Brian Eno announces new EP and that he’s growing his hair out again

Brian Eno announces new EP and that he's growing his hair out again

Everyone who’s anyone is aware of British composer and mastermind-producer Brian Eno’s longstanding reputation as “the 5th Beatle.” But what many people don’t know is that that’s completely false (although it’s difficult to imagine the Fab Four creating a masterpiece like “Flying” without his trans-temporal influence). Seriously though, Eno is all kinds of British, and when you’re a composer and producer, you don’t get to be British overnight. You have to put in the time. And let me tell you, no one has put in more time making records than Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste Doctor Teeth de la Salle Eno.

Take last year, when Eno made the jump to the Warp label with the pretty classically-Eno-ish Small Craft on a Milk Sea, only to shift gears with some robot beat poetry glitchpop a few months ago when he and also-British poet Rock Holland collaborated on TMT’s Eh-This-Is-Okay-Music’d Drums Between the Bells. Now the second-hardest working man in show business is coming back at us again, this time with a new EP of songs from the Drums sessions titled Panic of Looking. Another collaboration with Holland, the new EP is due November 8 (November 7 in the UK) via Warp. It’ll be served up on vinyl, CD, and digital pizza pie. It features production and artwork from Eno, as well as six new tracks that, according to his publicist, “continue the exploration of how lyric and song are perceived.” Take that, all-other-songs-with-lyrics-ever!

The lyrics, of course, are comprised of Holland’s poems, which aren’t exactly “sung” but aren’t exactly spoken plainly either. As for the sound of Eno’s arrangements, yeah, there’s synths; yeah, there’s guitars; yeah, there’s glitchy, skittery drums; and yeah, it’s all totally thoughtful and precise-sounding. But hey, don’t take my word for it. You can listen to “Panic of Looking” (the title track, not the whole EP) for yourself over here. Needless to say, this ain’t your momma’s Historical Art Society, cucumber-sandwiches, afternoon poetry reading. Or maybe it is if your mom is sleeping with Brian Eno.

Panic of Looking tracklisting:

01. in the future
02. not a story
03. panic of looking
04. if these footsteps
05. watch a single swallow in a thermal sky, and try to fit its motion, or figure why it flies
06. west bay

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Don’t be Sunday’s clown, check out ATP’s 2.5-hour I’ll Be Your Mirror mixtape

Two weeks until the dawning of I’ll Be Your Mirror — the New Jersey Festival curated by Portishead and sister event to All Tomorrow’s Parties. Are you stoked? What’re you going to play on the drive there? Perhaps In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on repeat, because you still can’t believe Jeff Mangum has emerged from J.D. Salinger-esque seclusion and that you’re actually going to see him? Maybe Fear of a Black Planet, because secretly you’re more psyched about Public Enemy than any of the other bands playing, and you just can’t get enough Flava Flav? How about the 2.5 hour I’ll Be Your Mirror mixtape, which features almost every artist in the lineup? Battles, Peanut Butter Wolf, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Deerhoof, The Album Leaf, plus 26 others. There’s some indie soul, some noise rock, some experimental electronica, something for all the friends you’ll have crammed into your little car. All this music for the low, low price of… oh wait, IT’S FREE.

Go download it. And, if you still need a ticket, snag a Three-Day Jeff Mangum Sunday Pass.

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Hans-Joachim Roedelius to release new collaborative album Stunden, tour US for first time in 150 years

It’s a wonder that Hans-Joachim Roedelius has any time to eat his breakfast, much less travel thousands of miles to bestow on the American people his legendary brand of organic ambient music. Since the late 1960s, the 76-year-old Berliner has been relentlessly active in the German experimental and electronic music scenes, being one-half of a famously influential Krautrock duo (Cluster), collaborating with a number of noteworthy artists (like Brian Eno), and building an impressively deep solo discography. On October 25, Roedelius, alongside Stefan Schneider (Mapstation, To Rococo Rot), will be releasing another one of his collaborative albums, Stunden, which is due on Bureau B.

Taking the opportunity to sample a few of the tracks on the upcoming album, there’s a degree of purity in the production that separates itself from the enveloping soundscapes of more contemporary ambient artists. It’s like time-traveling back to the 1970s, when digital synthesizers were relatively unheard of and effects processing was kept to a comparative minimum. Ah, simplicity. Check out “Single Boogie” over at the Chocolate Grinder.

Additionally, October 1 marks the beginning of an extremely rare solo tour that, while not being terribly extensive, is worth highlighting simply because of Roedelius’ presence. Seriously, this sort of thing isn’t common. Check out the dates below.

