Aesop Rock to release Skelethon LP on July 10, and the first single’s video makes me throw up in my mouth

Aesop Rock to release Skelethon LP on July 10, and the first single's video makes me throw up in my mouth

Not to get personal here, but it’s been puke central at my house. Two young kids + their cousins + long car rides + some kinda flu means we’ve been cleaning barf off most surfaces in our home. So maybe it’s just me and my extremely weak stomach, but does the trailer for Aesop Rock’s new album Skelethon (dropping July 10 on Rhymesayers) make anyone else want to yack the fuck up? I’ve been wondering who Whiskers was and what happened to him, thanks to Aesop’s continually entertaining Twitter feed, and now the answer is here. Aesop has found his missing kitty. Watch the video to see it come back from beyond the grave. Yuuuuuuck.

But seriously, what I like here is the first single, “Zero Dark Thirty,” off the album. Aesop’s got such a strange and varied career that it’s anyone’s guess what this new album’s going to sound like. This is his first album in like five years, so it’s hard to say how he’ll integrate all his new influences and ideas. Is it going to be the classic backpack rap that he helped propel into the mainstream (as his flow on this track is hinting at), or the deliciously retro boom bap of his recent album with Hail Mary Mallon? Special guests on the album include folk weirdo Kimya Dawson, and his collaboration on her recent solo album was one of its highlights, so perhaps he’ll hew toward a folk DIY aesthetic. Who knows? In just the past day he’s been dropping ridiculous “free hooks” via Twitter for budding rappers. Sample:

“bagels - poppy seed or asiago, dip that shit in some gazpacho, serve it as a new wave nacho, all you hear is “who made? bravo!”

Sounds like the album will feature backup work (with Kimya the only guest vocalist) from Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts), Hanni El Khatib, Nicky Fleming-Yaryan, Rob Sonic, and the Grimace Federation. It drops July 10 on Rhymesayers, so we’ll soon see what he has in store for us. In the meantime, stick close to his Twitter feed, cause that shit is weird!

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Silver Jews to release Early Times this June (which either means they’re putting out some early tracks or some seriously smooth Kentucky Whiskey)

Ever see that old CBS TV show Early Edition, where this Chicago shlub mysteriously gets the Chicago Sun-Times delivered to his doorstep every morning by a sassy tabby cat one full day before its publication date? And then, like a sucker, he decides to use that information “only for good” and dedicates his life to stopping future disasters from happening before they occur? No? Well, no matter. Neither has David Berman, and it has nothing to do with this article whatsoever about his defunct project releasing a compilation of early-90s Silver Jews tracks in a few months. …Or does it??? Segues!

Fans of Silver Jews all know that David Berman, Stephen Malkmus, and Bob Nastanovich were once young, reputation-less post-grads out to change the world. But do they really, like, know-know that? This is the terrible question that I will carelessly assume that Berman is asking with Early Times, which is comprised of the group’s original 7-inch EP Dime Map of the Reef and 12-inch EP The Arizona Record. These dudes (okay, maybe 2.5 of them) would go on to become indie rock legends down the road, but back in 1990-91, they were as unknown and harmless as Ross Perot: just a couple-a fellas who loved beer and thought Nirvana was lame, their imaginations fired by promises of hover boards by 2015 and cool war metaphors like Operation Desert Storm.

What kind of music would these young heroes-in-training record to their shitty boomboxes when they weren’t obsessively listening to “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em”? Well, we can all find out together on June 19 when Drag City releases this rare document of Silver Jews’ earliest days to the public. But just remember, if you think the music it contains sounds uncouth and don’t like it, you’re both wrong and outnumbered. Because history has already retroactively made it “amazing.”

Early Times tracklisting:

01. Canada
02. The Walnut Falcon
03. September 1999
05. THE Unchained Melody
06. Secret Knowledge of Back Roads
07. I Love the Rights
08. Jackson Nightz
09. The War in Apartment 1812
10. West S
11. You Can’t Trust It to Remain
12. The Wild Palms
13. Welcome to the House of the Bats
14. Bar Scene from Stars Wars

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The Weeknd announce tourdates atop silken sheets, gazing out on the city, eyes red; morning wood; lucid

Abel Tesfaye has put the finishing touches on a live show backdrop of dark blue flashing lights, nostalgic close-up of lit blunt (smoke trails curling over skyline), blasé ample-breasted ladies draped over cold linoleum (one nipple covered by balloon [party guests left hours ago]), torn Magnum condom wrapper on gray pillow, blurred figure in pea coat skulking around cityscape (ambulance passing, destination unknown), glass table (coke residue), small robin flapping past sliding glass door, faded polaroid (both nipples), final haunting shot of blasé ample-breasted lady mid-coitus in glass elevator (blunt smoke, rising).

