For when you are sitting in your room and you are really tired but don’t really want to go to bed because you want to think about the girl that doesn’t like you but you love

I am becoming a working robot, but I’d rather be a snowman in an empty cornfield right now.

I divided the mix into four parts that follow a nice story arc in which you ditch your lame job and escape to that elusive field. Part 1 is you at work; part 2 is ‘dude this sucks’; part 3 is ‘fuck this! escape!”; and part 4 is some stuff to listen to while you chill out (literally, since you’re a snowman).

Part 1: Work:
01. Radiohead - “Fitter Happier” (OK Computer)
02. Emeralds - “Does It Look Like I’m Here?” (Does It Look Like I’m Here?)
03. Radiohead - “Everything In Its Right Place” (Kid A)

Part 2: Dude This Sucks:
04. Ladytron - “Weekend” (Witching Hour)
05. Röyksopp - “The Girl and the Robot” (Junior)
06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Dull Life” (It’s Blitz!)

Part 3: Fuck This! Escape!
07. Broken Social Scene - “Chase Scene” (Forgiveness Rock Record)
08. The New Pornographers - “Mutiny, I Promise You” (Challengers)
09. Moby ft. Gwen Stefani - “South Side” (Play)

Part 4: Chill Out
10. Monster Rally - “Cuban Velvet” (Coral)
11. Baths - “Aminals” (Cerulean)
12. Animal Collective - “Bluish” (Merriweather Post Pavilion)
13. My Bloody Valentine - “Soon” (Loveless)

I’m Fuckin Cold Like A DQ Blizzard; It’s -12 Outside

Either go out there and enjoy the weather, or gather a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and someone to cuddle with. Have your “that’s hot” moment, too.

01. Dar Williams - “February” (Out There Live)
02. Kaki King - “Saving Days in a Frozen Head” (Dreaming of Revenge)
03. Shakira - “Your Embrace” (Oral Fixation, Vol. 2)
04. Ida Maria - “Keep Me Warm” (Single)
05. Jo Dee Messina - “Bring on the Rain” (BUrN)
06. Savage Garden - “Two Beds and a Coffee Machine” (Affirmation)
07. Hot Chocolate - “It Started with a Kiss” (Every 1’s a Winner)
08. Paris Hilton - “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (Paris)
09. Madonna - “Frozen” (Ray of Light)

My wife will work until late night again,and I’ll have lonely dinner and lonely night again!

01. Big Black - “Kerosene” (Atomizer)
02. Tricky - “Aftermath” (Maxinquaye)
03. Liz Phair - “Flower” (Exile in Guyville)
04. PJ Harvey - “Ecstasy” (Rid of Me)
05. Portishead - “It Could Be Sweet” (Dummy)
06. Interpol - “Hands Away” (Turn on the Bright Lights)
07. Dinosaur Jr. - “Sludgefeast” (You’re Living All Over Me)
08. Björk - “Hyperballad” (Post)
09. The Rolling Stones - “Goin’ Home” (Aftermath)
10. Best Coast - “Crazy for You” (Crazy for You)
11. The Beach Boys - “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Pet Sounds)

Songs that begin with the letter “T”

01. IAMX - “Tear Garden” (Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction)
02. Oasis - “Turn Up The Sun” (Don’t Believe The Truth)
03. The Format - “Tune Out” (Interventions & Lullabies)
04. The Strokes - “Trying Your Luck” (This Is It)
05. Miniature Tigers - “Tchaikovsky and Solitude” (Tell It To The Volcano)
06. Bright Eyes - “Train Under Water” (I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning)
07. We Are Scientists- “Tonight” (Brain Thrust Mastery)
08. The Fray -“Together” (Reason EP)
09. Bats For Lashes - “Two Planets” (Two Suns)
10. Tilly And The Wall - “Tall Tall Glass” (O)

