What should you wear to Ceremony’s recently announced summer tour? Take the TMT Quiz!

What should you wear to Ceremony's recently announced summer tour? Take the TMT Quiz! http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1406/news-14-06-ceremony.jpg

Ceremony’s got a new LP coming out on Matador. They just announced their summer tour dates. It’s almost July and your local venue just hit a solid 110 °F inside. If you’ve ever been to a Ceremony show, you know, regardless of season, it’s totally like an angry sauna (we’re talking fervent and fermented, girl). We know you don’t want the pertinent information about the tour (news is boring). You’ve only got one question on your mind: “TMT, what the hell do I wear?” We’ve got a quiz for that:

01. You’re waiting to get inside the venue. Three of your best friends are wearing jean jackets even though it’s a solid 90 ° outside and they are so throwing shade at you for insisting on wearing boat shoes in the pit. Which one of these funny words would you use to best describe your friends?

A. Injudicious
B. Misguided
C. Ill-advised
D. Sagacious

Correct answer: Anything but D. Can anyone explain the logistics behind wearing a jean jacket in the summer? What kind of life is that?

02. Which Ceremony song title best describes your own personal style?

A. “Feel Like a Man”
B. “You’re All the Same”
C. “It’s Going to be a Cold Winter”
D. “Vagrant”
E. “Plutocratic Swine Rake”

Correct answer: Who cares? You do you! Just kidding, the correct answer is D.

03. If you could choose ONE opening band on this tour to party with, who would it be? And you can’t say “Ceremony” — I’m partying with those guys!!!

A. Angel Du$t
B. Forced Order
C. Dangers
D. Nothing (the band, not a snarky answer)
E. Boris (huge fans of wearing jackets during July)
F. All of the above

Correct answer: F. All those bands are awesome.

Quiz result: You got Shorts! You’re wild, free, but also prudent, and you love to liberate your epidermis. Everyone’s going to think you’re so fly at the Ceremony show. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with boat shoes.

Share your quiz results on your favorite social network, and also at one of the many tour dates below:

07.08.14 - Portland, OR - Slabtown
07.09.14 - Seattle, WA - The Black Lodge
07.10.14 - Boise, ID - The Crux
07.11.14 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Shred Shed ***
07.12.14 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater ***
07.13.14 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown Jr. ***
07.14.14 - St. Louis, MO - The Demo %
07.15.14 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean %
07.16.14 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme %
07.17.14 - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class %
07.18.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Night Bazaar *
07.19.14 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church * &
07.20.14 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair *
07.21.14 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel *
07.22.14 - Charlotte, NC - Casbah at Tremont Music Hall * %
07.23.14 - Atlanta, GA - Mammal Gallery *
07.24.14 - Orlando, FL - The Social *
07.25.14 - Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic Nightspot
07.26.14 - New Orleans, LA - Mudlark
07.27.14 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
07.28.14 - Dallas, TX - Trees **
07.29.14 - Austin, TX - Mohawk **
07.30.14 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
07.31.14 - Tucson, AZ - 191 Warehouse
08.01.14 - West Hollywood, CA - Roxy Theatre
08.02.14 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
08.03.14 - Bakersfield, CA - Munoz Gym

* Iron Lung
** Boris
*** Angel Dust, Forced Order
& Nothing, Dangers
# Boris, Nothing
% Nothing

• Ceremony: http://www.ceremonyhc.com
• Matador: http://www.matadorrecords.com

Thrill Jockey to reissue White Hills’ 2007 album Glitter Glamour Atrocity, thrilling vampires everywhere

If you caught NYC trio White Hills in Jim Jarmusch’s 2013 existential vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive and thought, “What is that song that Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are rocking out to?” then Thrill Jockey has some good news for you. The Chicago-based label is re-releasing the band’s 2007 album Glitter Glamour Atrocity, which was previously only available on a very limited number of CDs.

The album features “Under Skin or By Name,” the track performed in Only Lovers Left Alive to a freakishly ageless vampire Tilda wearing her sunglasses at night (listen below). The new release will be spruced up with properly mastered tracks and brand-spankin’-new artwork that takes cues from Jarmusch’s gloomy Detroit movie. Glitter Glamour Atrocity is out on August 26. Tilda, take note.

• White Hills: http://whitehillsmusic.tumblr.com
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), Charles Ballas (Formant), Neil Hagerty (The Howling Hex), and Alex Moskos (Drainolith) melt their brains into one, and the result is… horrifyingly, Dan’l Boone!

For those who don’t partake in the vigorous study of Appalachian history, the actual Daniel Boone was some crazy wack American explorer who survived captivity in the hands of the Shawnee, and who single-handedly discovered Kentucky after gliding over the land using a man-sized, custom flying squirrel costume. I might have the minutiae slightly incorrect, but he was an explorer, and though his legacy has reportedly been exaggerated to a ridiculous degree, that fact alone may have been enough. Uniformly adventurous musicians Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), Neil Hagerty (The Howling Hex, formerly of Royal Trux), Alex Moskos (Drainolith), and Charles Ballas (Formant) have just formed Dan’l Boone, and nothing makes any sense.

