Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti gettin’ sued by former drummer for $1 million

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti gettin' sued by former drummer for $1 million

Much like a totally stink-eyed Easter Bunny who brings eggs full of anger and frustration instead of delightful, teeth-rotting candy treats, the Drama Llama is wending his less-than-merry way across the loopy yet sorta poppy shores of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitiland. In layman’s terms, that means that s#!+’s getting raw. As in, Haunted Graffiti former drummer Aaron Sperske is suing the band for $1 million in punitive damages.

“Whhhhhhy?!?!?!? Why is this HAPPENING!?!?!?” you ask, alternately wringing your hands and balling your fists threateningly towards the sky. Well, according to The Entertainment Law Digest, Sperske is claiming he was “squeezed out” of an “oral partnership” agreement between the band members back in 2008. Sperske alleges that he and fellow band members Ariel Rosenberg, Tim Koh, and Kenny Gilmore wrote the band’s album Mature Themes together, and that he therefore should be awarded 1/4 of the album’s ownership, which means money from royalties and future shows.

Sperske has played with Beachwood Sparks, Lilys, The Pernice Brothers, and many more. The Drama Llama has performed in presidential elections, internet comments sections, and the UK teen drama Skins. Mature Themes comes out this week via 4AD. Read our review NOW.


09.07.12 - Austin, TX - Mohawk *$
09.08.12 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre *$
09.10.12 - Atlanta, GA - Goat Farm (Goodson Yard Room) *$
09.11.12 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle *$
09.13.12 - Washington DC - 9:30 Club *$
09.14.12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *!
09.15.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *%
09.16.12 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club *%
09.18.12 - Montreal, QC - Cabaret Du Mile End *%
09.19.12 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace *%
09.20.12 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College *
09.21.12 - Chicago, IL - Metro *#
09.22.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe *#$
09.24.12 - Denver, CO - The Summit Music Hall *#
09.25.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge *#
09.27.12 - Vancouver, BC - The Rickshaw Theatre *
09.29.12 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom *
10.01.12 - San Francisco, CA - Bimbo’s 365 Club *#
10.05.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre *

* BODYGUARD (James Ferraro)
$ Moon Diagrams
% Phedre
# Dâm-Funk
$ Mr P

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Adam Yauch’s will prohibits the use of his “artistic property” in ads (but not in ad-clogged internet news stories, unfortunately)

It’s been a few months since his passing, but I’m sure I speak for all fans when I say that it still smarts to think of the world without Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch walking around in it being awesome. But happily, a man as awesome as Yauch was bound to have built up so much residual awesomeness that some of that awesomeness is probably still rolling around out there, being residually awesome, even after his death. Yup, here’s some: according to a recent Rolling Stone report, Yauch’s will (which was filed this past week in Manhattan Surrogate Court) explicitly prohibits the use of his name, music, image, and general “artistic property” in connection with any and all advertisements. “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes,” the will reads. And, as Rolling Stone noted, that last phrase (“or any music or any artistic property created by me”) was added later… in handwriting… probably after he got a look at Guitar Hero 5.

I guess this means that the New York City tourism board won’t be getting their hands on “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” anytime soon, and we won’t be seeing any creepy-as-fuck un-dead reanimations of the man selling popcorn, thank god. In addition to being smart and savvy enough to preemptively fight for his right not to party, Yauch’s will also names his wife Dechen as the executor of his estate and leaves his $6.4 million to Dechen and their daughter, Tenzin Losel. Take notes, folks; if we’ve all got to go some day, hopefully we can at least be as graceful and cool as Yauch was and use some of our last moments to tell all the corporate shills of the world to go fuck themselves.

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Jason Lescalleet gathering up static electricity for his August US tour (which starts tonight)

Noisemaker Jason Lescalleet, whose most recent full-length on Erstwhile, Songs About Nothing (TMT Review), received our praise, is boarding his horse-drawn carriage and traveling to susceptible villages to sell his elixirs and potions, and then by the cloak of night, he’ll make his timely escape before the townsfolk all awake with sudden baldness. Be one of the privileged few to witness his staged miracles. It all begins this evening:

08.17.12 - Greenfield, MA - John Doe Jr
08.18.12 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room
08.19.12 - Pentress, WV - Voice of Valley Fest
08.20.12 - Richmond, VA - Hack-RVA
08.21.12 - Carrboro, NC - All Day Records
08.22.12 - West Columbia, SC - Conundrum
08.23.12 - Ashevile, NC - Black Effectors (above Forever Tattoo)
08.24.12 - Atlanta, GA - Beep Beep Gallery
08.25.12 - Nashville, TN - Brick Factory
08.26.12 - Lexington, KY - Institute 193
08.27.12 - Louisville, KY - Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge
08.28.12 - Columbus, OH - 400 W. Rich St.
08.29.12 - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class
08.30.12 - Rochester, NY - Carriage House
08.31.12 - Albany, NY - Upstate Artists Guild, 247 Lark Street

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Pussy Riot found guilty, sentenced to two years

The controversial court case of Pussy vs. Jesus came to a disappointing close today, as the verdict for the political punk activists Pussy Riot found the group guilty of acts of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred,” “and for wearing clothing that is not in keeping with the normal rules of dressing in church.” The Russian female trio had been obtained by police after a guerrilla protest of fascist President Vladimir Putin in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow. The five-month case that could have potentially convicted the three Pussy Riot members to a maximum of seven years resulted in a two-year sentence this morning.