Stunden tracklisting:

01. Stunden I
02. Liebe
03. Geschichte
04. Stunden II
05. Das Eine
06. Single Boogie
07. Miniatur
08. Stunden III
09. Boogie Drone
10. Zug
11. Upper Slaughter
12. Land


10.01.11 - Asbury Park, NJ - All Tomorrow’s Parties (with Simeon of Silver Apples as ‘Silver Qluster’)
10.02.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield Performance + Art Space * ~
10.04.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Thunderbird Cafe *
10.05.11 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter * !
10.07.11 - The Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC * ^
10.08.11 - The Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA *
10.09.11 - Knoxville, TN - The Pilot Light *
10.12.11 - Velvet Lounge - Washington D.C. *
10.13.11 - Philadelphia, PA - M. Room *
10.15.11 - Woodcliff Lake, NJ - 1000 Pulses *
10.16.11 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison *
10.20.11 - Cincinnati, OH - The Mockbee *
10.23.11 - Portland, OR - Mt. Tabor Theater *
10.26.11 - San Francisco, CA - Cafe Du Nord *
10.27.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo *
10.28.11 - Asheville, NC - Moogfest #

~ PAK Big Band
! Head Molt
^ DJ Chris Ballard
# Lunzproject w/ Tim Story

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Double Dagger of Bawmor are shuttin’ down after nine years and playing dair last show downey Ottobar on a Fridee in October. B’lieve. For people not from Baltimore: Double Dagger are calling it quits and playing their final show October 21

After nine years, three albums, a butt-load of EPs and singles, Double Dagger are calling it quits. Their reason, as posted this afternoon on their website, was this:

Like any relationship’s end, it’s complex, but for us it mostly comes down to time. As the band got older and grew and changed, the people in it did too, and our individual lives are pulling us towards other pursuits. With this in mind, we decided to focus on playing a few final shows in some of our favorite cities, and go out on a high note instead of slowing fading away. We still like the music, the shows, and each other, and we think it’s best to bring things to a close while we can still devote our full energy to this music.

Okay, that’s fair. That doesn’t mean I like it. I have a big case of the sads. However, this isn’t the END end. The band has been working on a few new songs that will be released posthumously, most likely via Thrill Jockey. Their last show will take place on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Ottobar in Baltimore with “awesome secret guests.” If you can’t make it to Baltimore, they also have dates in DC, Brooklyn, Cleveland, and two shows in Chicago (one listed as TBD, because I bet it’s some sweaty house show).

Goodbye, Double Dagger. I will never forget being 16 and getting kicked in the face and having a black eye and busted lip and telling my mom I tripped at work.

Final dates:

10.14.11 - Chicago, IL - Ultra Lounge
10.15.11 - Chicago, IL - TBD
10.16.11 - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class
10.19.11 - Washington DC - Black Cat
10.20.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio ^
10.21.11 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar *

* with “awesome secret special guests!!!”

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James Ferraro to be played by Adrian Grenier in my blockbuster movie idea, readies new album and EP for Hippos in Tanks

James Ferraro is Flintstones and as of September 13 has released a digital EP, Condo Pets, as a prelude to his upcoming LP Far Side Virtual on Hippos in Tanks. Ferraro recently signed to Hippos this year, commenting that “the results of this relationship will see a new era in Art History.” The label prophecies that the upcoming LP will be one of his greatest achievements in exploring his fascination with the synthetic side of American living, and Ferraro tells us it will fund his plastic surgery.

The Condo Pets EP is available now and tackles difficult/fatuous subjects such as Google Street View and Carrie Bradshaw’s iPod. Far Side Virtual, limited to 1,000 copies, will follow closely behind on October 25.

Condo Pets tracklist:

01. Text Bubbles
02. The Secret World of Condo Pets
03. Eco – Tot
04. Life in a Day
05. Smoothies, Foodies, Flat Screens and Virtuality
06. Find Out What’s on Carrie Bradshaw’s iPod
07. Saint Prius

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of Montreal releases sexy retro box set, slips information on sexy new album, and lets out a few strands of sexy jism on the faces of devoted fans

For over a decade, the frantic and occasionally genius mind of the indie sex symbol formerly known as Kevin Barnes (now known as the African-American cross-dresser Georgie Fruit) has evolved to capture all sorts of whimsical, kitschy, avant, and occasionally disturbing pop into a style all his own. And so, as one big masturbatory celebration of the many sights and sounds (and falsetto whines) of Kevin Barnes, of Montreal will be releasing a very limited edition (just 500 copies) cassette box set through Joyful Noise Recordings, containing all of the band’s 10 full-length albums. From early lo-fi Elephant 6 releases, to the artistic and commercial breakthroughs of Satanic Panic in the Attic and Sunlandic Twins, to 2007’s heart-wrenching classic Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, to the super “sexed up and glammed out” funk of the band’s latest releases, an entire spectrum of sounds will be represented in this cohesive package.

The box set will be housed in a custom-built wooden box (by Deep Wood Workshop), and screen-printed with original artwork from David Barnes (screen-printing by In Case of Emergency Press). Each cassette will be individually wrapped, including the original album art. Purchasing the set will also give owners an instant MP3 download of the band’s entire discography (you know, for when you remember just how much cassette tapes suck and how much more convenient an iPod is over a Walkman). The box set will be available October 25 for $75 during its first week of preorder (going on right now), and then on September 19 for $100.

Kevin Barnes has also revealed a little bit of information about the band’s upcoming LP Paralytic Stalks in an interview with our “Marsha Brady” sister website. Barnes claims that the record will be “…a bit more esoteric”, and that it’s “…probably not something everybody’s going to like. The songs are way more intimate and confessional.”

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