ÜBRMNSCH​-​BLWY​-​PLX Interscape

[Interscape; 2014]

Rating: 3.5/5 3.5 / 5 (0)

Styles: SWT DR3MS, URL/IRL, trapcore
Others: BEBETUNE$, Balam Acab, ethernt, Drip-133, Mssingno

vixen meth, bb -
slam-haiku in response to GUNGE’s ÜBRMNSCH?-?BLWY?-?PLX

owned - total form, the
apprehension is shapely
^degrees – so crucial

dubai summer, b
no arab spring forgotten
just crystal, crystál

high-res, grime n bass muzak
voyeuristic (palm)

uber scuba stank
ego, holler, achilles
major – iguana

vixen meth, bb

2.0 medium
ice cold ~ white hot ~ dewed up, chained
mega, so hyper

ltd but not
bothered 2 b free of the
net, so beast, so slave

{browse me} poserz, i’ll
360 no-scope *haxors*
(and u will be owned)

-(and u will know us
by the fury of the fur)
>homely #face mask

vixen meth, bb

get toned, swimming free
ammonia seas, l33t weeds
bavarian skis

angel angles tho
sardonic wrangler bro
hologram A.D.

Bateman ninja, maybe
stanky mankey, bleeding ray
silk sheets, dank beats (lol)

Millionaire cat
city boy rat pack nose slam
feels (feels (feels)) marble

vixen meth, bb

selfie Ralphy goo
slim jim far side blues, not quite
turbo prescription

Xtreme cut-away
worship, enlighten, coda,
pull up (drank), speed dial

codes, rhodes, doom, auto-zoom
protocol, #fog demerol
Isaac B.C. ^up

Albedo karma
cityscape dramas, swiss alps
Cyrax hunter scalps

vixen meth, bb

I’ll pay by credit
Join #Rewardclub, you will not
regret, no regrets

Skate, mad Miami
Acupuncture Yenpachi
Drift, merlot, harem

QR braids, Cora
EXP, DK Pepper
Dr Phil hangin’

Asphyxiation, real tight
Subversive nation

vixen meth, bb

Matrix Cylon 8
Connection monster clone beau
Aegis Modus

Hacker-mind summer
Time boy, based boy, grey up bey
Faith survey, server (+%)

re:unknown (ask?)
java abyss, front-end code
meth-class mod graffle

Business strategy
ctrl girl ninias – real
third eye shit (om, pls)

vixen meth, bb

velveteen berghain
mesmerize toscanini
amphibious crown

resurrect tesla
racked, pagan fatality
ft. me, ft. you, ft.

excel, re-sell, nuke
blow, smoke, drink, POV tho

Xing paradise real
endless scroll, detrimental
no soul, no soul, no

vixen meth, bb

machine-man, DIS, tech
aggro, totemic, modern
sheen, ooze, vapor, trap

webzone, website, web
10 fedora tricks with chad
frame, haus chat girls

burn zone, frontin me
ballin, ballin, ballin, fire
champagne ferrari

sublime, post, violent, bold
hyperreality, yes
- BB (never enough, never enough)

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

01. Let-U-Down
02. MoQ
03. Ur-Ma-Lady-BB / Never Enough
04. I Am Sorry
05. Swimmin-In-Money
06. hot dog 2.0

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