Bob Dylan Wins Pulitzer, Tours; TMT Declared “Bob Dylan Week” Last Week

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Pulitzer, we here in the TMT offices have decided to retrospectively declare last week Bob Dylan Week.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that all the content published last week was related to Bob Dylan. While the connection between a review of the new Man Man CD and an interview with Blitzen Trapper may not seem immediately Dylan-related, TMT’s Bob Dylan Week argued that all current music (absolutely no exceptions) stems from his influential seeds. No, I’m not talking about Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers (still trekking though, god bless their underachieving souls). I’m talking about the wordy croons of Richard Swift, the early Dylan-era strums of Jim Noir’s guitar, and Islands’ references to religion and gospel that smack of Dylan’s ’80s obsession with the subjects.

But Bob Dylan Week was not simply to remember Bob for a brief moment, only to wallow in the nether-reaches of our collective psyche the other 51 weeks of the year. And it also wasn't just a reminder of the year-round struggle to recognize the Bob in each and every record we currently listen to, review, purchase, download, and enjoy. Instead, Bob Dylan Week was primarily meant to highlight the influence of Bob that's embedded in every second of all music, before and after his birth.

And He’s on tour:

Culture Shock 2008 Featuring Beach House, Dead Child, Blueprint, Immigrants

Two immigrants arrive in Bloomington, IN and are discussing the difference between the Old Country and the U.S. One of them says that he's heard that people in the U.S. eat dogs, and if they're going to fit in, they better eat dogs as well. So, they head to the nearest hot dog stand and order two ‘dogs.’ The first guy unwraps his, looks at it, and, nervously looks at his friend. "What part did you get??"

Haha, stupid immigrants! Anyway, after eating/blowing/inserting the dogs, the two immigrants went to Culture Shock 2008, held on April 19 by Indiana University's studio radio station, WIUX-LP 99.1FM. Featuring awesome acts like Beach House, Dead Child, Blueprint, Mahjongg, and Pattern Is Movement, the annual event was a lot of fun for the two immigrants. And because they are cheap, stingy immigrants (no surprise), they both loved the fact that it was free.

Visit Culture Shock 2008's website for more information.

Pissed Jeans to Tour, Their Moms to Do Their Laundry


Hey, there, reader. Bored with life? Tired of the same old routine day-in and day-out?

Well, TMT feels you! And that's why we're offering you this helpful PSA to help you shake things up a little. Follow these examples, and you'll be livin' on the edge again before you know it, just like Keith Richards.

1. When's the last time you've pie-faced someone? Load up a paper-plate with some shaving cream and give your boss a call! It's time you started treating everyone you know like a fraternity pledge.
2. Stop mainlining heroine the "old fashioned way" and be creative. Ball point pen? Turkey baster?? Once again, what would Keith Richards do?
3. Commit Regicide. (yeah, yeah, go ahead, look it up already... sheesh)
4. Sneak into first-class on your next airline flight and call all of the flight attendants "sugar tits" while swilling all available free booze like it's going out of style. There's nothing like puking from 30,000 feet to recharge your batteries!
5. Tell your mom that you're WAY into this band Pissed Jeans now, and that you've decided you won't be going to church anymore.

Let the healing begin:

I Am A Broken And Joyless Writer Subject To The Whims And Fancies Of A Pitiless Editor; I Blame Feist And Her Heartless Booking Agent

I refuse! This is the work of unpaid interns. Where the hell's the tourdate kid? The one day he doesn't come to work, Feist rolls in with a scroll of upcoming shows -- bitch has a planner this thick. This many appearances is totally uncalled for. Nobody likes her that much, and no one's going to know about it anyway because I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT. Yeah, that's right, I have self-respect! I deserve a little respect! I'm a god-damned highly paid music journalist working for a premier web-based music news and reviews website (Tiny Mix Tapes). I was hired to hang out with rock stars and write off hotel room mini bar bills, NOT format tourdates.

They can't make me do it. I won't do it. I won't.

I was just whipped:

Deerhoof Recording New Kill Rock Stars LP For October Release

- Official Deerhoof Website
- Deerhoof MySpace
- Kill Rock Stars
04.18.08 - Albany, NY - The Linda - WAMC's Performing Arts Space
06.07.08 - Philadelphia, PA - The Roots Family Picnic @ The Festival Pier &
07.18.08 - Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Park (Celebrate Brooklyn) $
07.19.08 - Halifax, NS - The Marquee Club for the Halifax Jazz Festival
07.27.08 - Hollywood, CA - KCRW's World Festival @ The Hollywood Bowl *

$ Free

* Gnarls Barkley

& The Roots, Gnarls Barkley, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings

Bumbershoot Lineup Announced; Apparently It’s 1994 All Over Again!

Throw on your flannel shirts, dust off your Jagstang guitars, and chug some Crystal Pepsi, because apparently it’s the ’90s all over again. The partial lineup was revealed this week for Seattle’s premier music and arts festival, Bumbershoot, and with headliners like Beck and Stone Temple Pilots, it’s looking like another summer festival is turning back the clock.

Another, you say? Why yes, Bumbershoot is just the latest in a recent trend of a big ’90s uprising on 2008 lineups. Need proof, you say? Cast your eyes on the evidence below:

- Coachella 2008 headliners: Portishead, The Verve, The Breeders
- Lollapalooza 2008 headliners: Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine
- Bonnaroo 2008 headliners: Pearl Jam, Metallica
- Langerado 2008 headliners: R.E.M., Beastie Boys, 311

But have no fear, the entire Bumbershoot lineup does not stem from the grunge years; check out some of the other artists that will be appearing:

Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, Ingrid Michaelson, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Jakob Dylan, !!!, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Saul Williams, Joe Bonamassa, M. Ward, The Walkmen, Asylum St. Spankers, Dan Deacon, MIDIval PunditZ, Blitzen Trapper, Bedouin Soundclash, Tim Finn, Dale Watson, John Vanderslice, Final Fantasy, The Fall of Troy, Orgone, Forro in the Dark, Ryan Bingham, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Arthur & Yu, Darondo and Nino Moschella, Pacifika

...Well, Jakob Dylan's a ’90s guy, but hey, at least he’s appearing sans his Wallflowers! It’s a start, right?

The 38th annual Bumbershoot is being held at the 74-acre Seattle Center, located just beneath the Space Needle, during Labor Day Weekend (August 30 – September 1). In addition to live music, the festival includes comedy, theater, dance, film, urban crafts, literary arts, and visual arts spread over 20 indoor and outdoor stages. Three-day passes are available now at Bumbershoot’s website for $80 through August 15 ($100 thereafter). Single-day specific tickets will be available at Bumbershoot and through Ticketmaster outlets for $35, from July 15 to August 15 ($40 thereafter).