Autechre release their rare debut EP on vinyl, I continue to pretend I know things about Autechre

Autechre release their rare debut EP on vinyl, I continue to pretend I know things about Autechre

You’re a Tiny Mix Tapes reader. You assume we know everything about all the music you’ve ever heard of, along with all the music you haven’t heard of. This is a pretty good assumption, so keep assuming it. I have to deflate it a little, though. While I’m sure there are multiple people on staff extremely knowledgeable about legendary electronic act Autechre, I am not that person. Really, I pretty much exhausted my entire knowledge about Autechre in that last sentence. Actually, I am fairly sure they released a record called Confield once and now I have officially exhausted my knowledge base.

To me, it doesn’t mean a ton that FACT reports that the group is reissuing their debut EP on vinyl. But it’s a big deal to Autechre fans! The 1991 EP was released under the name Lego Feet (which is a very, very good name for a musical group and why would anyone change) and is very sought-after among fans of the group. On June 4, Skam Records will put out a double-vinyl release of this first EP, in order to celebrate the record’s 20th anniversary. Word has it that, if you’re interested, you should probably pick one up quickly, since they should run out with swiftness. I wouldn’t know, though, as my mind is a blank slate of nothing.

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Destroyer adds Euro dates, just because he has, like, a ton of euros lying around and doesn’t want to exchange them

The other day, I found a British pence in my room. I thought it was strange, considering I haven’t been to Britain in five years. But, hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. Destroyer knows what I’m talking about, because me and Destroyer are best buddies. Last time Dan Bejar was in Europe, he came back to Canada with a whole ton of euros. Sure, he could go exchange them, but he’s a busy guy. Depending on lines, that can be a whole afternoon wasted. If getting money exchanged prevents “Bay of Pigs Part Deux: Even Baysier” from being recorded, then may that money never be exchanged.

Thankfully, we need not worry. Destroyer is heading to Europe this July, presumably just so he can get rid of those euros. Very reasonable of him. He’ll play some festivals, as well as some not festivals. Congratulations, you just read the least informative sentence of all time. P.S. If you still haven’t listened to Kaputt (TMT Review) by this point in history, then I hate you. Our review is still spot-on.

Destroyer dates:

07.11.12 - Paris, France - Colors Festival @ Nouveau Casino
07.12.12 - Brighton, UK - The Haubt
07.13.12 - Suffolk, UK - Latitude Festival
07.14.12 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07.15.12 - Graefenhainichen, Germany - MELT! Festival
07.17.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
07.18.12 - Vigo, Spain - Festival Sinsal
07.19.12 - Madrid, Spain - Teatro Lara
07.20.12 - San Sebastian, Spain - Jazzaldia
07.21.12 - Cartagena, Spain - Mar de la Musique @ Arabian Castle
07.23.12 - Bordeaux, France - Open Air
07.25.12 - Basel, Switzerland - Festival in Fluss
07.26.12 - Feldkirch, Austria - Poolbar Festival
07.27.12 - Bologna, Italy - Bolognetti on the Rocks
07.28.12 - Padova, Italy - Radar Festival

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Chris Forsyth signs to Northern Spy, announces tourdates, an album, a soundtrack to Cocksucker Blues, and French lessons for his two cats

Chris Forsyth. Damn son. I just can’t keep up with you. You’re releasing your experimental guitar jams left and right — from Paranoid Cat and a reissue of 2009’s Dreams (TMT Review) last year to this year’s Early Astral, a collaboration with Mountains’ Koen Holtkamp. And that’s just naming the most recent stuff. Now you’re telling me that you’ve signed to Northern Spy and that you’re releasing another LP called Kenzo Deluxe on July 10? And that you’ve got a teaser video for your soundtrack to Cocksucker Blues, the unreleased Rolling Stones documentary?

And that you’re working on a split cassette for Preservation with Loren Conners? And a collaboration with choreographer Meg Foley? AND that you were awarded a 2011 Pew Fellowship in the Arts?

Lemme know when you announce the rest of those tourdates and the tracklist, alright? I’ll just be over here, pretending that tweeting about conversations I overhear and people I see is productive and cool.


05.11.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s #
07.13.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio (NYC Record Release Show) $
07.14.12 - Philadelphia, PA - AUX (Philly Record Release Show) %
07.20.12 - Lafayette, IN - Foam City
07.21.12 - Milwaukee, WI - The Sugar Maple
07.22.12 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington ^
07.24.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Madame of the Arts
07.25.12 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill

# PG Six, Strapping Fieldhands
$ PG Six, Rhyton
% Spacin’ and Mary Lattimore/Jeff Zeigler
^ Mind Over Mirrors & Zelionople

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Tortoise reissue classic albums, tour Europe, take time out of the day to appreciate the little things in life

Consider the tortoise, dear readers. Stocky, stoic, and stalwart, this humble reptile is a slow-moving testament to perseverance and The American Way. No other living being, not even the considerable hermit crab, can boast of the ability to carry one’s home on one’s back quite like the tortoise. Tortoises are often of a greenish hue, and most have comically bowed legs. This, for instance, is a picture of a tortoise. Here is another. Boy, that second one sure is a big fella.

