ahnnu proclaims “ahnnu whatchu want,” begins West Coast tour

ahnnu proclaims "ahnnu whatchu want," begins West Coast tour http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1211/news-12-11-ahnnu.jpg

Call me a stickler for nuance, but I sometimes wish artists were required (by some musical Big Brother) to document every creative and technical decision that they make in their crafting of an album. That way, listeners would be able to get an immediate and detailed sense of just how much (or how little) work and talent was put in, and adjust their opinions accordingly.

Listening to ahnnu’s remarkably smooth 29-minute sample-fest pro habitat (TMT Review), the question of whether or not work or talent was involved hardly merits a response; obviously, indisputably, the answer is yes, but now we’re concerned with degrees. It’s apparent that he worked his ass off, but just how much of his ass did he work… off? Are the two cheeks still mostly recognizable? I might just have to do some serious/borderline creepy investigative reporting and invite myself into his studio to watch the man at work if I want to obtain a clear and complete answer to this.

Or I (and you) could just catch him on his West Coast tour, which begins today in Pasadena, CA. To be sure, live performances aren’t quite as thorough a method of obtaining information about recording processes as being obnoxiously insistent, but fun-having remains a distinct characteristic of the former. Have fun and witness a burgeoning talent in the abstract/instrumental hip-hop scene at one of the dates below.

Dates (all w/ Ages, Mndsgn, and DTCPU):

11.30.12 - Pasadena, CA - Poo-Bah Record Label and Store
12.01.12 - San Francisco, CA - Icon Lounge
12.04.12 - Seattle, WA - The Lo-Fi Gallery
12.05.12 - Portland, OR - Groove Suite
12.07.12 - Oakland, CA - The Fox Theater
12.08.12 - Arcata, CA - Ocean Grove Lodge
12.14.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Space 15 Twenty

• ahnnu: http://www.dogtropic.net

The Thermals gas up their Dodge van for new album in 2013

I think The Thermals put it best when they said, “Yeah, everything Thermals!” In my personal list of lyrics about The Thermals, it is in the Top 3. Thing is, life hasn’t been “everything Thermals” in some time. The Portland-based pop-punk trio haven’t put out any records since 2010’s Personal Life (TMT Review). For people who love The Thermals (note: I am one of these people), this is far too long to go without a new record.

As you might have expected from that lead-in, there’s going to be a new Thermals record in 2013. Sound the trumpets! The new record is called… something. The band hasn’t given the record a name yet. But it will come out through… someone. If there’s a label attached to the record at the moment, The Thermals aren’t telling. Their last two records came out through Kill Rock Stars, so that’s not a terrible guess. Anyway, the nameless, label-less record is coming out… sometime. Okay, so there’s not a release date either, but the band is aiming for spring 2013.

While the usual basics aren’t yet available for this record, there is some other information available. The album was recorded with John Agnello (producer behind Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, and many others) at Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey. Mixing was completed on October 28, mere hours before Hurricane Sandy hit. The band describes the record as a cross between their two best-loved records, More Parts Per Million and The Body, The Blood, The Machine. While this description is exciting, I am perturbed that most Thermals records do not recognize Now We Can See as the best Thermals record. You other Thermals fans need to get it together.

No dates have been announced for the band, though they do plan on playing many dates at SXSW in March. If we’re in the business of speculating, expect The Thermals to play Red 7, The Mohawk, The Parish, Emo’s, a taco truck on East Sixth Street, Beauty Ballroom, Wendy’s, a dog park, my living room, and, somehow, a casino in Louisiana. That is a lot of (speculative) SXSW dates!

• The Thermals: http://www.thethermals.com

[Photo: Thomas Oliver]

Bradford Cox to play Jared Leto’s lover in new Matthew McConaughey movie. Can a Deerhunter tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and McConaughey doing stand-up comedy be far behind???

Man. Just when Lockett Pundt finally got a little bit of name recognition…

The Hollywood Reporter has gone and Hollywood-reported that Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox will play a Hollywood role in a new Hollywood movie directed by Hollywood director Jean-Marc Valleé and starring Hollywood-based Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. In the film, Matthew McConaughey plays main character Rod Woodroof, “a Texas electrician diagnosed with AIDS who took it upon himself to find alternative medicine in order to treat himself.” Man, that’s good writing! This is gonna be great!

Anyway, the movie also stars Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, and Griffin Dunne; and Cox was cast as Leto’s love interest, “a cross-dresser dying of AIDS” (I assume an album of Reagan-era rock duets will follow this film’s release). On choosing Cox for the roll, Valleé remarked “I just loved it when he played that song ‘My Sharona’ for an hour that one time. That was brilliant. That was his audition.” I’m just kidding. Valleé never said any of that that. But, like, maybe he thought it, though? Either way! The film is currently still shooting in New Orleans, will be out eventually-ish, will probably really knock ‘em dead at the box office, blah blah blah. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take it upon myself to feed myself!

