ATP Iceland reveals its lineup exclusively to TMT and the rest of the internet; Nick Cave to headline

ATP Iceland reveals its lineup exclusively to TMT and the rest of the internet; Nick Cave to headline

What’d I tell you last week, readers? Does ol’ Nobodaddy got your back or what? BAM: ATP Iceland reveals its complete lineup, and BAM: Tiny Mix Tapes recapitulates the news like freakin’ CLOCKWORK. In addition to bill-toppers Nick Cave, Chelsea Light Moving, The Fall, Thee Oh Sees, Deerhoof, and more, they’ve also confirmed that film director Jim Jarmusch will be DJ-ing some films (pretty literally; he’s picking movies to play all day) in “the festival cinema on one of the days.” Which one?? Better buy tickets for both days just to be sure!

Haha, just kidding. But no, seriously; the fest still takes place on Friday, June 28 - Saturday, June 29 in Keflavík, Iceland (at a former NATO base!), and tickets are available here in a couple of different packages. Hey, why don’t you go check ‘em out if you want? No, you totally can; it’s cool! We’re not jealous of your visiting other websites! Well, except maybe That guy’s such an asshole! Haha, just kidding. But no, seriously.

ATP Iceland lineup:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Chelsea Light Moving
The Fall
The Notwist
Thee Oh Sees
Dead Skeletons
Valgeir Sigurðsson
Puzzle Muteson
Apparat Organ Quartet
Snorri Helgason

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Public Information releases ready-to-be-enshrined Interpretations on F.C. Judd remix album w/ help from Holly Herndon, Leyland Kirby, and more

Sometimes it’s hard not to fetishize music that is well matched by its container. It’s difficult not to feel that things like the Threshold Houseboys Choir’s Amulet Edition or Coil’s Color Sound Oblivion box have some kind of power as objects beyond the music they contain. It makes a strange amount of sense to take out a Grouper album just to stare at the art and feel the weight of the record; it adds something when you actually listen to the music.

The kind of releases where form and content blend to create something greater are usually few and far between; not everything can be art (despite how contentious that term can be). However, Public Information handily helped themselves to some of that nigh-idolatry last year with their release of Electronics Without Tears, a collection of esoteric artist F.C. Judd’s early electronic music and experimentation. Now FACT is reporting that Public Information is putting out another instantly canonized collection by getting a drool-inducing group of artists to reinterpret F.C. Judd’s music. The collection is called Interpretations on F.C. Judd and includes pieces by the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Peter “Pita” Rehberg, Holly Herndon, Chris Carter, and the ever-elusive Leyland Kirby. Listen to industrial deity Chris Carter’s remix below. This baby drops on May 20, so now is a good time to start building an addition to that early-electronic shrine in your basement.

Interpretations on F.C. Judd tracklisting:

01. Ian Helliwell – Solid States
02. Perc – Woodford
03. Chris Carter – Flip Flop
04. Holly Herndon – Control Sample
05. Mordant Music – Hoarded House (remix Fredit)
06. The Boats – Space Judder
07. Pye Corner Audio – Splice Block
08. Leyland Kirby – Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals
09. Karen Gwyer – Judd Drums
10. Peter Rehberg – FJUDDmix 032013
11. Bandshell – Concrete Teeth
12. Ekoplekz –Fredwrek

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Sub Pop announces Silver Jubilee, a free festival celebrating 25 years of tickling pop’s underside

Pay attention, adults. It’s time for an unsolicited reminder of how old you are.

It’s been roughly 25 years since Seattle’s Sub Pop label first gave arguably the most prominent buoy to the now geographically-welded (to the PNW) grunge genre, and times have changed, even if a certain penchant for flannel shirts hasn’t. Soundgarden may have just unearthed a well-received reunion album, and Mudhoney may be sticking to music like a bee-preferred adhesive, but other than that, it’s difficult to quarrel with the notion that grunge is but a dreary shadow of what it once was, in terms of widespread popularity.

And yes, in case you weren’t aware, in the subsequent years, Sub Pop has still existed as a record label, and has continued to be a noteworthy purveyor of culturally relevant music releases. Half a decade ago (or potentially, even today), could you enter the “indie” world without willingly exposing yourself (aurally speaking) to The Shins, The Postal Service, or Iron & Wine? More recently, let’s mention Fleet Foxes. Reverberant vocals with a folksy accompaniment has hardly known such recent success. I’m simplifying a bit.

Even if the number wasn’t divisible by five, I’d say that the folks at Sub Pop have reason to celebrate. In honor of their 25th anniversary, however, the label is hosting Silver Jubilee, a free festival in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The lineup so far is a temporal smorgasbord of Sub Pop signees, with Mudhoney, Pissed Jeans, Shabazz Palaces (with THEESatisfaction), Shearwater, and more all being scheduled for performances, with more more more set to be announced in the future. Tickets are… it’s free, damn it!

