Cloudland Canyon to release three 12-inch EPs on three different labels before the end of the year. The rest of you are bums.

Cloudland Canyon to release three 12-inch EPs on three different labels before the end of the year. The rest of you are bums.

Cloudland Canyon is not the name of a roller coaster in a Care Bears-themed amusement park.

Cloudland Canyon is not the title of a new fantasy-thriller movie about an astronaut who chases dust storms across Martian plateaus and catches comets with a butterfly net.

Cloudland Canyon is a state park in Georgia.

Cloudland Canyon is also an ambient-psych group fronted by Kip Uhlhorn, formerly of Panthers. The group hasn’t released much since Fin Eaves back in 2010 (TMT Review). Maybe they’ve been building that roller coaster or making that astronaut movie or maybe just watching episodes of Fraggle Rock on old VHS tapes. Either way, they’re planning to release three 12-inch EPs on three different labels before the end of the year. First is Aureliua (pictured above), a record that centers on the cosmic cycling of the 13-minute title track, out October 23 via UK label The Great Pop Supplement; check out that track below. Second is the disco groove of Prophetic Frequencies, out just a week later on October 30 via the Austin-based Monofonus Press. And finally, Born Blonde/Sea Cycles will be out on December 4 via Trensmat, an Irish label. Sonic Boom (a.k.a Peter Kember) of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum did all of the mastering at his New Atlantis Studios in Rugby, UK.

Now, how about a scavenger hunt to track down all these damn records?

Aureliua tracklist:

01. Closer
02. Aureliua
03. Light Falling

Prophetic Frequencies tracklist:

01. Prophetic Frequencies
02. Sundowners

Born Blonde/Sea Cycles tracklist:

01. Born Blonde
02. Sea Cycles

• Cloudland Canyon:
• The Great Pop Supplement:
• Trensmat:
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Captain Ahab announce their last show, forever pining for that green light and the love of socialite Daisy Buchanan

Having spent much of their adult lives in search of the convict Jean Valjean, Captain Ahab are calling it quits. Though the band explains (?) their break-up through this video, one can only assume that their failed suicide pact with their secret lover contributed to the decision. They also produced a short statement on their Facebook page, which reads as follows: “Perhaps you could guess by our lack of activity & shows this year, but we’re bringing Captain Ahab to an end. Our final show will be November 2, 2012 at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for the years of support.”

There you have it. It doesn’t touch on their exhaustion and confusion of living in a society where books are outlawed and burned, but it does provide some valuable information. And, hey, there’s one more show before Captain Ahab shoot that albatross and voyage forever in a state of madness and terror. Supporting them in this venture will be Toxic Lipstick, Foot Village, and Books on Tape, three groups who have become unstuck in time. Goodbye, Captain Ahab, may you rip the arm from the cursed beast Grendel.

And that’s my book report.

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SSION is touring North America this fall, and I’m making a list of all the words that rhyme with their name

Crayon. It’s pronounced exactly the way it looks. Cray-on. Not cray-un, not cran, and most definitely not crown.

Even though I always try to pronounce words and names correctly, SSION trips me up. Would anyone mind if I pronounced SSION a little differently? When I first saw it, I wanted it to rhyme with the French pronunciation of passion, and that’s how it sounded in my head. Ss-ee-on. I assume, however, that it’s actually pronounced so that it rhymes with words such as mission and confession and transmission and emission, which isn’t so bad. But still.

Anyway, the glam-punk group put out an LP called Bent as a self-release last year (TMT Review), and on September 18 it’ll be out more officially on Dovecote. To celebrate, they’ll hit the road for their “Live & Wet” tour, which I hope features inflatable pools and a water slide. Check out “Listen to the Grrrls” on The Fader, and just pronounce “grrrls” however the hell you want.


09.20.12 - New York, NY - Santos Party House
10.05.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - VIA
10.06.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Ice Cream Factory
10.07.12 - Champaign, IL - High Dive
10.08.12 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
10.09.12 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10.10.12 - Columbia, MO - Mojos
10.12.12 - St Louis, MO - Firebird
10.13.12 - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
10.15.12 - Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theatre
10.16.12 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
10.17.12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
10.19.12 - Seattle, WA - Rendexvous
10.21.12 - Olympia, WA - Voyeur
10.23.12 - Portland, OR - Rotture
10.25.12 - San Francisco, CA - Public Works
10.26.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Los Globos
10.30.12 - Tuscon, AZ - Club Congress
11.01.12 - Austin, TX - Club Deville
11.02.12 - San Antonio, TX - Korova
11.03.12 - Dallas, TX - DADA
11.05.12 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
11.07.12 - Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel

• Dovecote:

Natural Snow Buildings to reissue Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches, and this time you can feasibly buy it!

