You and I have never met, and at the risk of sounding creepy, I wanted to let you know that I love y

01. Saturday Looks Good to Me - "Girl's Distracted" (Every Night)
02. Oh No! Oh My! - "Oh Be One" (Between the Devil and the Sea)
03. The Modern Lovers - "I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms" (The Modern Lovers)
04. The Thompson Twins - "If You Were Here" (Sixteen Candles OMS)
05. Sondre Lerche - "My Hands are Shaking" (Dan In Real Life OMS)
06. Sambassadeur - "Do You See Me" (Between the Lines EP)
07. The Secret Stars - "Wait" (Wait / Riot Kill 7")
08. The 6ths - "You You You You You" (Pieces of April OMS)
09. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (Secret of the Loveninjas)
10. The Rentals - "The Love I'm Searching For" (Return of the Rentals)
11. Françoise Hardy ft. Iggy Pop- "I'll Be Seeing You" (Clair Obscur)
12. Tullycraft - "Glitter and Twang" (Beat Surf Sun)
13. Jens Lekman - "Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig" (Night Falls Over Kortedala)
14. Goldenboy - "Kittens of Lust" (Blue Swan Orchestra)
15. Beat Happening - "Tiger Trap" (You Turn Me On)

Compiled by: crackosaurs

01. The Books- "A True Story of a Story of True Love" (The Lemon of Pink)
02. Bright Eyes- "Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra" (A Collection of Songs Written & Recorded 1995-1997)
03. Ariel Pink- "Among Dreams" (The Doldrums)
04. Mirah- "Words Cannot Describe" (You Think It's Like This, But Really It's Like This)
05. Adam Green- "Who's Your Boyfriend?" (Gemstones)
06. Devotchka- "Something Stupid" (Curse Your Little Heart)
07. Devendra Banhart- "A Ribbon" (Nino Rojo)
08. Sufjan Stevens- "To Be Alone With You" (Seven Swans)
09. The Flaming Lips- "Do You Realize?" (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)

Compiled by: Blackfoliage

01. Masters of the Hemisphere - "All Your Winning Numbers" (Protest A Dark Anniversary)
02. Yo La Tengo - "Season of the Shark" (Summer Sun)
03. The Clientele - "Here Comes The Phantom" (God Save the Clientele)
04. Jonathan Richman - "Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow" (Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow)
05. The Sunshine Fix - "Digging To China" (Age of the Sun)
06. The Gerbils - "Crayon Box" (Are You Sleepy)
07. Jens Lekman - "Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song" (Oh You're So Silent Jens)
08. The Zombies - "A Rose for Emily" (Odessey & Oracle)
09. The Olivia Tremor Control - "Marking Time" (Music From An Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle)
10. Devendra Banhart - "Queen Bee" (Cripple Crow)
11. Belle & Sebastian - "Winter Wooskie" (Push Barman To Open Old Wounds)
12. The Sixths - "As You Turn To Go" (Hyacinths & Thistles)

It’s not going to happen, but you can still paint me naked.

01. The Alkaline Trio - "Clavicle" (Goddamnit)
02. Amy Ray - "Covered for You" (Prom)
03. Ani DiFranco - "Falling is Like This" (Out of Range)
04. Annie Lennox - "Walking on Broken Glass" (Diva)
05. Don Henley - "Boys of Summer" (So Long, Astoria)
06. Azure Ray - "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" (Hold On Love)
07. Beck - "Loser" (Mellow Gold)
08. Ben Folds Five - "Brick" (Whatever and Ever Amen)
09. The Black Crowes - "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye" (Greatest Hits)
10. Bon Jovi - "I Will Love You Always" (Crossroads)
11. Bonnie Raitt - "I Can't Make You Love Me" (Luck of The Draw)
12. Broken Social Scene - "Anthems for a Seventeen Year old Girl" (You Forgot it in People)
13. Camera Obscura - "Your Picture" (Underachievers Please Try Harder)

Compiled by: munecodebatman

note from munecodebatman:
maybe this mix is a little sympathetic to the whoever you're giving the proverbial cake to have but not eat... unless you mean paint a picture of you, in which case it's almost completely irrelevant.

