Cindytalk prep a new album for Editions Mego, continue attempts to press actual madness to vinyl

Cindytalk prep a new album for Editions Mego, continue attempts to press actual madness to vinyl

Cindytalk are weird and scary. They’ve been that way since 1982 and if they ever stopped we probably wouldn’t love them anymore. This embracing of the bizarre has allowed their music to have an unsettling variety over the years, and their newest album for Editions Mego looks to continue their love of the surreal and frightening. Entitled A Life Is Everywhere, the album appears to continue the apocalyptic flavor of 2011’s Hold Everything Dear, at least in visual presentation. The music seems to be taking an entirely different direction. The album’s page says it will be “taking rhythm and sound to extreme limits whilst always retaining trace elements of [Cindytalk’s] core.”

The preview track “My Drift Is a Ghost,” which can be found below, backs up that rather nebulous statement with a wall of roiling noise and lurching static. It all boils down to this: Cindytalk is just as weird and dangerous-sounding as ever. If you love that as much as we do, pick up A Life Is Everywhre when it hits on May 15.

A Life Is Everywhere tracklisting:

01. Time to Fall
02. My Drift Is a Ghost
03. To a Dying Star
04. Interruptum
05. As If We Once Had Been
06. On a Pure Plane

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CocoRosie shut out Grass Widow’s google searches by releasing new album Tales of a GrassWidow

Like all famous sisters, one is the Beyoncé and one is the Solange. In my assessment, CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady is the Solange, with her artsier affectations and affinity for absurdist costumes and unibrow, while classically trained opera vocalist Sierra Casady plays the role of the older, wiser, more-loved sister. Bianca and Sierra didn’t actually grow up together, so there’s probably less animosity between the two resulting from their parents obvious preference for the Beyoncé of the pair, but let’s just run with that idea and use it as the assumed foundation for the ‘ongoing dialog’ that they call their musical output.

With all that in mind, it’s been three years since the freak folk sister-duo have put out a proper full-length album, with 2010’s Grey Oceans (TMT Review). Did you miss them? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that a new album, titled Tales of a GrassWidow, will land May 27 in Europe courtesy of City Slang and May 28 in the US as a self-released effort. What does it sound like? Well, according to the first single, “Gravediggress”, streaming below, it sounds like what would happen if Stevie Nicks played a French prostitute character on a particularly spooky episode of Adventure Time, which is to say that fans should rest assured that the group is sticking to what works for them. The album features a guest spot from frequent collaborator and ghost-friend Antony Hegarty, as well as production support from Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson.

Word is that the group will be touring ‘round the world, but for the time being we only have a number of European dates centering around the release of the album, with more announcements sure to come. And if you’re not into CocoRosie’s music, you’ll be glad to hear that they have a number of other artistic endeavors that you may care to appreciate. In the works is a production of Peter Pan, commissioned by the Berliner Ensemble along with theatre director Robert Wilson, and a print publication from Bianca called “Girls Against God.” Bianca asked Sierra to contribute, but just like Beyoncé, she was too busy being better than everyone else.

Tales of a GrassWidow tracklisting:

01. Afterlife
02. Tears for Animals
03. Broken Chariot
04. Child Bride
05. End of Time
06. Harmless Monster
07. Gravediggress
08. RIP Humans
09. Roots of My Hair
10. Villain
11. Poison


05.24.13 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys Neue Welt
05.25.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Uebel & Gefaehrlich
05.26.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Cirque Royale
05.27.13 - Paris, France - Theatre Des Bouffes Du Nord
05.28.13 - Paris, France - Le Trianon
05.29.13 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli
05.30.13 - Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg - Rockhal
05.31.13 - Mannheim, Germany - Maifeld Derby Festival
06.01.13 - Munich, Germany - Alte Kongresshalll
06.02.13 - Strassbourg, France - La Lalterie
06.03.13 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Salzhaus
06.04.13 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Les Docks
06.05.13 - Basel, Switzerland - Kaserne
06.08.13 - Girona, Spain - Milestone Project Festival
06.19.13 - Prage, Czech Republic - Archa Theater
06.22.13 - Duisburg, Germany - Traumzeit Festival
07.18-21.13 - Southwold, Suffolk - Latitude Festival

