Can't Take It In" (OST: The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
12. Sam Cooke - "Sentimental Reasons" (The Best of Sam Cooke)
13. Maurice Chevalier - "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" (?)
14. The Chiffons - "One Fine Day" (One Fine Day)
15. XTC - "Thanks For Christmas" (Music to Stuff Any Stocking: Rhino Christmas Sampler 1996 - one of the many albums where you can find this song)

You Wear Your Incoherence Like a Red Dress.

01. Captain Beefheart - "81 Poop Hatch" (Ice Cream for Crow)
02. Melt Banana - "Lock the Head" (Bambi's Dilemma)
03. Squarepusher - "Shin Triad" (Music Is Rotted One Note)
04. Boredoms - "Nuts Room" (Super Roots)
05. Naked City - "Speedfreaks" (Torture Garden)
06. Ruins - "Economic Mond Possa" (Hyderomastgroningem)
07. Mike Patton - "Red Mouth Black Orgasm" (Adult Themes for Voice)
08. Tom Waits - "Kommienezuspadt" (Alice)

Songs for those picture-perfect moments that never get photographed

01. The 6ths - "As You Turn to Go" (Pieces of April OMS)
02. Frida Hyvonen - "I Drive My Friend" (Until Death Comes)
03. Bishop Allen - "Click Click Click Click Click" (July EP)
04. Sambassadeur - "Can You See Me" (Between the Lines EP)
05. Jens Lekman - "Jag tyckte hon sa Lönnlöv" (USA Tour EP)
06. Nico - "I'll Keep It With Mine" (Chelsea Girl)
07. The Lucksmiths - "Camera Shy" (Naturaliste)
08. Francoise Hardy - "La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi" (Les Chansons D'amour)
09. The Halo Benders - "Love Travels Faster" (The Rebels Not In)
10. Tullycraft - "Polaroids From Mars" (Disenchanted Hearts Unite)
11. Oh No! Oh My! - "The Backseat" (Oh No! Oh My!)
12. Walker Kong - "Transparencies" (Transparent Life)
13. Beat Happening - "Tiger Trap" (You Turn Me On)

Let’s fall madly in love and move out to a cabin in the woods with your dogs and have crazy hermit s

01. Alison Kraus - "You Will Be My Ain True Love" (Cold Mountain OST)
02. Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Hesitating Beauty" (Mermaid Avenue)
03. Bob Dylan - "I Want You" (Blonde on Blonde)
04. Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit" (Bee Hives)
05. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - "Easy Loving" (Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man)
06. Feist - "Mushaboom" (Let it Die)
07. Mirah - "Pollen" (You Think It's Like This, But...)
08. Mount Eerie - "(2 Mountains)" (No Flashlight)
09. Peter Bjorn & John - "Start to Melt" (Writer's Block)
10. Smog - "In the Pines" (A River Ain't Too Much to Love)
11. Vetiver - "Amour Four" (Folk Off! A Compilation)
12. Wilco - "One By One" (Kicking Television: Live in Chicago)
13. Zombies - "Time of the Seasons" (Odyssey & Oracle)

You’re leaving forever in a week and a half and i will miss your stupid ass.

note from Doug: I went through this about 3 months ago. She went to France, I went to college. Trust me, I know what's up. Some of these songs got picked not because of their lyrical relevance, but rather for their sonic relevance. There's something about soft hand-plucked guitars that just screams "I MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCH YOU JACKASS!" Just remember, it'll all get better. And if you want my "How to stay positive post-breakup," just ask.

01. The Moldy Peaches - "Goodbye Song" (The Moldy Peaches)

02. Feist - "Gatekeeper" (Let It Die)

03. The Weakerthans - "One Great City" (Reconstruction Site)

04. Ben Folds Five - "Smoke" (Whatever & Ever Amen)

05. Iron & Wine - "Sunset Soon Forgotten" (Our Endless Numbered Days)

06. Sufjan Steven - "Casmir Pulaski Day" (Illinois)

07. Broken Social Scene - "I'm Still Your Fag" (You Forgot It In People)

08. Explosions In The Sky - "Your Hand In Mine" (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)

09. Bob Dylan - "Like A Rolling Stone" (Highway 51 Revisited)

10. Elliott Smith - "Say Yes" (Either/Or)

11. Feist - "So Sorry" (The Reminder)

My cute new boy likes to dance. Al Green and Otis Redding-esque songs that will make him want to dan

