Action Bronson and Party Supplies drop Blue Chips 2 mixtape; Action Bronson eats own beard

Action Bronson and Party Supplies drop Blue Chips 2 mixtape; Action Bronson eats own beard

Action Bronson is a rapper/chef from New York City. There is only one photo of him in existence and it is this one. Nah, just kidding. There’s plenty of pictures of Action Bronson out there. Like this one and this one and, okay, fine, this one is an actual picture of Action Bronson. Party Supplies is a producer, also based out of New York, who teamed up with Bronson for their acclaimed Blue Chips mixtape last year. As you may or may not know (if you do, just humor me, okay?), Blue Chips was (very loosely) based on the 1994 Nick Nolte basketball film of the same title. While Blue Chips (movie) never had a sequel, one question has lingered in scholars’ minds: what if it did have a sequel? This is a question that Blue Chips 2, the new mixtape from Action Bronson and Party Supplies, intends to answer.

Assuming all is well in the world, Blue Chips 2 should be out November 1, which is today; good news: it’s here! If you’re not quite ready for it yet, introduce yourself by watching the tape’s teaser trailer, featuring Bronson as a high-powered NBA mogul and Party Supplies as, I don’t know, some guy? According to the tape’s press release, the trailer alludes to his involvement in the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals game 7 between the Knicks and Pacers. If you know anything about basketball, those words may mean something to you.

If you’d like to know more about Action Bronson and the concept of food, check out the food series he’s doing with Vice. He’ll also be putting out a new full-length album through VICE/Atlantic at some point next year. It is tentatively titled “Man Forced to Eat Own Beard,” in my mind.

Blue Chips 2 tracklist:

01. Silverado
02. Intro feat. Big Body Bes
03. Pepe Lopez
04. The Don’s Cheek
05. It Concerns Me
06. Practice
07. Jackson & Travolta feat. Meyhem Lauren
08. Through The Eyes Of A G feat. Ab-Soul
09. Contemporary Man
10. Twin Peugots feat Big Body Bes & Mac Miller
11. Man & The Mirror
12. Midget Cough
13. It’s Me
14. Flip Ya feat. Retchy P
15. 9.24.13 feat. Big Body Bes
16. Rolling Thunder feat. Action Bronson
17. Amadu Diablo
18. In The City feat. Jeff Woods
19. I Adore You

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• Party Supplies:

Whoa, what’cha’know? Waxahatchee’s a-tourin’ this winter!

Hey, all you Bandcamp-savy indie rockers out there already know Brooklyn’s singin’, songwritin’, splash-makin’ Waxahatchee, don’t you? Sweet, us too! In fact, we like her scrappy brand of folky, grunge-y, indie rock so damn much that we usually don’t even bother to review it! (Besides, we’ve got to save all of those Foucault quotes and whatnot for where they really count: in Nick Cave reviews and shit).

Either way, she and I were having a little gelato at Whole Foods earlier today, and she mentioned the fact that she’ll be hitting the road for a couple of sweet shows this winter to help promote her recent album, Cerulean Salt (along with her twin sister’s band Swearin’, Columbus, Ohio’s All Dogs, and Philly PA’s Cayetana); and I thought that sounded pretty fun and cool and DIY and Bandcamp-y and fair trade-y and shit like that, so I just sorta decided on my own that I’d really like to tell y’all about them when I got back to my desk. And now, welp, here I am; so here you go. And, well, that’s all there is to it! I mean, I definitely don’t work for Bandcamp.

Tour dates:

11.27.13 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey *
11.29.13 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore *
11.30.13 - Portland, OR - Holcene *
12.02.13 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop *
12.03.13 - Oakland, CA - 1234 GO *
12.04.13 - Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst Atrium *
12.05.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Eagle Rock Center for the Arts*
12.07.13 - San Diego, CA - Che Cafe *
01.21.14 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge !
01.22.14 - Boston, MA - Great Scott !
01.23.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands !
01.24.14 - Washington, DC - Black Cat !
01.25.14 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter !
01.26.14 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church !

* Swearin’
! All Dogs & Cayetana

• Waxahatchee:

Kanye West postpones Yeezus tour dates following injuries to a 60-ft circular LED screen

Kanye West has postponed upcoming dates on his Yeezus mega-tour across North America (previously scheduled for October through December), mere hours after cancelling tonight’s show in Vancouver for a second time (it was originally happening October 20). The reason for the indefinite delay is this: yesterday, an official The Yeezus Tour truck was involved in an accident that damaged a “custom-made video truss” and a “60-ft circular LED screen,” according to a press release from Island Def Jam — two crucial components for Rogers Arena ticket-holders 23C-25A who were expecting a truly 360° multimedia event.

Island Def Jam goes on: “The Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis dates have been postponed. Further details on the affected tour dates will be announced shortly.” If this isn’t enough of an explanation, Island Def Jam recommends purchasing 808s and Heartbreak on vinyl as food for thought.