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Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch to become multimedia extravaganza… extravaganza is definitely the wrong word

Good news for those of you in the middle section of the Venn diagram that includes the sets “people who either live in Australia or are going there this summer” and “people who have always wanted to feel like Scott Walker is literally inside of their brain.” From May 24 through June 10, everyone’s favorite not-actually-British songsmith will team up with the actually-British mixed-media artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard to present Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic at the Vivid Sydney Festival in Australia. Forsyth and Pollard are known for their acclaimed work with artists such as Jason Pierce, Nick Cave, and Gil Scott-Heron. Walker is known for his acclaimed work of behaving in a generally ominous fashion pretty much all the time, and occasionally getting mixed up with the governor of Wisconsin.

The multimedia show will feature re-mixed and “spatialised” versions of four Walker songs from last year’s Bish Bosch (TMT Review), including “Pilgrim,” “Epizootics!,” “Tar,” and “Dimple.” In what is being hailed as “maybe the creepiest and raddest thing ever,”* the show will take place in almost total darkness and make use of a purpose-built geodesic dome of multidirectional speakers. There have also been reports that Scott Walker himself will be sneaking around in the dark punching attendees at random intervals. No word yet on vegetarian options for the full-body meat suit you’re apparently supposed to wear throughout the show.

Fingers crossed that the next thing Walker announces is a Weezer-esque cruise featuring a re-imagined version of “Corps de Blah” in which the gentle ocean breeze plays the role of fart-wind on the forearm.

* by me, mostly

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HoZac announces this year’s massive Blackout Fest, annual barometer for how out-of-touch you are

I am apparently totally in-the-dark about the underground music scene. I mean, I’ve never heard of the HoZac Blackout Fest before but it’s been going for the last couple of years. Not to mention the run it had in the early 2000s. This time around, the lineup is absolutely mad: Dwight Twilley, Chrome, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay, Wizzard Sleeve and Pezband for starters. Four days of that kind of insanity, and me without a clue about it until now. The rest of you probably already know this, but typing things out helps me remember them, so here goes: the whole shindig is at the venerable Empty Bottle in Chicago, tickets range from $25 per day ($10 for Thursday) to $70 for a four-day pass, and the music will be going from May 16-19.

Scratch that on the four-day tickets, actually; this thing is so hot those have already sold out. That makes it all the more apparent that this is one of those “be there or be square” situations, kids, so get out there and get those remaining tickets. I’m squarer than a Lego brick so crawling back under my rock seems like a great option.

Confirmed bands: Mike Rep + Tommy J, Negative Scanner, Chrome, Wizzard Sleeve, Cop City/Chill Pillars, FNU Ronnies, Verma, Dwight Twilley, Pezband, GAMES, and lots of surprises!

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Lil Wayne will prove on March 26 that he is Not A Human Being… um, 2

They say you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry; well a few days ago, for innumerable Lil Wayne fans, the world got awfully dehydrated. TMZ reported that, following additional seizures and an apparent codeine-related overdose, Lil Wayne was on his deathbed, surrounded by family and receiving his last rites. The resulting internet flurry and endless stream of social media updates that followed is a testament to Wayne’s continued relevance in the popular consciousness. He may not be the “Hottest MC in the Game” anymore, but there are those that still consider him the best (Kanye West included).

We now know that the rumors of his near-demise were greatly exaggerated. He was never on his deathbed, and we can now all breathe a collective sigh of relief — whew. Wait, some of you out there weren’t sighing. Especially that heavily bearded corner of dudes over there, I didn’t catch many gasps or sad eyes coming from over that way. What’s up with y’all? Oh, you’re of the opinion that Weezy is just a bloated commercial mess of gangsta posturing and overt misogyny, at best over the hill, washed up. I guess I can (no, I can’t) see why some people would not dig his music; after all he’s just another two-bit rapper (what the fuck is wrong with you).