01. The Mooney Suzuki - "Naked Lady" (Alive & Amplified)
02. Regina Spektor - "Sailor Song" (Soviet Kitsch)
03. Robert Johnson - "Love in Vain" (M.S. Presents the Blues)
04. Soul Coughing - "Paint" (Irresistible Bliss)
05. Animal Collective - "Good Lovin Outside" (Sung Tongs)
06. Tool - "Jerk Off (live)" (Opiate)
07. The Arcade Fire - "My Body is a Cage" (Neon Bible)
08. 2pac - "Temptations" (Me Against the World)
09. Weezer - "Tired of Sex" (Pinkerton)
10. Jeff Buckley - "Your Flesh is So Nice" (Sketches (for My Sweetheart the Drunk))
11. James Brown- "What Kind of Fool Am I?" (Soul on Top)

We’re both artsy, neurotic, pretentious douchebags. We’re perfect for each other. Let’s make out.

01. Mirah - "Make it Hot" (Advisory Committee)
02. The Secret Stars - "Some Sinatra" (Geneologies)
03. Comet Gain - "Record Prayer" (Record Prayer 7")
04. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (Secret of the Loveninjas)
05. Saturday Looks Good to Me - "I Would Find It So Beautiful" (Saturday Looks Good to Me)
06. Pavement - "Passat Dream" (Brighten the Corners)
07. Iron & Wine - "Love Vigilantes" (New Order Cover)
08. The Halo Benders - "Love Travels Faster" (The Rebels Not In)
09. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "Graceland" (Graceland EP)
10. Beat Happening - "Sea Hunt" (Music to Climb the Apple Tree By)
11. Voxtrot - "The Warmest Part of Winter" (Demo)
12. Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit" (You Forgot It In People)
13. Peter Bjorn and John - "Up Against the Wall" (Writer's Block)

Songs that sound like this photo

01. The Modern Lovers - "I'm Straight" (The Modern Lovers)

02. Bob Dylan - "She Belongs to Me" (Bringing It All Back Home)

03. Guided By Voices - "Hot Freaks" (Bee Thousand)

04. The Velvet Underground - "Candy Says" (The Velvet Underground)

05. Destroyer - "Holly Going Lightly" (This Night)

06. Belle & Sebastian - "Simple Things" (The Boy With The Arab Strap)

07. My Bloody Valentine - "Cupid Come" (Isn't Anything)

08. Sonic Youth - "Superstar" (If I Were A Carpenter)

09. Beat Happening - "Catwalk" (Jamboree)

10. The Mekons - "Psycho Cupid" (Fear And Whiskey)

Songs to listen to while attempting to cook a gourmet dinner (one that more than likely won’t turn o

01. Beat Happening - "Bad Seeds" (Beat Happening)
02. The Blow - "Eat Your Heart Up" (Paper Television)
03. Arrah and the Ferns - "Apple for Evan" (Evan is a Vegan)
04. Josephine Baker - "Don't Touch My Tomatoes" (The Fabulous Josephine Baker)
05. The Lucksmiths - "The Art of Cooking for Two" (Happy Secret)
06. The Shins - "Know Your Onion!" (Oh Inverted World)
07. The Smittens - "Gin and Platonic" (Gentlefication Now!)
08. Of Montreal - "Pancakes for One" (Adhill's Arboretum)
09. Bishop Allen - "Tea for Two" (November EP)
10. The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Some Candy Talking" (Psychocandy)
11. El Perro del Mar - "Candy" (El Perro del Mar)
12. The Secret Stars - "The Vitamin-V" (Geneologies)
13. Lemon Demon - "White Bread Boyfriend" (Lemon Demon)
14. Jens Lekman - "Sipping on the Sweet Nectar" (Night Falls Over Kortedala)
15. Walker Kong - "The Salt Lick" (Transparent Life)
16. Stars - "Set Yourself on Fire" (Set Yourself on Fire!)