Nothing else is needed, the show must begin. The Weeknd is here and we (West Coast, East Coast) are The Weeknd (camera flash).


04.15.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.22.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.25.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
04.26.12 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
04.27.12 - Boston, MA - Royale
04.28.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
04.29.12 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA
05.03.12 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
05.06.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Fonda Theatre
05.08.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
06.02.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival
06.09.12 - Porto, Portugal - Optimus Primavera Sound
08.03.12 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza

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MV & EE announce tourdates and share a new track from Space Homestead, out this May on Woodsist. This calls for some good ol’ fashioned rhymin’!

mv & ee:
and folky.

getting ready
for an East Coast spree.
May 15, wait and see––
on Woodsist, Space Homestead, a new melody.
(at Stereogum, hear “Too Far to See.”)

willow tree.
afternoon tea.

e e e e e.

Space Homestead tracklist:

01. heart like barbara steele
02. workingman’s smile
03. sweet sure gone
04. shit’s creek
05. common ground
06. moment
07. too far to see
08. wasteland
09. porchlight > leaves


04.27.12 - Malboro, VT - Marlboro College
04.28.12 - Belfast, ME - Free Range Music Festival
04.29.12 - Portland, ME - Strange Maine
05.12.12 - Jamaica Plain, MA - The Whitehaus *
05.13.12 - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent (record release show) &
05.14.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Level Room %
05.15.12 - Baltimore, MD - Golden West Cafe
05.16.12 - Washington, DC - DC9
05.17.12 - Hudson, NY - Spotty Dog
05.18.12 - Montague, MA - The Bookmill
05.19.12 - Biddeford, ME - The Oak And The Ax $
06.03.12 - Becket, MA - Dreamaway Lodge
07.14.12 - Asheville, NC - Inner Mountain Festival - The Grey Eagle #

* Herbcraft & Mmoss
& Herbcraft & Steve Gunn
% P.G. Six
$ BR Garm
# Dredd Foole, Willie Lane, Samara Lubelski & Herbcraft

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RIP: Tony Marsh, jazz drummer

From The Wire:

Jazz drummer Tony Marsh died from cancer [on Monday], on 9 April.

Marsh had been performing until very recently, including a two night residency at London’s Cafe Oto with Roscoe Mitchell and John Edwards on 9 and 10 March. In the coming months he was due to play with Mark Sanders at Freedom Of The City in May, and with John Edwards at Evan Parker’s free improvisation residency at The Vortex…

• Tony Marsh:

[Photo: Andy Newcombe]

David Bowie celebrates life on Mars with 40th anniversary edition of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Yes, I know, “Life on Mars” was on Hunky Dory, you don’t have to tell me. I’m a lifelong Bowie fan, and I’m currently training for a marathon so that I can slim down and give myself the nickname of The Thin White Eric. However, as we all know, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is Bowie’s definitive statement on his love of Mars.

Regardless of whenever Bowie’s love for Martian society originated, the big news today is that David Bowie and EMI have announced that they will be remastering, reissuing, and reawesomizing The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; the new version of the album has set its phasers to “purchase” for June 5, 2012. The deluxe new remaster will be available on CD, 180 gram vinyl, and DVD audio, with the DVD version featuring bonus tracks “Moonage Daydream (instrumental),” “The Supermen,” “Velvet Goldmine,” and “Sweet Head.”

As we all know, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is, without a doubt, the best David Bowie album. Yes, Hunky Dory and Low are incredible, unique masterpieces (and if you press me hard enough, I’ll even admit that I think “Life on Mars” is Bowie’s best song) that helped define their eras but neither of them are as important or as integral as Ziggy Stardust. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is an Essential Document and a full understanding of pop music in the Western World is impossible without it. Beyond its musical impact, Ziggy Stardust changed pop culture forever; it brought glam rock to the masses, made it cool to wear face paint, and set the stage for punk rock and all of its multiple sub-genres. It is a fully-realized, flawless vision of youth, escape, super-stardom, the often-harsh realities of life, and, of course, sparkly-eyed Martians who will inevitably blow your mind.

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