Anthony Pateras to release Errors of the Human Body on Editions Mego; flatulence reportedly not an inspiration

Anthony Pateras to release Errors of the Human Body on Editions Mego; flatulence reportedly not an inspiration

I think those of us who aren’t religious fanatics or 21st-century hippies advocating ineffective forms of alternative medicine generally consider hospitals and centers for scientific research important factors in improving the overall well-being of civilization. And yet, despite the fact that I haven’t had any traumatizing experiences in a hospital, and that I certainly accept the vital nature of their existence, I can’t help but think that several levels beneath the ground floor of any given medical or scientific institution, doctors and other professionals are performing all kinds of crazy, unsanctioned experiments. Come to think of it, that’s probably where they make all of those god-awful GEICO commercials.

Eron Sheean’s film Errors of the Human Body apparently does nothing to rectify the subtly ominous image that some people have of any place where “experiments” are performed, being described as a “psychological thriller” developed in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany. Given the film’s tone, it’s no wonder, then, that Sheean once again called upon his fellow Australian and multi-instrumentalist/composer Anthony Pateras, to produce the score, which was their first feature-length collaboration. On March 6, that score will receive a 2LP release courtesy of Editions Mego. According to the official release page, “Pateras’ distinct keyboards and electronics permeate throughout, evoking the film’s key themes of isolation, scientific intrigue, ambiguous ethics and hallucinatory metamorphosis.” Is it even possible to have an uplifting film or television series set in a hospital that doesn’t involve Zach Braff?

Errors of the Human Body tracklisting:

A1. Cellular Cloud 1
A2. Burton
A3. Easter Gene
A4. Research From Unexpected Places
A5. Automatic 1
A6. Infectious
B1. River Elbe
B2. Personal Delivery
B3. Mouse House
B5. Automatic 2
C1. Burtons Lullaby
C2. Milk & Mice
C3. Cellular Cloud 2
C4. Sorry About Your Tail
C5. Automatic 3
D1. At Least I Knew Who I Was Fucking
D2. Fahrschein Bitte
D3. Burtons Syndrome
D4. Automatic 4
D5. Humans & Mice

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Sleigh Bells announce US tour without Santa Claus

Ah, Sleigh Bells. The band for dudes who are too afraid of seeming uncouth to just listen to real metal and chicks who are too afraid of not seeming quirky to just listen to Top 40. Hey, at least it’s a game plan. Anyway, my excellent sources tell me they got some smashed-up gas station Cherry Pie of a new album out, so I guess it’s time to “tour it up” or whatever you might want to call it. But you know, it occurs to me that I’m just not doing the band any true aesthetic justice by not “pushing my equipment to its maximum” while I’m writing about them. So, in homage to Sleigh Bells and their upcoming tour, I will now abuse my word processor to expose the hidden strengths inherent to its presupposed limitations:

       sex?            dicks?            vagina?
        !   !                   !       ! !
      !  !!      ! !       !  !   !!       !
! !!! ! !!!  !       !  !! ! ! !  !!!!!!
 ! !!!!   ! !!!!!!! !!! !!   !!! ! !!!!


03.26.12 - Toronto, ON - The Phoenix
03.27.12 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
04.03.12 - San Diego, CA - 4th & B
04.04.12 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theater
04.05.12 - San Francisco, CA - Warfield
04.07.12 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
04.08.12 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at SoDo
04.09.12 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
04.12.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot
04.13.12 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
04.14.12 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
04.16.12 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom
04.17.12 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre
04.18.12 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
04.20.12 - Georgetown, TX - Southwestern University (Corbin J Roberston Center)
04.21.12 - Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt University (Alumni Lawn)
04.23.12 - Columbia, MO - The Blue Note
04.24.12 - Iowa City, IA - University of Iowa (IMU Main Lounge)
04.25.12 - Detroit, NI - St. Andrews Hall
04.27.12 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Center %
04.30.12 - Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Place %
05.02.12 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre %
05.04.12 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center %
05.07.12 - Boston, MA - TD Bank %
05.10.12 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center %
05.11.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center %

% Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Dntel set to return this May with positive mentality and new LP; Baths and Nite Jewel guest

Jimmy Tamborello isn’t a household name but his work as Dntel (especially 2001’s “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan” which arguably created not only The Postal Service but nearly one billion other like-minded electronic/emo hybrids that continue to pop up irregularly to this day and show no sign of dying off anytime soon) and as half of The Postal Service (along with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard) has earned him worldwide recognition — especially if you frequented hip clothing stores, hip coffee houses, or were subjected to hip movie trailers in the early 00s.

Tamborello is set to return this May with Aimlessness, his first LP of new material in five years. The LP is his first with Pampa Records, a label run by DJ Koze and Marcus Fink. Tamborello reports on his Tumblr (Dying Songs) that Aimlessness will feature “a little” of his own singing as well as guest vocals by both Baths and Nite Jewel, which re-affirms that the people love their special guests (and backing beats) and the people will not be denied.

