Spring is in the air and my unit is in bloom

I hope that you can give this to someone... and find what you are looking for.

01. Mates of State - "Like U Crazy" (Bring It Back)
02. Jamiroquai - "Falling" (Synchronized)
03. Feist - "One Evening" (Let It Die)
04. M. Ward - "Let's Dance" (Transfiguration of Vincent)
05. Daft Punk - "Something About Us" (Discovery)
06. Bob Marley - "Turn Your Lights Down Low" (Exodus)
07. The Postal Service - "Grow Old With Me" (Make Some Noise EP)
08. Jack Johnson - "Better Together" (In Between Dreams)
09. Incubus - "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" (S.C.I.E.N.C.E)
10. Pablo- "This Will Be Our Year" (Half The Time)
11. Air - "Playground Love" (Virgin Suicides Soundtrack)
12. Robin Thicke - "Lost Without U" (The Evolution of Robin Thicke)
13. The Turtles - "Happy Together" (Happy Together)
14. The American Analog Set - "The Only One" (Know By Heart)
15. Paul McCartney - "This Never Happened Before" (The Lake House Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Vlad The Impaler In Love

this is my first mixtape for TMT. It's kind of a mix of songs that I felt were explicitly appropriate or that just struck me as creepy. Enjoy.

01. Gwar- "Vlad The Impaler" (Scumdogs of the Universe)
02. Queens Of The Stone Age- "Tension Head" (Rated R)
03. Desert Sessions- "Dead In Love" (Desert Sessions Vol. 9 & 10)
04. Calexico- "Black Heart" (feast of wire)
05. Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Bad Moon Rising" (Chronicle)
06. Talking Heads- "Psycho Killer" (77)
07. Eagles Of Death Metal- "Stuck In The Metal" (Peace Love Death Metal)
08. Massive Attack- "Angel" (Mezzanine)
09. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds- "Lovely Creature" (Murder Ballads)
10. The Avalanches- "Frontier Psychiatrist" (Since I Left You)
11. RJD2- "The Horror" (Dead Ringer or The Horror EP)
12. UNKLE- "Bloodstain" (Psyence Fiction)
13. Tom Waits- "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" (Blood Money)

Bonus/Alternative Tracks
QOTSA- Mosquito Song- Songs For The Deaf

Desert Sessions- Covered In Punk's Blood- Desert Sessions Vol. 9 & 10

Talking Heads- Swamp- Speaking In Tongues

i’m so bored at work

This will help you get over the mid work day hump.

01. Suburban Legends- "Come Back Home" (Dance Like Nobody's Watching)
02. Jamiroquai - "Canned Heat" (Synkronized)
03. The Fiery Furnaces- "South Is Only a Home" (Gallowsbird's Bark)
04. Head Automatica - "Nowhere Fast" (Popaganda)
05. Amon Duul - "Archangel Thunderbird" (Yeti)
06. Cake - "I Will Survive" (Album)
07. Heavens - "Patent Pending" (Patent Pending)
08. The Films - "Black Shoes" (The Films-EP)
09. Hellogoodbye - "Here (In Your Arms)" (Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!)
10. The Academy Is... - "Slow Down" (Almost Here)
11. Kerrier District - "Ce Porte" (Kerrier District 2)
12. Mika - "Relax, Take It Easy" (Life In Cartoon Motion)
13. Young Love - "Discotech" (To Young To Fight It)
14. Deltron 3030 - "Things You Can Do" (Deltron 3030)
15. Sublime - "Santeria" (Sublime)

Pitchfork’s Twee as Fuck mix tape was way lame-o. Oh mighty tmt, show me the way to twee goodness.

Note from Deanna: You have NO IDEA how long I was waiting for someone
to request something like this :]!

