Atoms for Peace are releasing an album next year, so Radiohead have obviously broken up for real this time, RIGHT?!?

Atoms for Peace are releasing an album next year, so Radiohead have obviously broken up for real this time, RIGHT?!?

Oh shit. Remember back in July when Atoms for Peace, Thom Yorke’s other band, released a single and we almost thought Radiohead had broken up? They’re releasing an album now. Atoms for Peace, not Radiohead. They’re releasing a whole damn album, and they’ve already released one damn song. Shit. It’s called “Default,” and it’ll be out as a vinyl 12-inch sometime next month. When you listen to the song though, just know that the cat’s out of the bag now. It’s over. Radiohead. Have. Broken. Up.

Or, maybe they haven’t. They probably haven’t. They definitely haven’t.

Atoms for Peace are just releasing an album next year on XL.


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iTAL tEK realizes his foot(work) fetish with new album Nebula Dance on Planet Mu

Planet Mu was founded by Mike Paradinas in 1995, and if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve assumed that Alan Myson a.k.a. iTAL tEK was right there alongside him, unpacking boxes, helping to sign new artists, and… I don’t know, probably watching Nickelodeon. Myson is in his mid-20s now, so I refuse to acknowledge the possibility that any 15 year-old living in the developed world wasn’t watching Nickelodeon during the mid-90s. That aside, the relationship that he’s established with the label over the past few years is enough to make you wonder whether marriage is in the future.

Postpone the wedding bells; we’ll just have to content ourselves with Nebula Dance, iTAL tEK’s newest album on Planet Mu, which is due out October 22.

His previous two albums, Cyclical and Midnight Colour, were worthwhile forays into an intriguing mixture of… let’s say dubstep and IDM, while his latest exercise is more blatantly influenced by the trendy developments in the footwork genre. You can partially blame DJ Diamond and Machinedrum for that, who both released two of the best albums of 2011, courtesy of, well, Planet Mu of course. Despite its clear influences, expect Nebula Dance to be at least one thing: fresh-sounding. iTAL tEK seems to have a knack for it. Preview the album here.

Nebula Dance tracklisting:

01. Nebula Dance
02. Pixel Haze
03. Dusk Beat
04. Intercruise
05. Steel Sky
06. Glokk
07. Solar Sail
08. In Motion
09. Gonga
10. Discontinuum
11. Human Version
12. Yesterday Tomorrow Today

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RIP: Matthew Africa, famed Bay Area hip-hop DJ

From SF Weekly:

We’re just getting word via Facebook and other sources that beloved local hip-hop DJ Matthew Africa tragically passed away this Monday in a car accident. He was 40.


Africa was well-known among the community of Bay Area hip-hop DJs, having first made a name for himself with a show on UC Berkeley’s KALX radio station. We’ve posted his work several times on All Shook Down, including a mix he made last year of the best of Bay Area rapper E-40.

Various tributes are pouring in across Twitter and Facebook. “My heart is hurting so much right now,” Tweeted Oakland Faders DJ Platurn. “This is so fucked.”

“Peace go with you Matthew,” Tweeted local DJ King Most. “Strength to all your loved ones. Damn.”

Africa was supposed to DJ at the Layover in Oakland tonight. Instead, the event has turned into an impromptu memorial service, where fans are invited to bring records and celebrate Africa’s life.

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Saint Etienne provide you with tourdates and words and music, so what else could you need?

In an effort to cut to the core of the matter, long-running electronic pop trio Saint Etienne released Words and Music by Saint Etienne (TMT Review) on Heavenly Recordings earlier this year. Immediately, the prospective listener (you and/or not you) knew what to expect from this new Saint Etienne record. You could expect words, along with music. These elements would be provided by Saint Etienne. Why am I explaining this? You already know.

Let me do things the way Saint Etienne does things. North America can soon expect a tour by Saint Etienne. The Saint Etienne tour is in October and November. If you attend, you will hear words and music by Saint Etienne, presumably many of which will derive from Words and Music by Saint Etienne. It has been many years since Saint Etienne has done a tour of North America. Attendees to these shows will be able to purchase a 2-CD deluxe edition of Words and Music by Saint Etienne at the show. This set will include unreleased material. One can only assume it will be titled Words and Music by Saint Etienne and Another Disc of Unreleased Songs.