“I’d come downstairs into Charles’ basement and Nate and Neil would be making competing diagrams that represented the record. I was so lost,” says Moskos. And to supplement the visual philosophizing, Hagerty stated the following, “cryptically,” in a voicemail to Ballas: “To create music by reverting to zit-popping thrash, you must believe that the prognosis is so dismal that it takes time to hear them retain enough for your face before summary dismissal.” Context might’ve been helpful here, or you might just want to skip right to the psychoactive aids. So confused right now.

Perhaps thank Hagerty for the Drag City connects, though! The self-titled LP is out September 23.

Dan’l Boone tracklisting:

01. Pasadena Rings
02. Thee Testimonye of An Maiden
03. Tampa
04. Paper Tree Alley
05. Mindface
06. Hostage Rock

• Dan’l Boone: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/danl-boone
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks enter the tour bus this summer, make your ears bleed in a good way

Hot summers make people do insane things that they normally wouldn’t do. Sweating is a bitch. The mean streets get meaner. Instead of getting your shiv out the next time someone looks at you the wrong way, you could satisfy your bloodlust with Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. Just the name should be enough to keep you calm, but not too calm, as then you might be crossing genres in slacker flicks, which is more Richard Linklater’s territory, not Sam Raimi’s. What about slasher slacker films? Is that a film area worth exploring? I think it probably is.

These are some things you might want to think about and there’s no better place to do that than in August when it’s hot as finuck and you are out there in a crowd listening to Avey Tare and his Slasher Flicks bug out hard and bug out live. Catch the video for Enter the Slasher House highlight “Strange Colores” below, then check the tour dates and remember just how freak-nasty things could get for you in August.


07.18.14 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
07.19.14 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
07.22.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
07.23.14 - Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
08.23.14 - Los Angeles - FYF Fest
08.24.14 - San Francisco - Great American Music Hall
08.25.14 - Santa Cruz - The Catalyst Atrium
08.27.14 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
08.28.14 - Seattle, WA - Neumos
08.29.14 - Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret

• Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks: http://www.entertheslasherhouse.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Busdriver raps about updos, downdos on new LP Perfect Hair, debuts “Ego Death” featuring Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, and production by Jeremiah Jae

Perhaps as you already know, Busdriver is the L.A.-based underground rapper Regan Farquhar. He is known, as many rappers are, for doing rap occasionally, and also other things (alas, this humble news post could never hope to contain a representative list of the other things that rappers are known for). Today I am happy to announce that Farquhar has done another rap, or rather, he plans to. Or, actually, he has probably already done the rap, and he would like to tell us about the doing of it, and would like for us to know that one day soon we will have the chance to have the rap that he has done done upon us, if we so desire (and, as Freud teaches, desire indeed we do!). This completion of a subset of rapping activity comes after a series of other similar completed activities, such as 2012’s Beaus$Eros, and a 2011 cover of an Animal Collective song.

Simply put, Farquhar has, yes, achieved another rapping, or rather a series of rappings. These rappings have been collected under the umbrella of a rap album entitled Perfect Hair, and is a tribute, generally speaking, to luscious locks of every stripe. The artwork for Perfect Hair is provided by the painter John Lurie. Toward the end of informing the general populace about his capacity to achieve rapping that can described with positive adjectives such as nimble, quick, and cool, Farquhar has made available the first single from Perfect Hair, which is called “Ego Death.” The track features contributions from mouth stylists Aesop Rock and Danny Brown (the latter of which still has a few live rapping appearances slated this year), and production from Jeremiah Jae. If this sounds amenable to you, know that I have done my duty and discovered the pre-order link for this album. It is here. The album will be released worldwide on September 9.


08.02.14 - Pomona, CA - The Fox Theater (Mindclouder Festival)

• Busdriver: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Busdriver/58174070929
• Big Dada: http://www.bigdada.com

Southern Lord anthologizes late-80s hardcore act Brotherhood

Though Seattle may not be recognized as a hardcore/punk hub to rival D.C. or L.A., the city’s breeding grounds were at least fertile enough to give the world Brotherhood. The band was formed by guitarist Greg Anderson in 1987 after stints as a vocalist in various other local outfits. After a bit of personnel shifting, Anderson congealed the lineup around bassist Nate Mendel, vocalist Ron Guardipee, and drummer Victor Hart in 1988 for a string of recordings that proved to be hugely influential in the hardcore scene. Brotherhood were straight edge with a staunch stance against homophobia, racism, and sexism, a rarity especially in their divisive scene, and their intense, confrontational shows made their politics well known. Like any great band that can play faster than you can run, they only lasted another year, and disbanded in 1989.

Members of Brotherhood went on to do other things that are perfect to mention in the second paragraph of this article before I transition to the whole point of this history lesson. Mendel did well as a bassist for the stars — he plucked them strings for Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Fire Theft, as well as getting his very own SIGNATURE FENDER P-BASS. Anderson kind of just twiddled his thumbs, sat around, worked on his solo albums, and in his spare time started Southern Lord Records, Goatsnake, and motherfuckin’ SUNN O))). Pretty damn good afterparty for a hardcore band.

This September, Southern Lord will release a thorough, remastered collection of every 7-inch and demo the band recorded. Till Death is getting a deluxe LP and digital package; no confirmed release date yet, but pre-orders should be up soon. Whet your appetite with the title track below:

• Brotherhood: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BROTHERHOOD/222802281064924
• Southern Lord: https://www.southernlord.com



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