waving from the Antarctica

01. Bravestation - “White Wolves” (Bravestation EP)
02. Mogwai - “A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters” (Young Team)
03. Modest Mouse - “The Cold Part” (The Moon and Antarctica)
04. Active Child - “Body Heat (So Far Away)” (Bento #3)
05. Boards of Canada - “Turquoise Hexagon Sun” (Music Has the Right To Children)
06. How to Dress Well - “I Can’t See My Own Face” (Love Remains)
07. The Knife - “Forest Families” (Silent Shout)
08. Sparrow and the Workshop - “Into The Wild” (Crystals Fall)
09. Pink Floyd - “Marooned” (The Division Bell)
10. The Books - “Classy Penguin” (Playall)
11. The Music Tapes - “Freeing Song for Reindeer” (Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes)
12. Strand of Oaks - “West River” (Pope Killdragon)

i should be sleeping, but i’m worried about you and thinking about him

This is a modified version of my “generic depressed night-time” play list. I found that a lot of the lyrics to these songs seemed to match what you’re worried about. Listen, and remember that the morning will arrive soon.

Side A
01. Atlas Sound - “Bored Dub” (Virtual 7” No.3)
02. M83 - “Facing That” (s/t)
03. Animal Collective - “Loch Raven” (Feels)
04. Low - “July” (Things We Lost in the Fire)
05. The Album Leaf - “Summer Fog” (A Chorus of Storytellers)
06. Kevin Drew - “Broke Me Up” (Spirit If…)
07. Shocking Pinks - “You Can Make Me Feel Bad” (s/t)
08. Joanna Newsom - “Go Long” (Have One On Me)

Side B
01. Mogwai - “Helps Both Ways” (Come On Die Young)
02. The Smiths - “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” (Hatful of Hollow)
03. The Magnetic Fields - “When You’re Old and Lonely” (Get Lost)
04. Air - “Highschool Lover” (The Virgin Suicides soundtrack)
05. Radiohead - “Lucky” (OK Computer)
06. Slowdive - “Alison” (Souvlaki)
07. The xx - “Shelter” (s/t)
08. Panda Bear - “You Can Count On Me” (You Can Count on Me 7”)
09. Boards of Canada - “Hi Scores” (Hi Scores EP)

You get to fuck me and say “let’s be friends” once, but you can’t do it twice and not expect me to want to rip your throat out.

That guy sounds like a real ass but, please, don’t give in to your violent urge. Listen to this instead.

01. Liz Phair - “Fuck and Run” (Exile in Guyville)
02. Magnetic Fields - “I Thought You Were My Boyfriend” (i)
03. Ani Difranco - “Out of Habit” (s/t)
04. Blockhead - “The Daily Routine” (The Music Scene)
05. Morning Benders - “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)” (Big Echo)
07. Elvis Costello - “I’m Not Angry” (My Aim is True)
08. Joy Division - “She’s Lost Control” (Unknown Pleasures)
09.Vivian Girls - “Where Do You Run To” (s/t)
10. Robyn - “Dancing On My Own” (Body Talk Pt. 1)
11. Big Troubles - “Modern Intimacy” (Worry)
12. Devendra Banhart - “I Feel Just Like a Child” (Cripple Crow)

i needed you around, please tell me you need me

01. Chocolate Snow - “Let Me Be Your Christmas Toy” (Eccentric Soul)
02. Atlas Sound - “Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel” (Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel)
03. David Johnston - “True Love Will Find You In The End” (Welcome To My World)
04. Liars - “The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack” (Drum’s Not Dead)
05. Phosphorescent - “Can I Sleep In Your Arms” (To Willie)
06. Tapes ‘n Tapes - “Say Back Something (Walk It Off)
07. Tim Hecker - “Night Flight To Your Heart” (Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again)

someday I’ll come back and you’ll regret that I was never yours.

01. Bootsy Collins - “I’d Rather Be With You” (Stretchin’ Out in Bootsy’s Rubber Band)
02. The Schoolboys - “Please Say You Want Me” (The Schoolboys)
03. Lilly Wood and the Prick - “Down The Drain” (Invincible Friends)
04. Patrick Wolf - “The Stars” (The Magic Position)
05. Grizzly Bear - “Knife” (Yellow House)

01. The Zombies - “She’s Not There” (Begin Here)
02. Michael Jackson - “Dirty Diana” (Bad)
03. The Black Keys - “Howlin’ For You” (Brothers)
04. Eagles of Death Metal - “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)” (Death By Sexy)
05. The Kinks - “Got Love If You Want It (You Really Got Me)” (Kinks)

Songs to listen to (in my head), while I’m at the dentist.