Check out, or keep an eye on, Silver Jubilee’s dedicated website for more information, and see the event announced by some of Sub Pop’s Silver Statesmen below:

• Silver Jubilee:
• Sub Pop:


It seems like a no-brainer to me. If you are going to buy music (rather than steal it) you might as well do so physically; that is, you ought to have at least some material gain to show for after a thorough pocket scraping. Furthermore — and I’m going to break some spirits here — size matters. As every bleeding-heart white-lying female won’t tell you: bigger is better. It’s simply much more satisfying to have the larger artwork of a vinyl LP in your hand than it is to wrestle the mini-booklet from that somehow already cracked, pathetically smaller jewel case (are those the lyrics or just really tiny pictures?). Plus one of those damn teeth on the inside always breaks off, so have fun living with that tic-tac rattle sound for at least another five years.

Well anyway, it seems some of you clods out there are wising up, because, as the IFPI’s (International Federations of the Phonographic Industry) annual “Recording Industry in Numbers” and FACT report, vinyl sales are up, at their highest level since 1997. Oh and, surprise surprise, CD and tape revenues are down, while digital downloads and streaming services have continued to grow.

Now before you get too excited, let’s remember what 1997 was like: Blockbuster Music was still bustling, and CDs (the top earner) were regularly bought for $17.99. This was a bleak consumer environment still dominated by the painfully overpriced CD — vinyl records weren’t exactly flying off the shelves.

So, while things are looking up for our old, old friend the vinyl record, this is hardly a victory worth celebrating. But, I for one, will continue to throw wads of cash at my compulsion to extend my fetish collection by a few more units, cuz’ after all, bigger is better.

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Keith Fullerton Whitman adds 12-hour collection of pop deformations to SoundCloud; corporate America grinds to a halt as thousands of workers call in sick

Who knew all it would take to bring capitalism to its knees was 12 hours of new music from Keith Fullerton Whitman all at once? I don’t know about your neighborhood, but outside my window I can see two abandoned semi-trucks, several small fires, and an Arby’s in the process of being looted. All of this happened because apparently everyone called in sick today so they could listen to all 12 hours of Whitman’s Greatest Hits. With everyone at home faking coughs, industry just kind of… stopped.

Whitman, as opposed to literally every other human in the country, never calls in sick and is also possibly a machine (maybe a Voight-Kampff one, eh? eh?). He says he started working on these tracks back around 2003 when he began taking bits and pieces of pop songs from his youth and running them through a variety of processes and effects, making what he calls “automatic enhancements,” which sounds both awesome and an awful lot like a CSI: Miami joke. You can find the first 100 tracks on Whitman’s SoundCloud now. He says making them was a sort of therapy over the years, and that he feels the end results shine “a flashlight into the dark corners of each selection, revealing the ghosts lurking within,” the ghost part of which sounds pretty scary to me given the fact the electrical grid is clearly on its way out here and it’s getting dark now. Check out some of the songs over at the Chocolate Grinder.

Hopefully your experience of hearing these tracks in our new era is pleasant and not at all post-apocalyptic. For what it’s worth, though the tracks seem to sound uniformly excellent and the Arby’s near my house is still closed, so this whole “post-capitalist” thing has been kind of a mixed bag for me so far.

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Dirty Projectors to release 12-inch-long remix of “The Socialites.” Are they compensating for something?

If you’ve ever sat around idly listening to Dirty Projectors at some point and thought “Gee, this is cool stuff and all, but I’d really be sold if this band somehow sounded a little more like Hot Chip” (and I think it’s safe to say that we all have), I’ve got some sweet news for you! Dirty-Dave Longstreth and co. are finally giving us all what we really want: simpler, longer, more autotuned, and more repetitive versions of their songs without all that “compositionally adventurous” bullshit gumming up the works. Thank GOD!

Yup, the band has announced a collection of remixes of the track “The Socialites,” a track from from last year’s critically-acclaimed-by-someone-somewhere-but-not-by-us-that’s-for-goddamn-sure-motherfuckers Swing Lo Magellan LP. Three versions of the jam in question will be kicked out on May 13 by Domino, in both digital and “white label 12” vinyl” formats that will feature remixes from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, AlunaGeorge, and FaltyDL. But if, like me, you just cannot wait to be rocked, you can pre-order the thing now at the Domino site while you check out Goddard’s remix below. Ahhh, finally: now these are some drum beats you can set your watch to!

The Socialites (Remixes) 12-inch tracklist:

A. The Socialites (Joe Goddard Remix)
B1. The Socialites (AlunaGeorge Remix)
B2. The Socialites (Falty DL Remix)

Upcoming DP dates:

04.17.13 - Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall ^
04.18.13 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground ^
041.9.13 - Portsmouth, NY - Portsmouth Singer-Songwriter Festival
04.20.13 - Providence, RI - Brown University
05.10.13 - Napa, CA - Bottle Rock Festival
05.17-19.13 - Gulf Shores, AL - Hangout Festival
05.24-27.13 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival
005.26.13 - Boston, MA - Boston Calling
06.06.13 - Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion #
06.07.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center for the Performing Arts #
06.08-09.13 - New York, NY - Governors Ball
06.10.13 - Raleigh, NC - Red Hat Amphitheatre #
06.11.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE #
06.12.13 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
06.13.13 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall (Early Show)
06.14.13 - Chicago, IL L-incoln Hall (Late Show)
06.14-6.16.13 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo

^ Delicate Steve
# The National

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