See the old, idyllic tour dates crossed out below this special holiday image:

10.31.13 - Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena *
11.01.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - EnergySolutions Arena *
11.03.13 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center *
11.05.13 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center *

11.07.13 - Chicago, IL - United Center *
11.10.13 - Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills *
11.12.13 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre *
11.14.13 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre *
11.16.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
11.17.13 - Boston, MA - TD Garden *
11.19.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
11.21.13 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center *
11.23.13 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
11.29.13 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena *
11.30.13 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Times Forum
12.01.13 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena *
12.06.13 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center *
12.07.13 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center *

• Kanye West:
• Island Def Jam:

Tara Jane O’Neil announces new album, breaks with all previous music marketing tradition by sharing a new track from it early!

Yup. Sad but true, folks. Another folky, drone-y, ambient-y, and generally-experimental pop artist just got gobbled up by that GIANT, EVIL corporate whore of a label Kranky! Is there no artist they won’t corrupt? No “scene” they won’t co-opt?!? What is the music world coming to?!?!

Tara Jane O’Neil, whom we’re at least casual Facebook friends with around here, has just announced that she’ll be abandoning her DIY aesthetic and releasing her new album, entitled Where Shine New Lights, via the posh, Top 40-shilling label this coming January 27. Seriously! There’s even a hoity-toity “press release” accompanying her announcement that says all this glowing, fancy shit about the new album employing “choral voicings spread out across the stereo field like muted cloud formations split by sudden outbursts of vibrant color, verdant mosses on ancient stones, opal sized windows of clear blue set against a vast horizon” etc.! And then how “this is music about healing, about listening, about surviving and transmuting the strange inheritance of language [and about] moving towards a direct perception of apparent reality through collaboration, breath, sound and song.” Yeah yeah, and I bet the whole thing is sponsored by Chipotle and Starbucks too!

Mmm. Chipotle…

Uh, hang on; I’ll be right back to rant about this some more! In the meantime, here’s a track from the album.

• Tara Jane O’Neil:
• Kranky:

Guardian Alien and Pontiak go on tour together, play Look Alive Festival together, release records in January together, all in string of improbable coincidences

Hey, Tiny Mix Tapes audience. I was just looking over my papers and noticed something odd. Pontiak are going on tour this December. This is not odd. Guardian Alien are going on tour this December. Again, not odd. But when I really give these tour dates a long, hard look, I’ve noticed that most of these dates are exactly the same. Some of them aren’t, some include Pontiak and not Guardian Alien, others vice versa. Most of these dates are, in fact, at the same place on the same night at the same time. They’re even both playing Miami’s Look Alive festival! It is as if the two are touring together.

Now that I’ve provided a plausible explanation, let me blow it to bits. It would be enough if the two were only playing the same tour dates. As it turns out, this case goes deeper, down through multiple layers of story sediment. Both bands are actually releasing new albums this coming January. Little information about these upcoming albums exists yet, except for one bit that will destroy your entire brain. Both albums are being released by Thrill Jockey. With that in mind, we can chalk up all these intersections in the fates of these two bands to one thing: mostly coincidence. There, I have answered everything.

Pontiak and Guardien Alien dates:

11.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie #
11.29.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Night Bazaar #%
12.01.13 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
12.02.13 - Richmond, VA - Gallery 5
12.03.13 - Raleigh, NC - Kings
12.04.13 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern
12.05.13 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
12.06.13 - Tampa, FL - New World Brewery #
12.06.13 - Miami, FL - Churchills ^@
12.07.13 - Miami, FL - Gramps #!
12.08.13 - Orlando, FL - Will’s Pub
12.09.13 - Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic
12.10.13 - Atlanta, GA - 529
12.13.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie ^

# Pontiak only
^ Guardian Alien only
% A Place to Bury Stangers, Dawn of Midi
@ Wolf Eyes, Rubber O Cement, Chronic Youth, Teepee
! Indian Jewelry, White Mystery, Lil Daggers, Nerve City

• Pontiak:
• Guardian Alien:
• Thrill Jockey:

YouTube reminds us that they’re still planning a music subscription service; pretty please, won’t you pay attention?

One thing noticeably lacking from the Breaking news, courtesy of Billboard, concerning the upcoming (though perpetually rumored) launch of YouTube’s music subscription service is… anything to make people give a shit! Also, news. Imagine my surprise when, upon my initiation into this role, it was made clear by deliberate repetition that news is supposed to involve news at some point. “Wait, so relaying the script of the puntastic Batman & Robin (1997) on multiple occasions is out of the question, irrelevance to TMT aside?” I complained. “So be it. I understand. No dice when it comes to my request, I guess.” Reluctantly then, let’s move this article forward. Come hither, marginal points of note!

And they are basically marginal. Supplementing earlier murmurs about the possibly imminent launch of a YouTube-based paid music subscription service, it’s been revealed that such a paid, or “premium,” service could go for a measly 10 bucks a month, and… the advantage? No advertisements, which rightfully takes advantage of a condemnable ignorance of AdBlock, and the ability to listen to cached music offline. “Soft sell” would appear to be an understatement then, especially when you consider that the paid service will come paired with a free component that offers “unlimited access” to the same exact library of music. Supposedly the overarching conspiracy here is to increase mobile app usage, thereby enhancing YouTube’s ability to sell ads on the platform. Feh.

One potential worthwhile (though obviously unconfirmed) feature of the service is the ability to stream entire albums. I’ve noticed an increase in these types of uploads anyway, but who knows how extensive YouTube’s contributions will/might be. Guess we’ll just see, possibly by the end of the year. With bated breath…

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