01. Peter Fletcher - “Cavatina” (The Art Of Classical Guitar)
02. Lorraine Feather - “We Appreciate Your Patience” (Language)
03. Bleach - “Broke in the Head” (Again, For The First Time)
04. Wilco - “Summerteeth” (Summerteeth)
05. Modest Mouse - “The Devil’s Workday” (Good News For People Who Like Bad News)
06. Steve Martin - “Dentist!” ( Little Shop Of Horrors Soundtrack)
07. Mr Oizo - “Gay Dentists” (Lambs Anger)
08. The Flaming Lips - “Unconsciously Screaming” (In a Priest Driven Ambulance)
09. Social Distortion - “No Pain, No Gain” (Social Distortion (live))

Feeling conflicted about falling in love (again) with your best friend.

01. Noun - “Old Friends” (Holy Hell)
02. P.S. Eliot - “Incoherent Love Songs” (Incoherent Love Songs)
03. Inertia! - “Make You Mine” (No Joking)
04. Andrew Jackson Jihad - “Love Will Fuck Us Apart” (Can’t Maintain)
05. Des Ark - “The Lord of the Ring and His Fascist Time-Keepers” (Battle Of The Beards)
06. Paul Baribeau - “Falling In Love With Your Best Friend” (Paul Baribeau)

Days-of-the-Week Mixtape > Days-of-the-Week Underwear

If I don’t change into my “Monday” panties, will my weekend last longer?

01. All Time Low - “Remembering Sunday” (So Wrong, It’s Right)
02. Millie Jackson - “If You’re Not Back in Love By Monday” (Feelin’ Bitchy)
03. Sarah Masen - “Tuesday” (Sarah Masenf)
04. Tori Amos - “Wednesday” (Scarlet’s Walk)
05. La Oreja de Van Gogh - “Jueves” (A las Cinco en el Astoria)
06. T. Nile - “Friday” (At My Table)
07. Little Wings - “Saturday” (Soft Pow’r)

It’s my birthday today. I’m 28, but I feel 18. I never wanna grow up!!

“What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two and one. And when you wake up on your eleventh birthday you expect to feel eleven, but you don’t. You open your eyes and everything’s just like yesterday, only it’s today. And you are–underneath the year that make you eleven.

“Like some days you might say something stupid, and that’s the part of you that’s still ten. Or maybe some days you might need to sit on your mama’s lap because you’re scared, and that’s the part of you that’s five. And maybe one day when you’re all grown up maybe you will need to cry like if you’re three, and that’s okay. That’s what I tell Mama when she’s sad and needs to cry. Maybe she’s feeling three.

Because the way you grow old is kind of like an onion or like the rings inside a tree truck or like my little wooden dolls that fit one inside the other, each year inside the next one. That’s how being eleven years old is.” — Sandra Cisneros, “Eleven”

01. Dar Williams - “You’re Aging Well” (The Honesty Room)
02. Lara George - “Rest Of My Life” (Forever In My Heart)
03. The Flaming Lips - “Spongebob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy” (VOID)
04. Jordy - “Dur Dur D’Etre Bebe” (Pochette Surprise)
05. Camera Obscura - “Teenager” (Underachievers Please Try Harder)
06. Edgar Winter - “I’m Not a Kid Anymore” (Not a Kid Anymore)
07. John Mayer - “83” (Any Given Thursday)
08. Britney Spears - “Not a Girl; Not Yet a Woman” (Britney)
09. Peterpan Complex - “I’m a Beautiful Man” (Peterpan Complex)

Can you just leave my dreams, so I get over you?

01. Koufax - “Over It” (It Had to Do With Love)
02. The Good Life - “Heartbroke” (Help Wanted Nights)
03. Denison Witmer - “I Would Call You Now” (Safe Away)
04. Luke Doucet - “Take You Home” (Blood’s Too Rich)
05. The Good Life - “Playing Dumb” (Help Wanted Nights)
06. Matt Pond PA - “So Much Trouble” (Several Arrows Later)
07. Matt Pond PA - “From Debris” (Several Arrows Later)
08. Matt Pond PA - “Emblems” (Several Arrows Later)
09. The Good Life - “Empty Bed” (Black Out)
10. Denison Witmer - “You Got Me Good” (River Bends)
11. Two Gallants - “The Hand That Held Me Down” (Two Gallants)
12. Now It’s Overhead - “Wonderful Scar” (Saddle Creek)
13. Lightspeed Champion - “Stay The Fuck Away From Me” (Light Speed Champion)
14. Yellow Ostrich - “Hate Me Soon” (The Mistress)
15. Cursive - “From the Hips” (Mama, I’m Swollen!)
16. Moving Units - “Scars” (Dangerous Dreams)
17. Longwave - “Meet Me At The Bottom” (The Strangest Things)

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