Top Five Songs to Cure a Hangover

01. The Clientele - "When I Came Home From the Party" (Strange Geometry)
02. Supergrass - "Coffee in the Pot" (Road to Rouen)
03. The Weakerthans - "Sun in an Empty Room" (Reunion Tour)
04. Coldplay - "Daylight" (A Rush of Blood to the Head)
05. The New Pornographers - "The Slow Descent into Alcoholism" (Mass Romantic)

Songs that make you want to go outside.

01. Dressy Bessy - "Oh Mi Amour" (Sound Go Round)
02. Math & Physics Club - "Weekends Away" (Weekends Away)
03. Headlights - "TV" (Kill Them With Kindness)
04. The Lucksmiths - "T-Shirt Weather" (Where Were We?)
05. Voxtrot - "Fast Asleep" (Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives EP)
06. Beulah - "Sunday Under Glass" (When Your Heartstrings Break)
07. Pelle Carlberg - "Riverbank" (Everything, Now!)
08. Sambassadeur - "Can You See Me" (Between the Lines EP)
09. I'm From Barcelona - "This Boy" (Let Me Introduce My Friends)
10. The Concretes- "Sunbeams" (In Colour)
11. Kite Flying Society - "6000 Shipwrecks" (Where Is the Glow?)
12. Bishop Allen - "Queen of the Rummage Sale" (February EP)
13. Wilco - "I'm Always in Love" (Summerteeth)
14. M83 - "Run Into Flowers" (Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost)
15. Beirut - "Postcards from Italy" (Gilag Orkestar)
16. Stars - "Set Yourself on Fire" (Set Yourself on Fire!)

What Makes a Robot Dance?

01. Cas vs. Lil' Cee- "Kiss U The Last Kiss" (Stonewall:The Addiction: Mixed by Luke Leal)
02. 2 Bit Pie- "Here I Come" (2 Pie Island)
03. Timbaland- "The Way I Are[Stian K & Dj Ex]" (Top 100 Best Techno Vol.11)
04. mouNtey- "Partybooster" (Top 100 Best Techno Vol.11)
05. Savage- "Swing" (Moonshine)
06. Bob Sinclair- "Rock This Party"
07. Atom & His Package- "Seed Song" (Redefining Music)
08. Band of Horses- "The General Specific" (Cease to Begin)
09. Nordfolk Project- "Living on Video" (Top 100 Best Techno Vol.11)
10. Against Me!- "Stop" (New Wave)
11. The Rocket Summer- "Brat Pack" (Hello, Good Friend)
12. The Bloodhound Gang- "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss" (Hefty Fine)
13. The Mountain Goats- "Dance Music" (The Sunset Tree)
14. Ago- "Tell Me Where You Are" (Top 100 Best Techno Vol.11)

everyone in the world is getting back together except us. a beautiful tape which subtly says “what’s

noye from twoheadedgirl: This worked for me. What you really need to consider is if you actually want him back.
01. Simon Joyner - "Came a Yellow Bird" (Yesterday, Tomorrow, and in Between)
02. Death Cab for Cutie - "All is Full of Love" (The Photo Album [Japan Bonus Tracks])
03. Azure Ray - "Safe and Sound" (Azure Ray)
04. Rocky Votolato - "Silver Trees" (The Bragg and Cuss)
05. Mirah - "You've Gone Away Enough" (C'mon Miracle)
06. The Perishers - "Nothing Like You and I" (Let There be Morning)
07. +/- - "Let's Build a Fire" (Let's Build a Fire)
08. Flake Music - "Meike" (When You Land Here, Its Time to Return)
09. Wilco - "I am Trying to Break Your Heart" (Yanke Hotel Foxtrol)
10. Bright Eyes - "Well Whiskey" (Lua EP)
11. The Good Life - "Rest Your Head" (Help Wanted Nights)

