Bill Callahan to perform Dream River live on a (presumably?) very real boat this Sunday!

Bill Callahan to perform Dream River live on a (presumably?) very real boat this Sunday!

Hey reader, did you notice how today’s review of scampy folk-meister Bill “Can Do” Callahan’s new album Dream River was missing one-and-a-half stars or so? Me too! Bullshit, right? But! But… to be fair, I totally asked Alex Griffin about that, and — wouldn’t you know it — he totally copped to having, specifically, NOT listened to the album unfolding live in its entirety while sipping a mint julep on an old time-y boat as it chugs around some pretty water at sunset deep in the heart of Texas! Typical of that guy, right?

But don’t worry; Callahan’s label, Drag City, has stepped in to remedy the problem. According to their website, a boat cruise featuring Callahan is totally happening this Sunday, September 22! For real. Just watch! Take it away, plucky Drag City copywriter:

[On] Sunday, September 22nd, cruise down Lady Bird’s Lake with Bill and the band as they showboat the Dream River album in it’s entirety live, and in concert for an elite group of 80 lucky schmucks. And you! Expertly timed to coincide with the magic hour, aka sunset—breathe the freshest air in Austin on the top deck of a sweet boat in motion while the light—and your life—change forever.

Sweet, right? Well, except for all the fine print. Tickets for this magical excursion are on sale EXCLUSIVELY by walking your personal self into the fine Austin establishments Waterloo Records and End of an Ear, so you’ve kinda gotta live in Austin; and you have to actually buy a physical copy of Dream River first (who does that, Drag City!?)—, oh, there’s a limit of one ticket per customer, so you can’t impress a cool indie-girl this way or anything (unless you buy her a copy of the record too, which is creepy).

But, still. It’s for real. The boat boards at 6:30 PM and departs at 7:00 from behind the Four Seasons Hotel Austin on Lady Bird Lake at 98 San Jacinto Blvd. And I assume that Callahan’s performance will retroactively be awarded five stars (or dots or whatever the hell we use) as a consequence.

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Sunrise Series awakens the Silent Barn all week long with predawn performances

Brooklyn’s resuscitated Silent Barn — an all-ages venue and “incubation space” at the bleeding heart of Bushwick’s art scene — is ringing in the sun this week, with an ambitious run of predawn performances. Every morning from Wednesday (tomorrow) through Sunday, doors will open at 6 AM for a featured set of live sunrise soundtracking. Local guitar virtuoso Ben Seretan and Barnyard steward Kunal Gupta will be hosting; Seretan, Bang on a Can affiliate and 1-bit musician Tristan Perich, the pre-recorded ghost of Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase, instrument inventor Cammisa Buerhaus, and more will perform. Everything goes down beneath the skylight in the Barn’s third floor living room, and will involve coincident tea. Breakfast will also be served, should you desire it. Things should be wrapped by 8 AM.

Admission is free, with a suggested $5 donation to your performer(s) of the day(break). The full schedule:

09.18 - Ben Seretan solo set (guitar, pedals, voice)
09.19 - Cammisa Buerhaus (live foreground) + Brian Chase (tape piece backdrop)
09.20 - Invisible Circle & Vapour Trail duo (organ and percussion)
09.21 - Tristan Perich: Impermanent, w/ Frank Tyl (tubular bells and 1-bit electronics)
09.22 - G. Lucas Crane & Daniel Fishkin duo (field recordings, oscillation, sound art)

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LAKE are going on a US tour in their enormous, Adventure Time-funded, nuclear-powered twee death-bus

Life’s pretty great if you’re in LAKE, the esteemed, K Records-signed indie pop band from Olympia. Not only are you, as mentioned, in an esteemed K Records-signed indie pop band, but you’re also THE RICHEST PEOPLE ALIVE. Let me explain. In 2010, the now-hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time premiered. Along with it came a closing theme by a one Ashley Eriksson, who just so happens to be a vocalist for LAKE. And that same closing theme just so happens to be an alternate version of the song “Christmas Island” from LAKE’s 2009 album Let’s Build a Roof. Adventure Time has since become incredibly, incredibly popular and, due to a contract misunderstanding, LAKE receives 95% of the show’s profits. They have since taken those profits and invested them in many extremely successful ventures, thus making them the world’s richest people.

That said, LAKE are still in indie pop for the love of the sweet, delicate game. Success hasn’t changed them much, except for the fact that they now drive around in a jumbo tour-bus powered by nuclear-energy that cannot be harmed by any force on Earth. It also has a picture of a dragon on the side. Soon, they’ll be taking their nuclear death bus on the road for a month, rolling into town looking like the end times, but sounding closer to a pleasant tea time.

On September 17, the group will release their new record, The World Is Real. That album happens to be streaming at Pitchfork, so give it a listen. Just don’t worry about buying it, the members of LAKE have more than enough money. (NOTE: the members of LAKE are not actually billionaires, they are simply working artists. As such, you should purchase their album if you enjoy it.)