Lil Wayne may be the most popular contemporary musician that no one has really listened to. His reputation among the uninitiated (those yet to drink the punch) usually boils down to the superficial perception that he is somehow synonymous with his pop-leaning singles (“Lollipop,” etc.) and well-documented abrasiveness; they hate the dust-jacket and they never read the pages. These people rarely get past the glint of his diamond teeth, confusing blatant theatricality with authenticity.

Maybe that isn’t why you don’t care. Maybe you enjoy some his stuff, but the quality of his releases are just too inconsistent for your liking. This I can understand. His flashes of brilliance are often buttressed by the comparatively lame (make fart noises here). There’s no question about it, Wayne operates sans filter. But this is a good thing. Lil Wayne’s restless bouts of insight are vomitific and incendiary in ways not dissimilar to Coleman’s sax or Ginsberg’s pen. Unfortunately, this style of free association and his stream-of-consciousness tongue contribute equal force to both his prolific genius and outspoken detractors. But, washed up? You must not have heard “6 Foot 7 Foot,” ya’ know, the best hip-hop single of the the last three years? You’d be hard pressed to list a track where Wayne’s lyricism and delivery are any more inspired than right there.

Anyway, for those who do care (that should be you), Weezy’s new album I Am Not a Human Being II hits shelves next Tuesday, March 26. Oh, and it has a butterfly on the cover made by Kanye West, who reportedly thinks butterflies are really, really dope.

Hmmm, maybe I should have played this whole thing closer to the chest? Maybe the haters have some valid points? But Lil Wayne is just so damn cool I must be right, yeah… I’m right (fuck them).

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Sightings “tour Europe” to promote “new album” out April 1… NICE TRY YOU GUYS!

As my father said each subsequent time that I tried to convince him to buy me an electric cattle prod, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on your mother.” What I mean to say is, I’ve been burned before… fooled, you might say. All through college my roommates were relentless pranksters. They’d put entire cooked pizzas under my bed, and once they even covered my whole car in this weird yellow-ish sauce that still hasn’t washed out. And though my college friends are all either dead or living in Cleveland these days (pretty much the same thing, am I right folks???), I’ve stayed pretty on edge about getting pranked.

You can imagine, then, my skepticism when I heard about this new album and tour from Sightings. So, apparently the tour starts the first week of April (RED FLAG: anything in the month of April is suspect) and it’s slated to stretch across Europe (RED FLAG: the only people who go to Europe are socialists and legacy acts). The tour is purportedly designed to promote the band’s new album (RED FLAG: who was the last European you met that bought albums?) which is going to be called Terribly Well (RED FLAG: no one uses adverbs anymore), and released on April 1 (GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR RED FLAG: that’s my mother’s birthday) on Dais Records (that part checks out). And get this, apparently Sightings are an “experimental rock” band?? Surely they must be kidding! There’s no market for that kind of stuff these days! Everybody (including TMT) knows that the kids only want to hear Fun pop music about Going Out, Overcoming Adversity, and getting over your Fear Of Missing Out. If you’re in Europe, maybe check out one of the dates, or pre-order the album here, but just sayin’, this smells an awful lot like a hoax.


04.04.13 - Paris, France - Instants Chavirés
04.05.13 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
04.06.13 - London, United Kingdom - Cafe Oto
04.07.13 - Manchester, United Kingdom - Kraak
04.08.13 - Brighton, United Kingdom - Green Door Store
04.09.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Magasin 4
04.10.13 - Lille, France - La Malterie
04.11.13 - Tours, France - Les Joulins
04.12.13 - Azkoitia, Spain - Matadero
04.13.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB Gallery
04.15.13 - Madrid, Spain - El Perro Club
04.16.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Rocksound
04.17.13 - Marseille, France - L’Embobineuse
04.18.13 - Geneva, Switzerland - ILÔT
04.19.13 - Turin, Italy - Velvet
04.20.13 - Genoa, Italy - Buridda
04.21.13 - Rome, Italy - Dal Verme
04.23.13 - Innsbruck, Austria - P.M.K.
04.24.13 - Vienna, Austria - Venster 99
04.25.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Café V lese
04.27.13 - Hannover, Germany - Sturmglocke
04.28.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCII
04.29.13 - Bergen, Norway - Landmark
04.30.13 - Stavanger, Norway - Folken

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