Aimlessness tracklist:

01. waitingfortherest II
02. Jitters
03. Still
04. My Orphaned Son
05. Bright Night
06. Retracer
07. Puma
08. Santa Ana Winds
09. Trudge
10. Jitters (Geotic mix)
11. Doc (Dntel mix)
12. Paper Landscape

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Kurt Vile, Ted Leo, Patrick Stickles, and Gary The Squirrel urge you to pledge to WFMU’s annual fundraiser TONIGHT

WFMU is a freeform radio station operating out of New Jersey that makes its name by warmly inviting “music lovers” to tune in and then atomizing their sense of self-worth by broadcasting hour after hour of unheard sounds that put to shame anything in their carefully curated iTunes library. Apparently a lot of people like this dynamic of total domination/submission, because WFMU manages to run on a $1,000,000+ yearly budget fully funded by listeners during a two-week pledge drive. Tonight, from 9-12AM EST, is the second and final marathon broadcast of The Best Show on WFMU, a three-hour weekly program that makes its name by warmly inviting “comedy lovers” to call in and then atomizing their sense of self-worth by getting angrily hung up on for being boring by host Tom Scharpling. Last week’s show brought in an astounding $101,000 and tonight’s stacked lineup of guests/incentives proves they won’t be satisfied until they’ve tripled that amount (or something).

Last year’s $75+ (tax-deductable) pledge incentive was a 7-inch of GG Allin covers by Ben Gibbard, Ty Segall, The Mountain Goats, Ted Leo, and Fucked Up, and this year they’re offering a BIGGER package that includes a flexi disc with exclusive songs by Kurt Vile and The Reigning Sound! The flexi is part of issue one of the “Best Show Magazine,” with print content from laugh merchants John Hodgman, Michael Kupperman, David Rees, and Robert Popper. Pledgers also get a comedy CD featuring Scharpling & Wurster, Zach Galifianakis, Jen Kirkman, and rising puppet stars Vance and Gary The Squirrel, plus a Vance stress ball, plus a download of Scharpling’s 2011 Radiovision Conference panel with Marc Maron and Ira Glass! (Additionally, for those in Maurice Kern’s tax bracket, last year’s 7-inch is available for a $500 pledge, and you can even watch a Best Show live in the studio for $1000.)

The only catch for all this is that you have to pledge during the show tonight from 9-12AM EST, where a cavalcade of guests will be cheering you on: John Hodgman, Ted Leo, and Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus will be in the studio, “trading jabs” with Tom, Gary, Vance, and disgraced associate producer Mike. Depending on when you pledge, you’ll also be in the running for a number of bonus prize packages, including massive CD/record bundles from Merge, DFA, and Third Man. I don’t even have room to mention all the other stuff available at different pledge levels, nor the fact that WFMU pays you back year-round by funding amazing online resources like the Free Music Archive and UbuWeb on top of their insane (and searchable) archives. You don’t even have to pay immediately, it’s just a pledge! Can you honestly say you won’t help out a squirrel like Gary in his time of need? Be real.

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Fenn O’Berg (trio of Christian Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, and Peter Rehberg) release HELL on all of us in April

Fenn O’Berg is the turducken of Christian Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, and Peter Rehberg, and they’ll be releasing a new double LP of their 2010 Japan tour on Editions Mego in April. The LP, entitled In Hell (which may or may not be a comment on their opinion of Japan), is “maintaining the sophistication of the In Stereo sessions and tour” but also “hark back to some classic 20th Century Fenn O’Berg fare, complete with the odd cheeky samples,” according to the press release.

This will be their first release in two years after In Stereo, which was their first release in eight years after The Return of Fenn O’Berg (#54 on our decade list), which was their first release in three years after The Magic Sound of Fenn O’Berg. That now makes four records in 13 years. Math. The improvisational puter-music is due out April 10 and is available for pre-order now.

In Hell tracklisting:

01. Christian Rocks
02. Vampires of Hondori
03. Omuta Elegy
04. Concrete Onions
05. It Came from Nagoya

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Desolation Wilderness’ Nicholas Zwart launches Kickstarter for film about the future, friends, and FUN

Remember all those good ol’ times you used to have with your childhood street gang, just stealin’ crazy space guns and joshin’ around? Boy oh boy were those the days! Too bad you didn’t have a cool, “Neil Young during his Trans era but potentially even more awesome” soundtrack to go along with all those youthful shenanigans! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, for a limited time only (Okay, probably not all that limited), if you donate to musician Nic Zwart’s Kickstarter campaign for his fledgling psychedelic/sci fi/adventure/buddy film, you’ll be able to look up at the silver screen with wondering eyes and relive the time that you and your colorfully named friends stole that Dream Gun, but with way more awesome tunes than whatever shit you were listening to at the time.

How is this all possible? Well Zwart, a fellow who has crossed the globe with the likes of Desolation Wilderness, Electric Sunset, and (current project) Drone Ranger, has decided to bring his film ideas to life through the internet magic that is Kickstarter! King Leaves the Kingdom is the name of the film, Kid, and it’s set in one of those mystical near futures where everyone’s in a cool street gang full of camaraderie and kickass gang names. The fellas in this flick go by the names of Theodore, Chachi, Freddy Bread, and Killer Boy, and together they are… The Lovers. They steal a little somethin’ somethin’ called a Dream Gun from a party-throwing gangster named Johnny Tondu and he gets a little mad, but basically he’s a nice guy, so they all go out for froyo at the end. JUST KIDDING! They get in way over their heads. THAT’S what happens. In the words of Zwart’s Kickstarter campaign, “At it’s core, the movie is about friendship, love, and the ability to control your destiny when you’re part of a group (like a street gang) which depends on you.”

So true! The project is just over a third of the way to its goal, and incentives include all kinds of nice things like personal messages, soundtrack downloads (clips are available on the Kickstarter and they sound pretty bomb), HD film downloads, IMDB credits, and… the chance to participate as an extra in a pool party scene full of Fun, Drinking, and Serious Acting.* Check out the page here. Always nice to see cool musicians experimenting with different art forms.

* I am good at all these things AND I live in LA. Call me.

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