01. John Hiatt - "Have a Little Faith in Me" (Bring the Family)

02. Jeff Buckley - "I Want Someone Badly" (Unknown)

03. Eric Clapton - "Wonderful Tonight" (The Cream of Clapton)

04. Brad Paisley - "We Danced" (Who Needs Pictures)

05. Tom Petty - Square One (Elizabethtown OST)

06. Alan Jackson - "A Woman's Love" (Like Red on a Rose)

07. Jack Johnson - "Better Together" (In Between Dreams)

08. Van Morrison - "Into the Mystic" (Moondance)

09. Santana feat. Dave Matthews - "Love of my Life" (Supernatural)

10. Bruce Springsteen - "Secret Garden" (Right Here Waiting for You)

11. Amos Lee - "Southern Girl" (Supply and Demand)

12. Frank Sinatra - "Put Your Dreams Away" (Classic Sinatra)

13. Norah Jones - "The Long Day is Over" (Come Away with Me)

I Miss My Dog and Nothing Seems Okay Since He Died.

Part 1: For the dog-shaped hole in your life (and heart)

01. Joanna Newsom - "Sadie" (The Milk-Eyed Mender)

02. The Mountain Goats - "Half Dead" (Get Lonely)

03. Band of Horses - "Is There A Ghost" (Cease to Begin)

04. The Beatles - "Carry That Weight" (Abbey Road)

Part 2: The hole stays, but you'll start noticing it less

05. Bishop Allen - "Ghosts Are Good Company" (Charm School)

06. Andrew Bird - "Don't Be Scared" (Weather Systems)

07. The Mountain Goats - "Cotton" (We Shall All Be Healed)

Bonus: dogs are great
08. Cat Stevens - "I Love My Dog" (Remember)

[09. Okkervil River - "Dead Dog Song" (Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See) -ed.]

Songs to Make My Insides Dance

01. Free Loan Investments - "Kick His Balls Out" (Ever Been to Mexico)
02. Josephine Baker - "Don't Touch My Tomatoes" (The Fabulous Josephine Baker)
03. Hey Paulette - "My Half of the Pillow" (Long Ball Into Nowhere)
04. Joy Division - "Digital" (Substance 1977-1980)
05. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - "Seems to Be On My Mind" (#3)
06. Pelle Carlberg "Riverbank" (Everything, Now!)
07. Love Is All - "Make Out Fall Out Make Up" (9 Times That Same Song)
08. Gang of Four - "Return the Gift" (Entertainment)
09. The Fall - "Bombast" (This Nation's Saving Grace)
10. The Honeydrips - "(Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart" ((Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart)
11. Pipas - "How to Tie a Tie" (Lucksmiths Remix)
12. Black Tambourine - "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge" (Complete Recordings)

13. The Halo Benders - "Don't Touch My Bikini" (God Don't Make Junk)

14. Matt and Kim - "Silver Tiles" (FreeIndie.com)

15. Bugsy Malone - "You Give a Little Love" (Bugsy Malone OMS)

16. Jens Lekman - "Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig" (Night Falls Over Kortedala)

17. Los Campesinos! - "You! Me! Dancing!" (Sticking Fingers Into Sockets)

Songs That Sound Different at Night

01. Pavement - "Frontwards" (Watery Domestic EP)
02. The 6ths - "You You You You You" (Pieces of April OMS)
03. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "Bobby Malone Moves Home"
(Bobby Malone Moves Home)
04. Comet Gain - "Record Prayer" (Broken Record Prayers)
05. Matt and Kim - "Verbs Before Nouns" (FreeIndie.com)
06. Au Revoir Simone - "Sad Song" (The Bird of Music)
07. The Weakerthans - "My Favourite Chords" (Left and Leaving)
08. Oh No! Oh My! - "In The Backseat" (Oh No! Oh My!)
09. Voxtrot - "This Place Had Got No Soul, Kid" (Unreleased)
10. The Arcade Fire - "Rebellion (Lies)" (Funeral)
11. Walker Kong - "Transparencies" (Transparent Life)
12. Goldenboy - "Ice Breaker Blues" (Underneath the Radio)
13. Jens Lekman - "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death" (SC100)
14. Beat Happening - "Tiger Trap" (You Turn Me On)


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