Compiled by: Kate Lucksmith

01. Weezer - "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams" (
02. The Thompson Twins - "If You Were Here" (Sixteen Candles OMS)
03. Sondre Lerche - "My Hands are Shaking" (Dan in Real Life OMS)
04. The Honeydrips - "(Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart" ((Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart)
05. Math & Physics Club - "Darling, Please Come Home" (Math & Physics Club)
06. Maxine Nightingale - "Right Back Where We Started From" (Right Back Where We Started From)
07. Black Tambourine - "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge" (Complete Recordings)
08. Blondie - "Rip Her to Shreds" (Best of Blondie)
09. Pavement - "AT&T" (Wowee Zowee)
10. The Rentals - "The Love I'm Searching For" (Return of the Rentals)
11. Jens Lekman - "Higher Power" (When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog)
12. Belle and Sebastian - "Seeing Other People" (If You're Feeling Sinister)
13. Her Space Holiday - "Tech Romance" (Young Machines)
14. The Wedding Present - "Mars Sparkles Down on Me" (Take Fountain)
15. Tullycraft - "Miss Douglas Country" (City of Subarus)
16. Oh No! Oh My! - "The Backseat" (Oh No! Oh My!)

Compiled by: blackswan

note from blackswan: It pains me to admit that the last song is from one of the OC Soundtracks, and that I own them, but its a good cover nonetheless. Good luck with this guy! I can relate to this subject way too well...

01. Stars - "B****** in Tokyo" (In Our Bedroom After the War)
02. The Strokes - "Under Control" (Room On Fire)
03. Bright Eyes - "We Are Nowhere and It's Now" (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning)
04. The Dears - "There Goes My Outfit" (Gang of Losers)
05. Great Lake Swimmers - "Changing Colours" (Ongiara)
06. She and Him - "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" (Volume One)
07. Belle & Sebastian - "The Blues Are Still Blue" (The Life Pursuit)
08. Feist - "Inside & Out" (Let It Die)
09. The National -"Brainy" (Boxer)
10. Shout Out Louds - "Normandie" (Our Ill Wills)
11. Jens Lekman - "Sky Phenomenon" (Oh You're So Silent Jens)
12. Band of Horses - "No One's Gonna Love You" (Cease to Begin)
13. Beach House - "Saltwater" (Beach House)
14. The New Pornographers - "Go Places" (Challengers)
15. Sufjan Stevens - "Holland" (Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State)
16. Stars - "What I'm Trying To Say" (Set Yourself on Fire)
17. Jem - "Maybe I'm Amazed" (Music From the O.C.: Mix 2)

Make Me a Fucking Mix Already

There, happy now Joe?

1. Re-Up Gang - "Here's What They Think About You Interlude" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
2. Re-Up Gang - "Re- Up Gang Intro" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
3. Re-Up Gang - "Show You How To Hustle" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
4. Re-Up Gang - "Roc Boys" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
5. Re-Up Gang - "20k Intro" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
6. Re-Up Gang - "20k Money Making Brothers on the Corner" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
7. Re-Up Gang - "Dey Know Yayo" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
8. Re-Up Gang - "500 Birds Interlude" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
9. Re-Up Gang - "Scenario 2008" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
10. Re-Up Gang - "Good Morning" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
11. Re-Up Gang - "Rainy Dayz" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
12. Re-Up Gang - "Emotionless" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
13. Re-Up Gang - "Fuck You" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
14. Re-Up Gang - "Bring It Back" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
15. Re-Up Gang - "Cry Now" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
16. Re-Up Gang - "Sandman Solo" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
17. Re-Up Gang - "Liva Solo" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)
18. Re-Up Gang - "Real Niggas" (We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 3)

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