When capitalized, though, Tortoise refers to a world-famous musical combo perhaps best known for their classic 1996 album Millions Now Living Will Never Die. In fact, the kids are still so hip to the Tortoise sounds that Thrill Jockey, an “indie” recording company, is reissuing that album along with a selection of other notable Tortoise titles in honor of the label’s 20th anniversary. While consumers will have to wait until July and September to rehear the band’s self-titled debut and 1998’s TNT, respectively, Millions is available for preorder this very instant in CD, Mp3, or high-quality vinyl formats. For those who wish to bear witness to the reptilian magick in person, Tortoise have also struck deals with a number of venues across The Godless Continent of Europe to perform live, unencumbered by the intrusions of real life or responsibility.

This has been the Mormon Music Minute Youth E-Service (MMMYES) reporting, and be sure to have a splendid day in the light of our Lord, Dazzler from X-Men. Praise be his name.


04.27.12 - Ann Arbor, MI - The Blind Pig w/Miracle Condition
04.28.12 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
05.02.12 - Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre
05.04.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Walker Arts Center
05.12.12 - Santiago Compostella, Spain - Auditorio Galicia
05.15.12 - Madrid, Spain - Rock Kitchen
05.16.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Apolo
05.17.12 - Valencia, Spain - Wah Wah
05.18.12 - Sevilla, Spain - Territorios Festival
06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day Festival
06.03.12 - Skopje, Macedonia - OFF Festival
06.04.12 - Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica Kulture
06.05.12 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
06.06.12 - Zurich, Switzerland - Moods
06.08.12 - Hasselt, Belgium - Kunstencentrum Belgie
06.09.12 - Tenerife, Spain - Proximos Festival
07.18.12 - Molde, Norway - Teatret Vart
07.20.12 - Tonsberg, Norway - Slottsfjellet

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The Men, Iceage, Amen Dunes, and Simon Reynolds open the door into the post-punk Narnia known as Incubate Fest

In the Netherlands this fall, a magical dream festival awaits. Fans of indie goth or post-punk and other sad people will want to book a flight to lovely Tilburg, where from September 10-16 one can enter the wardrobe known as Incubate Festival and wander out through the other side into a wonderful post-punk Narnia. But instead of scary witches and lions and stuff, they got The Men! Iceage! Amen Dunes! And the rad English dude who wrote a ton of articles on hip-hop, rave culture, and rock ‘n’ roll, as well as Bible of Awesomeness Rip It Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984, along with recent investigation into why you like slap-bracelets Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past: Mr.! Simon! Reeeeeeynolds! And that’s not it: Incubate will play host to a little something called “Sacred Bones in Residence,” which is — you guessed it — a whole lot of Sacred Bones artists taking over the stage at the venue 013. Add War, Lower, Lust for Youth, Luke Roberts, Killed by 9V Batteries, RM Hubbert, and Pretty Lightning to your mental roster.

But Incubate isn’t just about the music. The worthy Tilburgians have got a DIY Conference in the works, where Simon Reynolds will talk DIY Pop Culture as part of the keynote, and other kickass speakers will set you on the fast track to Cool University. Brit filmmaker Chris Jones will discuss his recent book The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, about how anyone can make stellar films on an “ehhhh I don’t know if I can afford this coffee” budget. British Sea Power manager Roy Wilkinson will give you the lowdown on his non-fiction book Do It for Your Mum, about family, rock music, and how the band fits into it all. Apparently he’ll also dish out his hot tips for birdwatching. (Here’s mine: Stake out a Denny’s for three hours. Order a shit ton of coffee. Look at your bird book and then never actually leave and go outside where it’s cold and Grand Slam-less to look for birds. Seriously, old people do this all the time. I KNOW. I went to a Denny’s once when I moved cross country.) There’s also a Q&A with Can’s Damo Suzuki, and as always, the ever-promised, enigmatic “much more.” So if you think about it, Incubate is probably at least 5% more educational than a trip through Narnia, plus you never have to worry about stumbling on an epic fight between good and evil or eating BAD CANDY.

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Eric Copeland releases new LP Limbo June 5; old college roommate still doesn’t ‘get it’

Back in the day my old college roommate and I were all like, “Yeah, Animal Collective! Cool! We get that.” And, then we both kind of went our separate ways in life. Now and again we’ll share music that may have spawned from some relation to the previous connection we had over liking the same band.

Circa 2007 – Me: Dude, you should check out this Eric Copeland album, Hermaphrodite. It’s nothing like Animal Collective, but it’s on their label and they’re like bros so you’ll have to like it.

OCR: Well… I listened to it. I thought it would be rippin’, but it’s just dance-noise. I mean, I just don’t get it, man.

A lot has changed since 2007. In 2012, Animal Collective and similar sounding bands have been cast into obscurity, and my old college roommate probably has developed a denser palate when it comes to music. Eric Copeland, of Black Dice, is releasing his newest album, Limbo, on June 5 via Underwater Peoples, and how could anyone resist the hypnotizing raw rhythm found within his compositions?

Today – Me: “Dude, it’s been a long time…. since we rock n’ rolled. Ahaha… just joshin’. Anywho, you should check out the new Eric Copeland album. It’s way more accessible… uhm, not saying you’re dumb or anything. But, I think you’ll like it a lot more than his first solo album.

OCR: I just listened to the song “Louie, Louie, Louie” on Ad Hoc. I still don’t get it, man.

Some old college roommates just never change.

Limbo tracklisting:

01. Double Reverse Psychology
02. Louie, Louie, Louie
03. Muckaluk
04. Fiesta Muerta
05. Tarzan and the Dizzy Devils
06. Lemons

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