01. Tullycraft - "Twee" (Beat Surf Fun)
02. The Shermans - "Adulthood for Beginners" (Happiness is Toy Shaped)
03. Heavenly - "C is the Heavenly Option" (Le Jardin De Heavenly)
04. All Girl Summer Fun Band - "Video Game Heart" (2)
05. Tiger Trap - "You and Me" (Tiger Trap)
06. Honeybunch - "Hey Blue Sky" (Time Trials 1987-1995)
07. Lois - "Valentine" (Butterfly Kiss)
08. Beat Happening - "Not A Care In The World" (Music To Climb The
Apple Tree By)
09. The Lucksmiths - "Guess How Much I Love You" (A Good Kind of Nervous)
10. Tender Trap - "Talk in Song" (Film Molecules)
11. Marine Research - "At the Lost and Found" (Sounds From the Gulf Stream)
12. Rocketship - "I'm Lost Without You Here" (A Certain Smile, A
Certain Sad)
13. Bunnygrunt - "Tadpole" (Action Pants!)
14. Talulah Gosh - "Don't Go Away" (Backwash)

I’m having trouble finding good, real, folk music that isn’t old Appalachian dudes playing the same

01.Iron & Wine – "On Your Wings" (Our Endless Numbered Days)

02.Espers – "Mansfield and Cyclops" (Espers II)

03.Midlake – "Kingfish Pies" (Bamnan & Slivercork)

04.Beirut – "Brandenburg" (Gulag Orkestar)

05.Daylight's for the Birds – "Worlds Away" (Trouble Everywhere)

06.Sparklehorse – "Apple Bed" (It's A Wonderful Life)

07.Beach House – "Childhood" (Beach House)

08.Grizzly Bear – "Central and Remote" (Yellow House)

09.Brightblack Morning Light – "A River Could Be Loved" (Brightblack Morning Light)

10.The Album Leaf – "September Song" (An Orchestrated Rise to Fall)

Songs to Lose Your Sense of Identity To

Hey, enjoy.

01. Mogwai - "Summer [Priority version]" (Young Team)

02. Cocoa Tea - "Over the Years" (Tune In)

03. Marvin Gaye - "Sparrow" (Here, My Dear)

03. Edan - "Torture Chamber" (Beauty and the Beat)

04. AFX - "Canticle Drawl" (Analord 01)

05. Bark Psychosis - "Absent Friend" (Hex)

06. The Dead C - "Voodoo Spell" (The White House)

07. The Auteurs - "Unsolved Child Murder" (After Murder Park)

08. Hood - "L. Fading Hills" (Outside Closer)

09. Four Tet - "As Serious As Your Life" (Rounds)

10. Eno - "Little Fishes" (Another Green World)

11. The Zombies - "Time of the Season" (Odyssey and Oracle)

12. Hot Chip - "And I Was a Boy from School" (The Warning)

13. John Lucien - "Rashida" (Rashida)

14. Faust - "I've Got My Car and My TV, Pt. 1" (Faust So Far)

a mix for feeling miserable on your birthday.

These wont make you any happier....

note from trillian: Ooh! "The News From Your Bed" by Bishop Allen is about everyone forgetting your birthday, and has snazzy piano to boot

01. Belle & Sebastian - "Nice Day For A Sulk" (Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant)
02. Swan Lake - "All Fires" (Beast Moans)
03. Modest Mouse - "Styrofoam Boots/ It's All Nice On Ice, Alright" (The Lonesome Crowded West)
04. The Smiths - "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" (Meat Is Murder)
05. LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends" (Sound Of Silver)
06. The Dismemberment Plan - "You Are Invited" (Emergency & I)
07. Bob Dylan - "One More Cup Of Coffee" (Desire)
08. Of Montreal - "No Conclusion" (Icons, Abstract Thee [EP])
09. Johnny Cash - "If You Could Read My Mind" (American V)
10. Bright Eyes - "Feb 15th" (A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997)
11. The Velvet Underground - "All Tommorows Parties" (The Velvet Underground and Nico)

Songs for the egg-shaped oval guy in zoloft commercials

These songs are for that sad, little, "egg-shaped oval guy" and anyone else who may feel round, sad, or drawn towards drugs to feel better