Mix for a young small-town country waitress with a crush on an artist

01. The Buttless Chaps - “Occupations of Freedom” (Where the Night Holds Light)
02. The Violet Archers - “Insecure” (Sunshine at Night)
03. Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle - “Saskatoon Tonight” (Let’s Just Stay Here)
04. Immaculate Machine - “Nothing Ever Happens” (Fables)
05. Destroyer - “Modern Painters” (This Night)
06. The Zolas - “You’re Too Cool” (Tic Toc Tic)
07. Basia Bulat - “Before I Knew” (Oh, My Darling)
08. Hannah Georgas - “Let’s Talk” (The Beat Stuff)
09. Woodpigeon - “A Hymn For 2 Walks in Different Cities” (Songbook)
10. Dan Mangan - “Road Regrets” (Nice, Nice Very Nice)
11. Arcade Fire - “Neighbourhood#1(Tunnels)” (Funeral)
12. The Rural Alberta Advantage - “In the Summertime” (Hometowns)

All I wanna do is smoke weed while lying in bed listening to this

01. Quiet Village - “Free Rider” (Silent Movie)
02. Geotic - “Beaming Husband” (Mend)
03. Madlib - “J’s Day Theme #3 (Support)” Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: Dil Cosby & Dil Withers Suite
04. Rangers - “Golden Triangles” (Suburban Tours)
05. Sven Libaek - “Open Sea Theme” (The Life Aquatic OST)
06. FUR - “Lackadaisical (Coyote Clean Up Dub)” (Lackadaisical EP)
07. Jimi Hendrix - “(Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland [DEMO]” (The Jimi Hendrix Experience: 1967-1968 (Disc Two))
08. Boards of Canada - “Aquarius” (Music has the Right to Children)
09. Flying Lotus - “Auntie’s Lock (Featuring The Life Force Trio)” (LA EP 3 X 3)
10. J Dilla - “Airworks” (Donuts)
11. Broken Social Scene - “Feel Good Lost Reprise” (EP To Be You And Me)
12. The Flaming Lips - “Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia)” (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)
13. Tyler, The Creator - “Session” (Bastard)
14. Monster Rally - “Birds pt. 1” (Palm Reader)
15. Radiohead - “Worrywort” (Knives Out - EP)
16. Yesterday’s New Quintet - “Uno Esta” (Angles Without Edges)

My favorite band used to be NOFX, and now it’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor. What happened to me?

01. New Bomb Turks - “Jukebox Lean” (Scared Straight)
02. The Descendants - “I’m not a Punk” (Milo Goes to College)
03. Wire - “Dot Dash” (Pink Flag)
04. Big Black - “Racer-X” (Racer-X)
05. Suicide - “Ghost Rider” (Suicide)
06. Fucked Up - “No Epiphany” (Chemistry of Common Life)
07. Boris - “Blackout” (Pink)
08. Rangda - “Bull Lore” (False Flag)
09. Russian Circles - “Geneva” (Geneva)
10. Liars - “To Hold You, Drum” (Drum’s Not Dead)
11. Flying Saucer Attack - “Star City” (Mirror)
12. Expo 70 - “Metensomatosis” (Death Voyage)
13. Mogwai - “Folk Death 95” (Mr. Beast)

Boston, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

It’s all in the titles, man.

01. Ra Ra Riot - “Massachusetts”
02. The Receiving End of Sirens - “Planning a Prison Break”
03. Secret Lives of The Freemasons - “Chug and Leave”
04. Therefore I Am - “Farewell, Via Park”
05. The Weakerthans - “Left and Leaving”
06. The Wombats - “Moving To New York”
07. The Get Up Kids - “Mass Pike”
08. Valencia - “Free”

I’m on my way home from a party, still a little drunk, riding my bicycle, and the sun is just rising.

01. Jim O’Rourke - “Prelude to a 110 or 220 / Women of the World” (Eureka)
02. Heron - “Yellow Roses” (The Dawn Anthology)
03. Akron/Family - “Gone Beyond” (Meek Warrior)
04. Tortoise - “Gamera” (A Lazarus Taxon)
05. The Books - “Take Time” (The Lemon of Pink)
06. Billy Bragg & Wilco - “Remember the Mountain Bed” (Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2)
07. The Allman Brothers Band - “Little Martha” (Eat A Peach)
08. Van Morrison - “Sweet Thing” (Astral Weeks)
09. Spiritualized - “Soul on Fire” (Songs in A & E)
10. Electric Light Orchestra - “Mr. Blue Sky” (Electric Light Orchestra: Greatest Hits 1973-77)

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