Arca will release a new LP on Hippos in Tanks sometime this year. Stay tuned for actual details.

Arca will release a new LP on Hippos in Tanks sometime this year. Stay tuned for actual details.

Arca hijacks hip-hop. He steals beats and blasts them beyond music — some place where sounds contort and plunge and stretch and split. Then, he brings them back. The tracks that return expose layers of synth and wind and static and bass and voice, which scatter. And crash.

Last year, Arca released nine such electronic experiments on Stretch 2 (TMT Review), and not only did it wind up being one of our favorite albums of 2012, it also earned the top spot on our list of favorite album covers.

Sometime this year, Arca will release a new LP on Hippos in Tanks, a label high on our radar since releasing James Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual (TMT Review) back in 2011. Currently, there isn’t a release date for Arca’s new album, nor is there a title. Obviously, there aren’t any teaser tracks either. Just hang on and watch the video for “Manners” off Stretch 2.

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Guided by Voices announce new record, English Little League, while Robert Pollard nonchalantly promises three GBV records every year forever

Since Robert Pollard is still alive and since it is Friday, Guided by Voices have announced that they’re releasing a new record. On April 29, Fire Records will put out English Little League, Guided by Voices’ fourth record since reuniting their classic mid-90s lineup. To put it in slightly different terms, it will be Guided By Voices’ fourth record in a 15-month period. To really hammer the point home, Guided by Voices are incredibly prolific and Robert Pollard is more machine than man.

To achieve better efficiency as a man-machine, Pollard recently had a recording studio installed in his house. Though English Little League wasn’t entirely recorded there, certain songs were, making them the first released output from Pollard’s new home base. This new studio will help the songwriter in fulfilling his ambitious (though, in a way, very ordinary in this context) plan of releasing three new Guided By Voices records every year from now until the end of time. Inevitably, this will be in addition to a handful of annual solo releases. Maybe a Boston Spaceships record in there. Maybe the ascension of Robert Pollard from man-machine to being of pure energy. I don’t know, Pollard says it may not all go as planned, maybe he’ll just possess a golem.

English Little League tracklist:

01. Xeno Pariah
02. Know Me as Heavy
03. Island (She Talks in Rainbows)
04. Trash Can Full of Nails
05. Send to Celeste (and the Cosmic Athletes)
06. Quiet Game
07. Noble Insect
08. Sir Garlic Breath
09. Crybaby 4-Star Hotel
10. Biopgrapher Seahorse
11. Flunky Minnows
12. Birds
13. The Sudden Death of Epstein’s Ways
14. Reflections in a Metal Whistle
15. Taciturn Caves
16. A Burning Glass
17. W/ Glass in Foot

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Dean Blunt fleshes out details on first “proper solo LP” The Redeemer, out in May on Hippos in Tanks

Disrupting the yuletide cheer of the holiday season, Dean Blunt announced in December that an LP titled The Redeemer was coming in “Spring 2013,” accompanied by a brief snippet of music along the same confounding modern-MIDI-classical lines as “FLAXEN” and the no-longer-available “PALACE PAVILION.” Now Blunt has released details about the mystery album via press release gabber from “Rhys Raiskin” (a quick Google search identifies him as a miscellaneous crew member for the production of Spring Breakers…), and who knows what of it is applicable to reality.

Most plausible is the release date of May 1, via Hippos in Tanks and new Blunt/Copeland imprint World Music. Described as a “sonic evolution” but thematically linked to last year’s chart-topping podcast-concrète-turned-180-gram-vinyl The Narcissist II (TMT Review), this “first official solo LP” expands on said amorphous infatuation tales, where “the listener becomes the character in Blunt’s unflattering romance, receiving scorned voicemail messages and whispers from lovers.” No tracklist is yet available, but the music is described as uncharacteristically lavish, “orchestral sonatas” that recall “none” of “the usual misdirection and tape hiss of former Blunt affiliated releases.” We’ll see about all that. Hippos in Tanks tweeted a pic of the “mastering” process with a few more clues; “FLAXEN” looks to be on the 19-track album, along with what looks to be tracks titled “DEMON,” “AIR PIE,” and “#ff.”

Are you excited about the album? Are you uninterested? Do you think Blunt is a complete “scumbag”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Coachella 2013: The Three O’Clock reunite, nuts to the rest of the lineup

It’s that time of the year. Festival season begins to awaken from its four-month hibernation, like a grizzly bear rolling out of a cave, and roars out its lineups like mating calls. Of course, these calls tend to bring out fertile and bored males more than fertile females, but I digress. Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona announced its lineup Wednesday, and we had nothing to say, simply because Spain is pretty far away.*

Now comes the first big one here in this dysfunctional, disenfranchising union of ours: Coachella. A better name would be Burning Man for Hipsters and Brahs, because it is equally idiotic in setting, and thus so weirdly American. The lineup was announced this morning with the bravura of an Internet troll, and brought curt nods and ho-hums to most of the staff here on the Floating Platform. Red Hot Chili Peppers? Without Frusciante, our apathy turns into dull oblivion. Blur, we’re still waiting out on an actual album before giving you back “Britain’s Most Mis-hyped Import” from Muse. The Stone Roses? Why are we supposed to care about them again? And Phoenix are French. We’re American™.**