01. The Boy Least Likely To - "If You Wanna Be Happy" (The Best Party Ever)

02. The (International) Noise Conspiracy - "T.I.M.E.B.O.M.B." (The First Conspiracy)

03. 2Pac - "Picture Me Rollin'" (All Eyez on Me)

04. Motion City Soundtrack - "Modern Chemistry" (I Am The Movie)

05. The Ataris - "You Need a Hug" (End Is Forever)

06. Nirvana - "Lithium" (Nirvana)

07. The Verve - "The Drugs Don't Work" (Urban Hymns)

08. Common Rider - "Small Pebble" (Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 6)

09. The Flaming Lips - "Slow Nerve Action" (Transmissions From The Satellite Heart)

10. Kill Creek - "Serotonin" (Colors of Home)

11. Jimmy Eat World - "Drugs or Me" (Futures)

12. Modest Moust - "Dramamine" (This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About)

13. Denali - "Prozac" (Denali)

14. Neil Young - "Depression Blues" (Lucky Thirteen)

15. Rocky Votolato - "Uppers Aren't Necessary" (Makers)

Music To Listen To When Bill Pullman Watches You Masturbate

I think of this as a mix for someone who is initially horrified and disgusted that Bill Pullman is watching them masturbate, but slowly comes to accept -- perhaps even enjoy? -- it.

01. Nirvana - "Intro" (From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah)
02. Merzbow w/Gore Beyond Necropsy - "Pussy Poking Disorder Chaos Anarchy" (Rectal Anarchy)
03. Swans - "Raping a Slave" (Young God)
04. Nurse With Wound - "Gusset Typing" (She and Me Fall Together in Free Death)
05. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - "Hear the Sound of a Black Flame Rising" (Apocalips)
06. Coil - "How to Destroy Angels (A Ritual for the Accumulation of Male Sexual Energy)" (Unnatural History)
07. Soft Cell - "Sex Dwarf" (Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret)
08. Sweet Stuff - "Freaky (To You)" (California Soul)
09. Marvin Gaye - "You Sure Love to Ball" (Let's Get it On)

let’s just stay celibate.


01. Rilo Kiley - "Science vs. Romance" (Take Offs and Landings)

02. Sleater Kinney - "Modern Girl" (The Woods)

03.Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "A Date with the Night" (Fever to Tell)

04. Neko Case - "That Teenage Feeling" (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood)

05. The Fiery Furnaces - "Single Again" (Single Again)

06. The Donnas - "All Messed Up" (Spend the Night)

07. Aimee Mann - "One is the Lonliest Number" (Magnolia OST)

08. Amy Millan - "Hard Hearted" (Honey From the Tombs)


01. Badly Drawn Boy - "Something to Talk About" (About a Boy OST)

02. Elvis Costello - "Acciednts Will Happen"

03. Spoon - "Don't Let it Get You Down" (Kill the Moonlight)

04. Franz Ferdinand - "Michael" (Demos)

05. Radiohead - "Creep" (OK, Computer)

06.Gin Blossoms - "Breakfast at Tiffany's " (New Miserable Exerience)

07.Interpol - "Stella was a driver and she's always down" (Turn on the Bright Lights)

08. Elliot Smith - "Say Yes" (Either, Or)

Compiled by: Hannahsaurus Rex
01. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Song Against Sex" (On Avery Island)
02. Adam Green - "We're Not Supposed to be Lovers" (Friends of Mine)
03. Josh Rouse - "Givin' It Up" (Subtitulo)
04. The Magnetic Fields - "I Can't Touch You Anymore" (69 Love Songs Disc 3)
05. The Hidden Cameras - "Music Is My Boyfriend" (Missiauga Goddam)
06. The Ladies and Gentlemen - "Stay" (?)
Bonus: A good reason to..

07. The Unicorns - "The Clap" (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?)

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