Blondie and Beirut team up, making them now tied with zombies for most-likely 2011 world domination

Blondie and Beirut team up, making them now tied with zombies for most-likely 2011 world domination

Blondie return to the airwaves with “Mother,” and no, it’s not a Danzig cover. The single, off the punk/new wave stalwarts’ first album in eight years, Panic of Girls, is an homage to the 90s-era NYC late night club of the same name. The video is an action-packed affair, with cameos aplenty by New York nightlife types like James Lorinz (Frankenhooker) Johnny Dynell, Chi-Chi Valenti, The Dazzle Dancers, Rob Roth, Barbara Sicuranza, Larry Fessenden, Alan Midgette, The Five Points Band, Guy Furrow, Kitty Boots, Hattie Hathaway, plus Kate from The B-52s! But lest you think Debbie Harry et al. are all hung up on the past and out of touch, they’ve inserted zombies. Because what says 2011 more than zombies? Very little.

BESIDES BEIRUT! That’s right, the band has enlisted not zombies but wandering faux-European minstrel Zach Condon for some hot trumpet action on Blondie’s cover of the Beirut song “Sunday Smile.” Panic features original Blondie members Harry, Chris Stein (guitar), and Clem Burke (drums). Original keyboard dude Jimmy Destri is sitting this one out. The album was produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Fischerspooner) and Kato Khandwala (Paramore, Papa Roach), and will be available as a special edition “fan pack” (including commemorative magazine!) on June 14 in the UK. The normal ol’ CD will be released in the US come September through Eleven Seven/EMI.

Panic of Girls tracklisting:

01. D-Day
02. What I Heard
03. Mother
04. The End, The End
05. Girlie Girlie
06. Love Doesn’t Frighten Me
07. Words in My Mouth
08. Sunday Smile
09. Wipe Off My Sweat
10. Le Bleu à l’âme
11. China Shoes
12. Horizontal Twist *
13. Mirame *

* fan pack only

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Eric Copeland makes another record of music for that schizophrenic uncle of yours

Mutant dance music — that’s a valid descriptor of the type of shit Eric Copeland has been making with the past couple of LPs he’s pumped out. His music takes a more ethereal and long-form approach to the fractured and spit-out form of his parent band and with repeated listens the results almost become danceable in a sort of sadomasochistic kind of way. He makes pop music in the same fashion that David Cronenberg makes Hollywood films: twisted and fucked beyond recognition.

For this next one, Copeland took shelter in a Copenhagen apartment for a few weeks and the final result of that Scandinavian retreat is Waco Taco Combo, his newest piece of wacked-out subterranean mindfuckness. As would seem appropriate for the location, the Copenhagen-based label Escho Records will be doing the album honors on May 5 with, like most of the dude’s releases, a smallish run of 500 LP copies. Go scope out a stream of the track “Krankendudel” over at Altered Zones that takes off where his 2010 LP Strange Days (TMT Review) left off and throws you right back into a Pole Position-like world where the fruit is just slightly too sour.

Waco Taco Combo tracklisting:

A1. Land of Foot
A2. Beatlemania
A3. Krankendudel
A4. Warbug
A5. Wao Taor Condos
B1. Spangled

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The Dismemberment Plan releasing live LP in June; The Pixies speak out against such an obvious cash-grab

The Dismemberment Plan — mostly known for being Travis Morrison’s early band before making waves with Travistan — are back in a MEDIUM way. Not a BIG way (new songs) or a SMALL way (reunion tour) but a MEDIUM way: they’ve decided to release a live album. Back in the early months of 2011, a time so much less cynical than today, The Dismemberment Plan reunited for a handful of shows throughout the US and Japan to celebrate the re-release (and debut vinyl version) of their 1999 smash Emergency & I, an album some people love so much they’ve gone through endless court battles to try and marry it. At each of those reunion shows, The DP let some other band (too lowly to mention) warm up the crowd, but they reserved one special date in Tokyo all for themselves so they could tear through 23 songs and still have time for an X-rated afterparty.

If you didn’t have enough money to travel to Japan to see your favorite band in February, your devotion to them is highly questionable, but you’re off the hook this time because that’s the one show they’ve decided to make timeless. Live in Japan 2011 was recorded at Shibuya O-nest on February 9 and will be released June 1 by Japanese label Bad News Records. And let me tell you, they played Dismemberment Plan songs. Not just Emergency & I songs, but stuff from !, …Is Terrified, I mean you name it! Well, there’s only one other album, so I’ll go ahead and name that too: Change. Look out, Change fans, you’re about to hear that shit echo.