Reading down the lineup actually brings up some decent choices, including the appearance of the shapeshifting Nick Cave in two different forms (The Bad Seeds and a reunited Grinderman) on four different days, a reunited Jurassic 5 (which isn’t surprising, but we’ll let it slide), and appearances by The Evens, 2 Chainz, and Rodriguez (riding off that Sugar Man high). But what caught our eye and actually brought joy to the Floating Platform was the appearance of one band in the tiny print on the third day: The Three O’Clock. One of the main figures of LA’s Paisley Underground, a prominent part of the pre-MJ days of MTV, and a band whose biggest fan boi happened to be none other than Prince, are playing for the first time since 1988. For what reasons, we do not know. For what reasons, we do not care. To some of us, vinyl copies of Arrive without Travelling and Ever After remain our greatest treasures. Some of us were too young to understand their greatness, and now have a chance to truly appreciate it. That alone might just merit a visit to the desert.


* Confession/Disclosure: We attempted to report this fest in 2011, but this reporter only received his credentials after every hotel/hostel room in the city was booked for both that and some football game. waves fist to the sky Barçaaaaaaaaaaaa

** With some Australians, a Brazilian or two, and some guy in China. We Here At TMT Promote Diversity™

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The Flaming Lips announce new Drozd-heavy, drug-influenced album The Terror

Just when you thought they wouldn’t do it again, The Flaming Lips have done it again. According to Pitchfork (the popular hipster kid), FACT (the acid-dropping hottie), The Quietus (the cute intellectual exchange student), NME (the old-looking freshman), Spinner (the trust-fund student), Consequence of Sound (the band nerd), BrooklynVegan (the sack-lunch kid), SPIN (the quarterback with refined taste), Stereogum (the preppy kid), Exclaim (the Canadian), and The A.V. Club (the funny dropout), Tiny Mix Tapes (the androgynous outcast masturbating in the corner with a noose around its neck and a bag over its head) has learned that The Flaming Lips have finally recorded a “proper” follow-up to 2009’s Embryonic (TMT Review).

The nine-track album, produced once again by Dave Fridmann, is called The Terror, and Wayne Coyne had some stuff to say about it (of course): “Why would we make this music that is The Terror — this bleak, disturbing record…?? I don’t really want to know the answer that I think is coming: that WE were hopeless, WE were disturbed and, I think, accepting that some things are hopeless… or letting hope in one area die so that hope can start to live in another?? Maybe this is the beginning of the answer.”

More details about the album were announced last year. From an interview with Rolling Stone (the guy who still buys CDs):

During its initial creation, longtime bandmember and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd was in the throes of a drug addiction.

“It was probably the worst time of his life,” Coyne says. “I knew he was really, really struggling. He was in a bad way.” During this time, Drozd would seclude himself in a separate studio from his bandmates. Paying frequent visits to Drozd’s hideaway, Coyne would discover his friend having penned some “horribly creepy” but exquisite songs. The singer recalls a particularly disturbing tune that Drozd wrote reflecting his inner battle.

“He did this one piece of music and did lyrics, all these things,” Coyne explains. “Not all the pieces were audible, but he had these things saying ‘you are alone,’ and then the other voice saying, ‘I am not alone.’ Back and forth between some horrible internal dialogue. It was truly devastating.”

The Terror is due April 1 on Bella Union and April 2 on Warner Bros, preceded by a non-album, digital-only bonus track for “Sun Blows Up Today” on February 3. The track can also be heard on the same day in a commercial during the Super Bowl. And don’t forget that The Flaming Lips have dates with The Black Keys and a vinyl reissue of Zaireeka coming up too!

The Terror tracklist:

01. Look…The Sun Is Rising
02. Be Free, A Way
03. Try To Explain
04. You Lust
05. The Terror
06. You Are Alone
07. Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die
08. Turning Violent
09. Always There…In Our Hearts

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Black Pus (Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt) set to ooze new album All My Relations out of Thrill Jockey’s orifice

Single-handedly making the word “pus” that much cooler and more offensive to the brain, Brian Chippendale belies the disposition of those pussy chipmunks with his carnivorous assault on the snare. Surely you’re familiar with his more electric associations, but his solo Black Pus project is about to gain some major energy, courtesy of a release through the Chicago-based indie (but not impoverished) label Thrill Jockey.

All My Relations comes out March 19, and all of the adjectives used to describe Chippendale’s previous musical work have rightly reconvened: “furious,” “physicality,” “voracious,” “unrestrained.” By contrast, however, and as a press release notes, this album will be the first for which Chippendale has “fully embraced” the recording studio and all of its amenities. Recording and production duties were assumed by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI. The result, metaphorically, is an urban riot underneath a spotlight. Clarity meets chaos, with an undoubtedly slight pop element “more fully integrated.” As always, brace yourselves. See the video below.

All My Relations tracklisting:

01. Marauder
02. Fly on the Wall
03. 1000 Years
04. Word on the Street
05. All Out of Sorts
06. Hear No Evil
07. Nowhere to Run
08. A Better Man

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