You might not know it, given how preposterously limited most of their releases are, but Natural Snow Buildings are one of the most prolific bands out there right now, and that fact is in total contrast with how beautifully exploratory their music is. Thank the stars that the pace by which artists release music isn’t absurdly linked to the tempo of the music they’re releasing, otherwise we might hope for a solid drone album once every decade. And hello, happy hardcore! All the damn time!

The scenario described above is, as I said, absurd. Natural Snow Buildings, which consists of the French duo Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte, have churned out roughly 20 albums over the past the decade, including the mesmerizing Beyond the Veil earlier this year. That album was apparently produced in honor of the band’s first UK tour, but for Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches, we have to go back a bit further. It was originally self-released in 2008, but on October 2 it will rightly be reintroduced, thanks to Brooklyn’s Ba Da Bing Records.

A few noteworthy highlights about this album: the original release of Night Coercion was limited to 22 copies, which wasn’t that unusual, so consider this your golden opportunity to own a physical version of one of Natural Snow Buildings’ albums. The re-release comes in the form a three-disc set (priced as a single CD), or as a totally new, and newly mixed, 4-LP box set.

Night Coercion is also around three hours long. I haven’t gotten around to it, but I’m betting it’s worth a purchase, especially since so many of their albums haven’t really been purchasable in the first place. Do it for them. Pre-order it here, and listen to the opening track “Kadja Bosou” below.

Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches tracklisting:

1.1. Kadja Bosou
1.2. Night Coercion
1.3. Brooms, Trapdoors, Keyholes
2.1. Gorgons
2.2. Mirror-Shield
3.1. The Great Bull God

• Natural Snow Buildings:
• Ba Da Bing:

Provocative new John Fahey doc to be screened provocatively at Raindance Film Fest in hopes of provoking you into liking John Fahey a little more

While any good, seasoned, die-hard John Fahey obsessive knows that it’s actually impossible to “like” other things such as painting, books, shelter, architecture, food, and movies because you’re far too busy liking John Fahey, there’s a lot of neophytes out there who, sadly, just don’t get it yet. And so, for those pathetic losers who haven’t yet realized that they ought to gouge out their eyes on the grounds that they’re little more than Fahey Listening Distractions, The Wire reports that a new John Fahey documentary will be premiered later this year at the Raindance Film Festival. Oh well. At least it’s Fahey-related.

This particular succession of moving pictures is called In Search of Blind Joe Death – The Saga of John Fahey and was directed by James Cullingham, who first met the insanely prolific composer, guitarist, and author when making a radio documentary about him. Cullingham used “archival footage and audio recordings of Fahey, interviews with his former wife Melody Fahey, Dean Blackwood (who runs the recently revived Revenant label), Pete Townshend, Calexico’s Joey Burns, musicologist Rob Bowman and others” to tell the story of Fahey’s Washington, DC background and Mississippi Delta wanderings, as well as his forays into running independent record labels.

The film will screen at London’s Raindance Film festival on September 29, with scheduled follow-up screenings at Leeds International Festival, Vancouver International Film festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, and on BBC Four in early 2013. For additional info about the film and the man-myth-legend of John Fahey, check out the movie’s website. If you haven’t yet transcended the need for eyeballs, that is.

• John Fahey:
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RIP: Lillian Lopez, vocalist of dance group Odyssey

From Vintage Vinyl News (via The Daily Swarm):

Lillian Lopez, one of the founding members of the dance group Odyssey, passed away on Tuesday from cancer. She was 76.

Her son, Steven Andre, announced her death on the band’s Facebook tribute page:

It is with tremendous sadness that I announce the passing of my Mother, my mentor, and my very best friend, the founder and first voice of ODYSSEY, Lillian Lopez Collazo Jackson, who died peacefully in hospice on September 4th due to stage four cancer at the age of 76… She will live on in spirit through Annis, Anne, and me as we endeavour to carry on her legacy; to continue the musical journey that is, and always was, ODYSSEY… And of course, her magical voice can still be heard on practically any day, anywhere in the UK: When next you do, and if you can, TURN IT UP! She’d like that… Goodbye Ma, and Thank You…

• Lillian Lopez:


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