• Deerhunter: http://deerhuntertheband.blogspot.com
• Hollywood: http://www.hollywood.com

Arve Henriksen and Rune Grammofon announce Solidification, a 7LP set appropriately packed (solid) with new and old material

I could be walking through the downtown of some bustling, heavily-populated urban area. Simultaneously, my mind could be floating in silence at heights greater than that of the tallest skyscraper — if the sounds of Arve Henriksen’s contemplative trumpet-playing happened to be entering my auditory system at the same time. I feel isolated when I listen to him (solo, or as a member of Supersilent), regardless of who (or what) is in my proximity, and it’s an experience not easily replicated, not even through listening to artists from characteristically contemplative genres, like ambient or… ambient. Oh Arve, please do humanity a favor and allow us to continue gliding along with each note you play, relieving us of our everyday, trivial preoccupations?

Henriksen and the equally Norwegian label Rune Grammofon must’ve preemptively read my mind, because they’ve just announced a massive 7LP box set containing Henriksen’s solo albums released on the label — Sakuteiki, Chiaroscuro (TMT Review) and Strjon — all with “added bonus tracks,” plus brand-new album Chron (his first since Cartography, which was released on ECM in 2008).

The set, entitled Solidification, will be released on December 12 in Norway and internationally in early February. It also includes two DVDs with all 56 tracks as 16 bit/44.1 kHz files, FLAC files, and “original master quality” 24/44 or 24/96 files. Shout-out to the audiophiles.

Finally, accompanying all of this undoubtedly great-sounding music is a 24-page booklet, with liner notes from Fiona Talkington, a broadcaster for BBC Radio 3, and John Kelman, Managing Editor for All About Jazz.

Preorder the set here. And for those who don’t keep tabs on the conversion rate between the Norwegian krone and the American dollar, it costs about $158.

• Arve Henriksen: http://www.arvehenriksen.com
• Rune Grammofon: http://www.runegrammofon.com

Silent Barn relocates to Bushwick for Silent Barn 2: The Barnening

Do you remember a little over a year ago when Silent Barn, one of the premier DIY venues in New York, was robbed? That time over $15,000 of equipment was stolen or vandalized?

What about the Kickstarter or benefit compilation meant to help recoup the losses of the robbery?

Still nothing? Really? Well, in any event, Silent Barn is back. The Ridgewood-based DIY hotspot isn’t quite Ridgewood-based anymore as they’ve moved to a three-story, 10,000 square foot property at 603 Bushwick Avenue in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The new venue will, as the old one did, work as a performance space, art installation, and studio space. The new lease is for 10 years and has been formally recognized by the city, so you don’t have to worry about the cops stopping any more performances. The proprietors of the space haven’t announced an official opening date, but look for shows to begin in January of 2013. They’re taking applications now, so check out their site for more info.

• The Silent Barn: http://www.facebook.com/silentbarn

Bloc Party tour in 2013; praying to Satan finally pays off!

I started this new thing where I pray to Satan for things I want, including things like safe surgeries, the will to not pick up a drink, and for Hamas and Israel to reach peace. As we all know, Satan works in mysterious ways. So today I pick up my copy of Music News Daily from the doorstep, and immediately I’m spitting my coffee onto the front page as I read this headline: “Bloc Party announce 2013 tour.” Now that’s what I call good news! I immediately phoned TMT HQ to tell them I was on the story. After lengthy interviews with family members of Bloc Party, I was able to concoct the following story:

Attention! Bloc Park (with no ‘K’) are touring in 2013 to support the album Four, released on Frenchkiss Records, and they also have some December 2012 dates with Dum Dum Girls. That is all. Praise Satan!

Bloc Party tourdates:

12.06.12 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater *
12.07.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium *
12.08.12 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory *
12.09.12 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre *
12.11.12 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
12.12.12 - Austin, TX - Emo’s East
12.14.12 - Condesa, Mexico - Auditorio Blackberry
12.15.12 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Teatro Estudio Cavaret
01.11.13 - Montclair, NJ - Wellmont Theatre
01.12.13 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
01.14.13 - Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
01.15.13 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore Charlotte
01.16.13 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
01.19.13 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
01.20.13 - Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall
01.22.13 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre

* Dum Dum Girls

• Bloc Party: http://blocparty.com
• Frenchkiss: http://www.frenchkissrecords.com