LAKE dates:

09.18.13 - Seattle, WA - 20/20 Cycle
09.19.13 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studio
09.21.13 - Boise, ID - The Crux
09.22.13 - Missoula, MT - VFW Hall
09.23.13 - Rapid City, SD - The Llama Pen
09.25.13 - Chicago, IL - Burlington
09.26.13 - Grand Rapids, MI - Mexican Sans Frontiers
09.27.13 - Toronto, ON - Rancho Relaxo
09.28.13 - Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal
09.29.13 - Biddeford, MD - The Oak & Ax Fest
09.30.13 - Allston, MA - Great Scott
10.01.13 - Providence, RI - TBC
10.02.13 - New York, NY - The Cake Shop
10.03.13 - Annondale-On-Hudson, NY - SMOG & Bard College
10.04.13 - Purchase, NY - SUNY Purchase
10.05.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium
10.06.13 - Philadelphia, PA - WKM
10.07.13 - Baltimore, MD - TBC
10.08.13 - Charlottesville, VA - Tea Bazaar
10.09.13 - Burham, NC - Pinhook
10.10.13 - Knoxville, TN - TBC
10.11.13 - Athens, GA - The World Famous
10.12.13 - Atlanta, GA - TBC

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Old pals Kurt Vile and Sore Eros team up for collaborative EP

Kurt Vile might have the best name in rock. Actually, fuck “might.” He has the best name in rock and/or roll. One of the best things about having a name that cool is that you can have a backing band with an even cooler name. I mean, “Kurt Vile and the Violators,” is pure gold. It just rolls off the tongue. Robert Robinson, better known as Sore Eros, is not only a former member of Ariel Pink’s band, but a former Violator. When not backing up Vile, Robinson was collaborating with him. Now, aside from sharing a birthday (January 3, 1980) the old friends will share billing on an EP.

Coming out on November 4 on Care in the Community, Jamaica Plain unearths three tracks from the duo’s days of playing and recording together. Recorded in Boston and Vile’s home turf of Philly, Jamaica Plain features tracks over a decade old when Vile was working as a forklift driver to help make ends meet.

Less conventional than the music Vile is more widely known for these days, Jamaica Plain harkens back to the early days of the Violators and Vile’s time in the War on Drugs.

Anyway, here’s the Jamaica Plain EP tracklist:

01. Jamaica Plain
02. Serum
03. Calling Out of Work

Plus here are KV’s upcoming tour dates:

09.25.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Warhol at the Carnegie Music Hall
09.26.13 - Cincinnati, OH - Midpoint Music Festival
09.27.13 - Urbana, IL - Pygmalion Music Festival - Urban Civic Center Outdoor Annex
10.12.13 - Mexico City, Mexico - Corona Capital Festival
10.25.13 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 *
10.26.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer ^
10.27.13 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar ^
10.28.13 - Charlotte, NC - Chop Shop ^
10.29.13 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club ^
10.30.13 - Charleston, SC - The Pour House ^
10.31.13 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits ^
11.01.13 - Miami, FL - Grand Central +
11.02.13 - Orlando, FL - The Social ^
11.03.13 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder ^
11.04.13 - Mobile, AL - Alabama Music Box ^
11.05.13 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack’s ^
11.06.13 - Houston, TX - Walter’s #
11.08-10.13 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest (exact date TBA)
11.11.13 - Oxford, MS - Proud Larry’s ^
11.12.13 - Chattanooga, TN - JJ’s Bohemia ^

^ Beach Fossils
* Beach Fossils, Lee Ranaldo
+ Beach Fossils, Band in Heaven
# Beach Fossils, Merchandise

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RIP: Prince Jazzbo, reggae and dancehall DJ and producer

From Stones Throw:

Reggae producer, DJ, toaster Prince Jazzbo has died at the age of 62.

Prince Jazzbo (Linval Roy Carter) died after a battle with lung cancer. Carter made his name at the infamous Studio One recording studio, with several classic recordings to his name, including work on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Super Ape. […]

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Huerco S., Legowelt, Leyland Kirby, and more contribute to LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation

A rational look at the needless question of LGBT rights can easily leave a person dumbfounded as to why this remains an issue in the 21st century, but unfortunately for the world, there remains a permanent if wavering chunk of the population that just loves their bigotry and/or dogmatic belief in tradition too much to allow for alternative lifestyles/opinions voiced in the public realm. The developed world has, no doubt, made some notable strides since the turn of the century in this respect, but when a majority of countries in Africa explicitly outlaw homosexuality under penalties ranging from prison time to death, it’s clear that the path ahead toward widespread, global acceptance is still a long one.

Russia’s laws concerning same-sex sexual relations aren’t quite to the extreme of the death penalty, but a recent statute signed by President Putin banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” certainly doesn’t suggest movement in the right direction, policy-wise. Amid the vocal opposition from the LGBT community at large, a group called LGBT Rights For Russia Now! has organized a 24-track music compilation in order to raise money and awareness for the issue, and also, possibly, to compel the shaking of one’s derriere. The mostly danceable release features such artists as Huerco S., James Leyland Kirby, Hieroglyphic Being, Legowelt, and Scanner. Go here to purchase, and peruse the tracklisting below.

LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation tracklisting:

01. Legowelt - Rivers III
02. Hieroglyphic Being - A Joyful Noise
03. Kid Machine - Flight Manoeuvres
04. Baz Reznik - One Nation
05. Drvg Cvltvre - The United States Of Fuck You
06. Truss - Roath
07. Scanner - Citta
08. Just So Nah - Six O’ House
09. De Tuinen - Gay Pride
10. Cottam - Slo March
11. Chris Moss Acid - Acid Box 2
12. KiNK & Neville Watson - Heavy Sweat
13. Rude 66 - Sliding Backwards Into Darkness
14. James Leyland Kirby - The Archaic And Modernism In Russian Culture
15. Kitbuilders - I Try (V-Mix)
16. Erikoismies - Tomtar I En Slang
17. Archie Koba - Capital Trauma
18. Antoni Maiovvi - Ain Love Immortal
19. Mintdeluxe - MDI
20. Run Dust - Justify Your Fine
21. Huerco S. - Azhjjtee
22. Borealis - Jawberry
23. Perc - The Slow Path
24. Meibion - Calon

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