Saint Etienne dates:

10.24.12 - Toronto, ON - The Opera House
10.25.12 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall
10.26.12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
10.27.12 - Boston, MA - Paradise
10.29.12 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
10.31.12 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
11.01.12 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox
11.02.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
11.03.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Fonda Theatre

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Third time’s the charm as EMI sues Grooveshark once again

Move over TomKat, the biggest break-up story of 2012 is sure to be the ongoing saga between EMI and Grooveshark. After trying to make things work back in 2009, EMI has since sued Grooveshark twice, and is now stepping up to the plate for a third go at the embroiled music streaming service. Claiming once again that Grooveshark is in breach of contract and that it has used EMI recordings without authorization, Billboard reports that EMI is seeking to drag the couple’s dirty laundry into the courtroom this time and hopes to get a big payday when all is said and done.

What makes this go ‘round any different than the last? Well, EMI is expecting Grooveshark to claim that it is in “safe harbor” under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but EMI is going to counter that claim by showing that Grooveshark contractually agreed to prevent EMI recordings from being distributed through the site, even when said recordings were uploaded by users and not directly by Grooveshark. The DMCA only protects violators who take down illegal materials when asked to do so, and EMI sees their previous agreement as the necessary request that would require Grooveshark to remove EMI recordings found on the site. If you’ve ever used Grooveshark, you know they’re not doing jack shit to prevent anything from being found using their search engine, regardless of the content’s origin.

Will EMI (or the other three major labels suing Grooveshark) succeed? Given the site’s miraculous track record of moving forward in the face of adversity, it’s always possible, and they seem pretty upbeat about the whole ordeal, with the company releasing a statement saying that “although this is the third time EMI/Capitol has sued Grooveshark, we are confident that we will settle this case in a manner that satisfies all parties.” Still, this development may have contributed to Grooveshark’s abbreviated reappearance in Google’s Play marketplace last week. With a new HTML5 version of their site that will work on iOS devices (as well as a regular mobile Flash version that has always worked on Androids), though, Grooveshark is always ready to find a new workaround that will inevitably piss someone off. It’s what they’re good at.

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Aphex Twin, Björk, J Dilla, and Kanye West among those set to receive an ego boost via 33 ⅓ book series

You’re browsing TMT, so you clearly like reading about music. And if you like reading about music, perhaps you like really reading about music — you know, through that perpetually underrated source of intellectual maturation, otherwise known as books. Enunciate if the word sounds foreign or outdated to you: “booooooooooooks.” Say it again with me now: “booooooooooooooooooooks.” Hopefully you’re doing this where other people can hear you, so you can literally sound like a literary zombie. Aren’t books just an indirect way of acquiring brains, anyway?

The chance to simultaneously satisfy your bloodthirsty interest in both books and music comes with the announcement that the folks at Bloomsbury Academic are (more or less) set to release the next batch in their 33 ⅓ book series, in which various authors write in detail about influential, noteworthy, or creatively distinct albums.

Ignoring for a moment the books that have just been announced, the series currently consists of 86 editions, all of which (minus the one written about Radiohead’s Kid A) focus on albums released prior to the turn of the century. The new batch, which will be released over time throughout 2013 and into 2014, includes books about more contemporary albums, such as ( ) from Sigur Rós, Biophilia (TMT Review) from Björk, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (TMT Review) from Kanye West. Older classics, like Devo’s Freedom of Choice and Gang of Four’s Entertainment!, will also be highlighted.

The varying authors suggests a similarly varying degree of quality, but kudos to Bloomsbury for continuing this worthwhile project. Check out the full list of books set to be released, below:

Andrew WK - I Get Wet, by Phillip Crandall
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol II, by Marc Weidenbaum
Beach Boys - Smile, by Luis Sanchez
Björk - Biophilia, by Nicola Dibben
Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe, by Tara Murtha
Danger Mouse - The Grey Album, by Charles Fairchild
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, by Mike Foley
Devo - Freedom of Choice, by Evie Nagy
Gang of Four - Entertainment! by Kevin Dettmar
Hole - Live Through This, by Anwyn Crawford
J Dilla - Donuts, by Jordan Ferguson
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, by Kirk Walker Graves
Michael Jackson - Dangerous, by Susan Fast
Oasis - Definitely Maybe, by Alex Niven
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation, by Pete Astor
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson, by Darran Anderson
Sigur Rós - ( ), by Ethan Hayden
They Might Be Giants - Flood, by Alex Reed and Philip Sandifer

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