Finally, because the band is a super-hot stud convention, the album will also include a digital booklet of live photos and video footage of “Back and Forth” being performed with the audience singing along. That’s cute because I wasn’t there.

Live in Japan 2011 tracklisting:

01. Spider in the Snow
02. A Life of Possibilities
03. The Face of the Earth
04. Sentimental Man
05. You Are Invited
06. Bra
07. What Do You Want Me to Say
08. Pay for the Piano
09. Memory Machine
10. Time Bomb
11. If I Don’t Write
12. Following Through
13. The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
14. Do the Standing Still
15. Girl O’Clock
16. The City
17. I Love a Magician
18. Ok Jokes Over
19. Ellen and Ben
20. Gyroscope
21. The Ice of Boston
22. That’s When the Party Started
23. Back and Forth

Couple more live shows:

06.04.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Festival Pier (The Roots Picnic)
07.16.11 - Chicago, IL - Union Park (Pitchfork Festival)

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EMI finally adds its catalog to eMusic; experience the thrill of buying Foo Fighters Mp3s all over again!

Hey everybody! There’s a party going on online! The party — let’s call it eMusic, shall we — has been going on in one form or another for 13 years. But one of this party’s most hotly-anticipated guests — let’s call that guest Tito… no, sorry, let’s call it EMI Records — is like, soooooo late you guys. How late, you say? THIRTEEN YEARS LATE, bro!

But that’s all changed now. See, as of last Thursday, EMI has agreed to add their MEGA CATALOG to the offerings available through eMusic. From now on, all 15,000 EMI albums will be available for your online listening pleasure. eMusic CEO Adam Klein expressed his pleasure that EMI would be joining the other three major labels in providing their catalog through the website. “In fairness to them, they’ve been going through a lot of changes in recent months. We’re just delighted they’re up now,” Klein said, referring to Citigroup’s takeover of the label.

Alas, the EMI catalog will only be available to US-based customers. And there are some caveats: initially, only EMI releases older than a year will be available through eMusic, with newer albums being added over the next few months. Although eMusic was once home solely to indie artists, major labels have prospered through their affiliations with the site. Last week, Adele’s 21 (Sony), TV on the Radio’s Nine Types of Light (Universal) and Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light (Sony) were all in eMusic’s Top 10.

EMI is the big label umbrella that shelters labels like Blue Note, Astralwerks, Stones Throw, and my personal precious, precious favorite: Mute.

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We may feel safe now, but The Rapture is still coming… out with a new album in September

Just the other day (guess which one), I says to my co-worker, I says, “You know, it would be great if The Rapture decided to make a come-back by releasing an album today.” The news comes a little late, but The Rapture announced today that an album is forthcoming, just as the end of the world will undoubtedly come — someday. The band posted the news on their Facebook wall, which, while technologically on par with Newt Gingrich’s ‘hip’ Tweet publicizing his decision to run for president, was infinitely cooler. The fourth full-length from The Rapture, In the Grace of Your Love, will be out September 6, the same date that the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, William McKinley was shot, and Swaziland became independent. In my opinion, they could’ve picked a more universally dramatic day, but what are you going to do? (Blame James Murphy.)

Legendary French electronic producer Philippe Zdar took the production reins for the album (recorded in Brooklyn and Paris), and Murphy’s label DFA is releasing it in the States and North America (UK release: September 5). Keep on the look-out for more details in the near future, and remember to stock up on cans and keep your bathtub filled with clean water.

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Bang! Bang! Art Brut tour! Bang! Bang! Art Brut tour!

Like Interpol and Nas before them, Art Brut will seemingly forever suffer under the shadow of a brilliant debut. I mean, look at that headline; it’s been six years and my first thought is still a pun based around Bang Bang Rock and Roll. It need not be this way. They’ve released two fine records since then and they’ve even got another, titled Brilliant! Tragic!, coming out May 24 via Cooking Vinyl. More to the point, they’re a crackerjack live band! If you know me, you know I don’t just throw around the word ‘crackerjack.’

Let’s test how apt my use of crackerjack really is, though. Art Brut are heading to the US next month. Unsurprisingly, they are heading here to play a quick string of shows. Go to these shows (or, you know, just one of them) and find out for yourself exactly how crackerjack Art Brut can be. Something tells me that they shall be quite crackerjack. And if they’re not, well, I bet they’ll play “Formed a Band” and “Emily Kane.” That ought to make you happy.

Art Brut dates:

06.15.11 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
06.16.11 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
06.17.11 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club
06.18.11 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
06.20.11 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
06.22.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
06.23.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Williamsburg

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