The verdict is received, obviously, with much outcry over the injustice of the sentence. Members of the courtroom were reported to shout “Shame! Shame!” as the guilty verdict was delivered. Some such responses have led to additional arrests, with a number of people apprehended outside of the courtroom, including chess champion-turned-political activist Garry Kasparov, according to The Guardian.

Amnesty International declared Pussy Riot “prisoners of conscience” and expressed concern that they faced the danger of being sent to labor camps, where they would be at risk of physical and sexual abuse.

I tried to call Putin for comment, but he ain’t answering the phone today.

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Action Bronson signs to Vice/Warner Bros., has some harsh words for candy canes

Action Bronson is a Queens-based rapper whose profile has been rising all year, for better or worse. For better, he put out the excellent mixtape Blue Chips with producer Party Supplies. For worse, he made fun of transsexuals on Twitter and it was pretty lame. You win some, you lose some? Hrmm. While we’re at it, let’s hit all the other Action Bronson talking points: sounds like Ghostface. Albanian. Culinary student. And, as FACT reports, he has just signed to the Warner Brothers subsidiary Vice.

While no details have been offered as to Bronson’s future releases on the label, the MC has released a statement that he will “never make candy cane bullshit music as long as [he lives].” Whoa, Action Bronson! What’s wrong with candy canes? Candy canes are pretty good, man. I eat them every Christmas. Disappointing to hear this primitive viewpoint on candy canes, Action Bronson.

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Earth has a long North American tour planned for this fall; they’ll be traveling in slow motion and only at night

A forest burns somewhere in the South.

Earth released Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II earlier this year (TMT Review), and on Pitchfork, you can still stream the entire album.

Somewhere in the South, three people arrange rocks into a circle.

Following September shows in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, Earth will begin their most extensive American tour since 1990.

Three people arrange rocks into a circle, then shake bark from their hair and brush ashes of dragonflies from their cheeks.

Mostly, Earth will play material from this year’s record, but the tour’s lineup will reflect the band circa The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull (TMT Review). Steve Moore on keys and trombone, Don McGreevy on bass, Adrienne Davies on drums, and Dylan Carlson on guitar, but only Davies, McGreevy, and Carlson will play the September shows.

Ashes of dragonflies seep into the soil.


09.07.12 - Wellington, New Zealand - SF Bathhouse
09.08.12 - Auckland, New Zealand - King’s Arms
09.09.12 - Brisbane, Australia - The Zoo
09.12.12 - Melbourne, Australia - The Toff in Town
09.13.12 - Sydney, Australia - The Hi-Fi Bar
09.14.12 - Adelaide, Australia - Fowlers Live
09.15.12 - Perth, Australia - Rosemount Hotel
09.16.12 - Melbourne, Australia - Corner Hotel
09.19.12 - Tokyo, Japan - Earthdon #
09.20.12 - Osaka, Japan - Pangea #
09.21.12 - Nagoya, Japan - Club Upset &
09.22.12 - Tokyo, Japan - Fever ^
10.24.12 - Portland, OR - Rotture *
10.26.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock *
10.28.12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
10.29.12 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar %
10.31.12 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room @
11.02.12 - Austin, TX - Auditorium Shores (Fun Fun Fun Festival)
11.03.12 - Dallas, TX - Bryan Street Tavern %
11.04.12 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks %
11.06.12 - Orlando, FL - Will’s Pub %
11.07.12 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl +
11.08.12 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle %
11.09.12 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel !
11.10.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield !
11.11.12 - Cambridge, MA - TT the Bears !
11.12.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s !
11.13.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar Bar !
11.14.12 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop !
11.15.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Taft Ballroom !
11.16.12 - Chicago, IL - Township !
11.17.12 - Chicago, IL - Township !
11.18.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club !
11.19.12 - Kansas City, MO - The Record Bar !
11.21.12 - Denver, CO Marquis Theatre %
11.24.12 - The Shakedown - Bellhingham, WA =
11.25.12 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile ~

# Mamiffer
& Mamiffer, Eternal Elysium
^ Mamiffer, Boris
* Fontanelle, Stebmo
% Stebmo
@ Balmorehea, Stebmo
+ Daughn Gibson, Stebmo
! Eagle Twin, Stebmo
= The Body, Low Hums
~ The Body, Stebmo

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